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Today was a sort-of-good day.


Because Robin was just dropped off at Mount Justice like a poor puppy with nowhere to go...well actually that was pretty accurate.

Batman was off on some mission that happened to be oh-so top secret and Alfred was...well...Robin wasn't sure were the old butler had gone but it might be somewhere in London...or something.

He sighed and threw himself on the couch absent mindedly nibbling on a piece of cold pizza. A few rooms over he could hear the steady pounding and grunting as someone worked out on the punching bag. He finished the pizza and stretched; maybe training would get his mind off of being dumped at Mount Justice for the third time this month.

Dropping off his mostly unused plate into the sink and after quickly washing his hands of pizza grease, Robin started down the hallway towards the training room. The boy hummed softly to himself, veering first into the locker rooms to change before arriving at his destination, garbed in a blue and white outfit.

As he entered the gym he saw Conner in the corner beating the stink out of a punching bag. Robin figured that in another three minutes the bag would burst.

Turning away from Conner he went to his corner of the gym where his favorite toy stood waiting for him. It was a series of uneven bars, ropes, wires, and nets. It was set up by Batman so that Robin could fly, and he loved flying. He coated his hands in chalk and easily swung onto a bar. He flew through the set using the ropes and bars to turn and flip in the air.

Almost three minutes after he begun he heard a loud curse from the corner where Conner was working out. He stopped his momentum by grabbing a bar and swung lazily back and forth as he watched the boy attempt to gather the shreds that remained of the punching bag. As Robin had predicted the bag had burst. "Red Tornado will get it."

Conner looked up at the little bird with surprise clearly etched on his face; this was the first time that he had been aware that Robin was also in the gym.

Robin smirked in amusement, swung around the bar he held and launched towards a wooden pole sticking out of the ground. He perched on it and peered down at Conner, head tilted slightly.

"What are you doing here?" Conner asked.

"Training." Robin replied from his perch.

"Oh...Would you like to spar?"

Robin looked quizzically at the larger boy, this was the first time that Conner had ever wanted to spar with him. Usually Conner sparred with Kaldur or Black Canary. "Sure." He said, after a moment.

Robin flipped off the pole and onto the ground, hands raised and waiting for a round of praise. A moment past and Conner had still not said anything and merely cocked a brow in confusion. Robin's arms fell back to his side and the boy's face scrunched up slightly when he was given no applause.

He sighed; sometimes the clone could be as bad as Batman. Robin quickly set up the training pad and stepped on gesturing for Conner to do the same. The clone stepped on and immediately fell into a defensive stance. 'This should be fun.' Robin thought as he slowly began to circle the larger boy, looking for the best place to try his defenses.

Suddenly Robin saw the perfect opening and charged the older boy. Conner threw one of his meaty fists at Robin's head, just as the acrobat had been hoping he would. With agile grace, Robin ducked the punch and launched himself upwards. His hands quickly found Conner's shoulders and for a fraction of a second it appeared that Robin was doing a handstand off of the older boy. Then in the blink of an eye Robin brought both feet down to slam into Conner's back and push himself out in a series of flips. Conner, not expecting any such attack, stumbled forward and fell on his hands and knees while Robin alighted lightly on the other side of the pad.

He giggled, "You're going to have to do better than that!" Robin crowed then squeaked softly when Conner lunged at his ankles, an angry scowl plastered on the boy's face.

Robin back flipped a little ways away, staring warily at his much larger opponent.

Conner charged the younger boy, but Robin easily side-stepped and brought both of his hands down between Conner's shoulder blades as the larger boy barreled past.

Conner gave a slight gasp and stumbled forward, surprised that such a small boy was posing such a great challenge. He turned towards the waiting Robin and vented his anger in a low growl. Again Conner charged but Robin just flipped backwards out of harm's way and shot his grappling hook into the rafters where he perched a moment later.

