They crouch behind a trolley on the other side of which a rather angry Troglytron rampages toward the city center. Jake hollers "suggestions" over the intercom but he's not there on the ground, so Rose sets her transceiver to mute. The Doctor still refuses to carry a gun on Torchwood missions. Pete pesters Rose about protection and liability but she shrugs, says he's fighting a losing battle. Now she wonders what good a pistol is anyway when they're up against a wooly bloody mammoth.

Years on, the Doctor still misjudges his more human limits. Rose waits for him to catch his breath before she offers her suggestion regarding what to do next. He winks at her; she smiles back. She is about to speak when a car flies over their heads into the Plaça de Catalunya from the Carrer de Bergara and crashes to the ground ten meters in front of them. He giggles and she shakes her head. "I guess we revert to Emergency Plan C?"

"No other choice!" He grins. "Run!" So they run, laughing.

(The Plaça de Catalunya is a lovely plaza in Barcelona, Spain)