Conner wasted no time putting his super hearing to use and within a few minutes he had found the strong beat of the younger boy's heart. He jumped into the rafters and was rewarded by the sight of Robin swinging towards another set of beams.

But Conner had gotten a slightly evil idea in his head. Halfway through the apex of the little bird's swing Conner tackled him wrapping him into a bear hug as the floor rapidly rose to meet the plunging heroes.

After hitting the training pad hard, Conner dropped the younger boy onto the glowing white surface.


Status: Fail

Conner turned to walk away when he heard the younger boy groan.

A small pool of blood had surrounded Robin's head almost like a filled halo and Conner's jaw dropped open slightly. He hadn't hit Robin that hard...had he?

But the boy still hadn't moved and Conner was getting increasingly concerned. "Robin?" he asked gruffly. The smaller teenager still didn't respond except with another groan of pain.

Maybe something was really wrong with Robin. Conner briskly walked closer and gently lifted the Boy Wonder into his large arms, twisting the boy's head so he could assess the wound. A thin strip of opened flesh trailed down Robin's head to the very start of his neck, blooming with dark red blood.

Conner's blue eyes widened in utter shock and disbelief. He did this?

Suddenly there was a low group of tones, sounding very much like an animal growl.

"What. Happened?" Behind Conner stood the Dark Knight.

A normal person would have shoved Robin into Batman's arms and take off running hoping to find some place to hide where Batman could never get to. But Conner was either stupid, brave, or some combination of both. "We were training." He stated bluntly as he watched the concern in Batman's eyes cloud over with anger. 'I'm dead.' He thought to himself.

Batman clenched his fists and Conner prepared for the blow, but it never came. Instead he felt the Dark Knight brush past him and head towards the door. "Walk" the gruff command sounded deadly in the eerie silence that hung in the room.

Conner hung his head and followed the silently seething man. Every step was painful for Conner as he felt the limp burden he was bearing toward the infirmary flop in his arms. Had he really almost taken the life of his teammate, his friend?

Conner swallowed nervously and slightly tightened his hold around Robin, protectively bringing the small boy closer to his chest. It was so unbelievable, right? He was the boy of steel, stronger than any mortal man and yet here he was trembling before one; the Dark Knight.

When they reached the infirmary Conner laid Robin on one of the white beds with all of the gentleness that he could muster. He stepped back and watched as Batman set about examining his son.

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Robin let out a pained moan and twisted his head to its left side, trying to stay off his wound. Somewhere above him was a dark figure, large hands probing his chest and sending waves of pain up to his brain-"Nnngh," he whined and tried to bolt upright, to push those hands away.

"Hush, Robin, you're okay." the small boy whimpered and felt a familiar black hand on his forehead, stroking back loose bangs. Bruce.

"Can you open your eyes for me son?" Batman asked as he ran his hand through the boys raven hair.

After a few moments, Robin regained the use of his eyes and they fluttered open. Never before had opening the crystal blue orbs seemed so difficult.

"Good. Do you know where you are?"

"In bed." Robin replied, slightly slurring his words.


The note of concern in his mentor's voice caused Robin to pause a moment as his memories came rushing back.

"Mount Justice."

Batman nodded; that was a good sign. "How's your head?" he murmured softly and moved to grab some supplies from a cart he had just retrieved. Robin took a moment to evaluate his pain before responding, "Stings," he muttered and shifted, "Hnng, chest hurts." Yup, they were definitely broken and badly bruised.

His mentor grunted in annoyance and almost as if he knew what Robin had been thinking said, "I hate those." it was grumbled so foul moodily, Robin couldn't help but giggle. Though it did hurt really badly.

"Owwwwwwwwwwww!" he moaned.

Batman grabbed some bandages off of the cart and turned to his ward. "This is going to hurt."

"Always does." Robin mumbled as he let Batman maneuver him into a sitting position. He had to bite down on his lip to keep from crying out as he was moved. 'I really hate broken ribs' he thought glumly.

After Batman had finished wrapping Robin's chest, he helped the boy lie down. He then turned his attention to the little bird's head injury.

"Hmmm..." Robin sighed as the pain in his chest slowly numbed after Batman's medical attention. It was only an ache now and it didn't hurt too much when he wasn't moving.

"Can you lift your head." it came out more as an order than a question. Robin quirked an eyebrow and replied glumly. "I just lied down." he pushed his lower lip out in a pout and tried to shine those puppy dog eyes; it didn't quite work with the mask on.

Batman smirked in amusement and helped the boy up again.

As soon as Robin was sitting comfortably, Batman began to explore the wound, causing Robin to wince as the man's hands gently probed the bloodied cut. After examining the injury, Batman cleaned it and then bound it with several butterfly bandages.

Once he was satisfied that the wound was sufficiently cared for, he picked up a penlight, obscured Conner's view from the boy before removing Robin's mask, and shown the light into the boy's eyes.

The blue orbs were bright and the pupils were sluggish in responding as the light hit them. Batman sighed and picked up a bottle of pain killers. He handed a couple to Robin along with a glass of water.

"Looks like a concussion." Batman said as the boy swallowed the pills. "Are you feeling nauseous at all?"

Robin shook his head but immediately regretted the action as a wave of dizziness overtook him. He would have dropped the glass had not Batman's strong hands seized the boy's tiny ones.

"Definitely a concussion." Batman helped the boy lie down and then spread a blanket over his son's small body. "The cut isn't bleeding anymore and should heal in a few days, though it will leave a scar. For now just rest."

Robin nodded numbly before snuggling deep into his pillows and blankets, murmuring softly in content. "Stay?" Batman had been moving away from the little's bird's bedside when the small voice stopped him in his tracks. Robin then grabbed the black-clad man's hand and efficiently restricted any other possible escapes.

Batman sighed, though he didn't seem to mind doing this at all, "Alright." he said and moved to sit by the boy who conveniently scooted over, big eyes watching the man.

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Conner watched as Batman sat with Robin and in a few minutes the little bird's breathing had become deep and even. Satisfied that Robin would be alright for the time being Conner turned to leave only to be stopped by a large gloved hand roughly descending on his shoulder. Funny, he hadn't remembered hearing Batman get up. But then again it was the Batman.

"We need to talk." The voice sounded deadly, thinly veiled wrath coursing through each word.

Conner gulped and allowed himself to be led out of the infirmary. Once in the hallway he was caught by surprise as Batman slammed him into the wall, leaving a Conner sized crater in it. "What were you thinking? You came close to killing your teammate! Too close! Learn to control your strength or I will control it for you."

"I didn't mean to." Conner said through the lump in his throat. He vaguely wondered if this was how the criminals felt when they faced the masked terror that was currently breathing threateningly down his neck.

"See that it never happens again or I will not hesitate to end you." Batman pulled a small shard of kryptonite from a lead lined compartment in his utility belt. He held it up to Conner's face feeling satisfied as he watched the boy's color drain and then dropped it at the clone's feet. The only sound to indicate his departure was the swish of his cape as he turned the corner.

Conner sank to his knees, trembling so violently, one would think he was suffering from hypothermia.

Staring at the glowing green kryptonite that still lay at his feet, Conner knew he had to get away. With his black boot, he toed it, sending waves of weakness through him. Conner was a sickly shade of green and cold sweat broke out all over his body. With one last struggling push, the kryptonite was now at least a good three feet away.

When he had managed to get around the corner the effects of the Kryptonite began to fade and he was able stand on wobbly legs. 'How does Robin live with him?' Superboy wondered as he placed a shaking hand on the wall for support. 'The man's crazy!'

Superboy hauled himself into the kitchen where he poured himself a glass of water and sank into a chair. After a few minutes most of his strength had returned and he left to vent his anger on another punching bag.

Conner hit the punching bag violently, pounding out his anger on the inanimate object. Even though the bag was built with metahumans in mind it could not withstand the onslaught that Conner was bringing. Finally it burst, swinging brokenly as it gave up in its fight against the clone. With a grunt of anger Superboy set into the next bag. After three more ruined punching bags Conner's anger finally began to dissipate.

As he was leaving the room he paused to observe the carnage he had caused. Four punching bags lay mangled, their contents strewn around the room. Silently he turned away and struck out for his room.

Halfway there Conner paused and thought of the destruction he had caused in the gym. If he could do that to punching bags designed to withstand his strength than what could he do to a fragile human?

The thought did not sit well with him and his course turned from his room to the infirmary.

As his destination came into view, Conner paused, using his x-ray vision to determine whether the Dark Knight was still lingering; though he already knew he was as two sets of heart beats reached his ear drums. There were voices as well.

"Hnng-" Robin shifted, and from what Conner could tell, had disturbed his ribs.

"Shh...Go back to sleep Robin." Batman was leaning over, a hand moving to the boy's head.

Conner was not sure how long he remained outside of the infirmary but he could not bring himself to leave. He sat for hours and watched the interaction between the Dark Knight and his protégé. He was amazed at how gentle Batman could be. The Caped Crusader was capable of making serial killers cry, of instilling fear in some of the most feared criminals of all time; but yet here he was being gentler than Conner could ever imagine. Right then and there Conner found out what took most people years to discover: Batman, while being one of the most feared heroes of all time, was really just a father at heart.

If only Superman was more like him. The bitter thought only lingered for a moment before Conner's attention was back on the Dark Knight who sat down beside Robin.

Conner watched as Robin slowly opened his eyes. Batman leaned over his son and obscured Conner's view but his super hearing still picked up everything that was going on.

"Are you feeling any better?" Batman asked as he ran his hand's through Robin's raven hair.

"Yeah." A grimace accompanied the boy's statement.

"Liar." Conner could hear a small smirk in the Dark Knight's voice.

"I'll be fine, go back to Gotham. The city probably needs you by now."

Batman gave a long and calculated look at his son before curtly nodding his head. "I'll be back for you in the morning." And replaced the domino mask back onto the boy's face.

Conner was shaken out of his stupor as Batman made a move for the door. He quickly darted down the hallway as Batman left the infirmary; he was not anxious for another encounter with the man.

As he rounded the corner into his room - which had been his destination in the first place, his hearing picked up the sound of a cape swishing as the man it covered turned the same corner Conner had just past.

Conner waited in his room for a few minutes to insure that the Dark Knight was gone before he dared to poke his head out in the hallway. But he couldn't help but wait another five minutes before he stole as quietly as possible back to the infirmary.

Conner stopped outside the door and waited, biting his lip and worrying it to the point of breaking skin if he hadn't stop right there and then. With one hand raised, Conner gently pushed the door open and peered inside. He was met with the sight of Robin still sleeping and the clone listened to the boy's steady heartbeat.

He stood in the door for several minutes listening to the heartbeat before he finally sat down in the chair that the Dark Knight had recently occupied.

Conner sat motionless for a moment before he cleared his throat, a fist pressed to his lips, "Robin...I..." The clone brought the hand to his neck and sub-consciously rubbed at it, "Sorry." Blunt and straight to the point.

Robin looked up startled at the clone. "Conner, you are still learning to control your strength. Yeah it hurt, but I've had worse."

Conner was startled; he had not expected Robin to be awake, much less speak.

"Just do me a favor, Conner."

Conner nodded, shaking away his shock.

The little bird smirked. "Next time beat the punching bag up, not me."

Conner felt a small smile tug at the corners of his mouth and leaned back into his chair, watching Robin drift back to sleep; he may have found the friend that he had been longing for.

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Batman watched the two from deep within the shadows. Conner might just turn out to be the kind of friend that Robin needed. But if he ever hurt his son again...God help him...

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