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The Day Before Easter

The Watch Tower

"Hey Bruce!" The gleeful cry from the Scarlet Speedster rang through the Monitor Womb early in the morning.

The man in question grumbled under his breath and ducked his head as if that would help him escape. It didn't. Soon Barry Allen had his arm wrapped around Bruce's shoulders. The Bat continued to type away, trying to ignore the man.

"So… what are your plans for tomorrow?" The Flash asked happily.

Batman glanced out the corner of his eye, wincing when he was met with a pair of pink bunny ears on top of Barry's costume. The man stepped back and Bruce saw a basket full of plastic Easter eggs in his hand.

When Batman didn't answer, Flash just continued on. "We're having an Easter Egg hunt. I'm hiding everything now. Last year Wally found everything within three minutes. This year I'm hiding them all over the world so it will be harder." He grinned and picked an egg out of the basket. They were all yellow with the Flash symbol painted on top of them. "I made them myself."

"Good for you." Bruce muttered.

"What are you and Dick doing? He could join us if you want." Flash said.

Batman shook his head. "That's fine."

Flash nodded slowly, slowly glancing over him. "But you aredoing an Easter Egg Hunt, right? Because I know you forgot last year. The poor kid was searching for ages because he thought you'd hid them really well. You don't want that to happen again, right?"

Bruce winced at the memory. He remembered perfectly clear what had happened. Poor Richard had woken up early and had searched the Manor, Batcave, and grounds for ages trying to find the Easter eggs... which Bruce had forgotten. The child had been heartbroken and angry when he realized what Bruce had done.

"I know." He said. "I have something planned. I promise."

The Flash smiled at him. "Great! Well, I'm off to hide some of these in Africa. See you soon!


The Batcave

Robin looked curiously at the black, red, and yellow object Batman had just handed him. "Is this a basket?" He asked, confused. He held it up to inspect it. When he turned it over the very bottom had the "R" symbol on it.

"Yes. It's your Easter Basket." Batman explained.

Robin smiled at him. "But we already had an Easter Egg Hunt at the Wayne Foundation today."

Bruce smirked and ruffled his hair. "That was just a warm up, Dickey."

He'd been so proud. Richard had managed to find all of the eggs within ten minutes at the Wayne Foundation event. He'd been good though and only taken his allotted twelve that each child got - admittedly he'd figured out which ones had the best things and taken twelve of those - and then helped other children find the rest of the eggs.

A smile spread over Dick's face. "So now we get to have a realone?"

"Yes. They're hidden all over Gotham. You'll have to keep a close eye out while we're on Patrol."

Robin let out a whoop. "This is going to be fun!"

Batman chuckled softly at his ten year old's excitement. "Get in the car. We're leaving." Dick back flipped his way into the front seat. When he landed inside he gave another cry.

"I found one!" He announced. He reached under his seat to pull up a black egg. He carefully placed it in his basket as Batman sat in the driver's seat. "That was easy."

"They get harder." Batman promised.

"Up there! I see one!" Robin called. They'd landed on their usual positions on Wayne Tower. It was their first stop of the night. Almost immediately he'd noticed a small red object about twenty feet up from their perch. He put his basket down and shot his grappling hook up. It landed with a clang and he shot up to the top of the tower.

He landed on the thin pointed top of the tower and slowly edged his way across towards the egg. This time it was red. Standing on tiptoe he managed to swipe it off the edge.

When Robin landed back beside Batman he held out his prize in delight. "I got it!" He announced proudly.

"So I see." Batman smirked.

Robin carefully nuzzled the egg beside the black one in his basket. Then he took up his position beside Batman, watching the streets below.

In almost no time, the sound of police sirens filled the air. Robin sighed. He didn't understand why people felt the need to be bad on holidays.

"Come on." Batman murmured. Already the Bat was swinging through the buildings, following the police cars. Robin followed after securing his basket to his utility belt.

They ended up at the Gotham Bank. The wall had been blown away, leaving a gaping hole to the inside of the bank. Bright flashes of yellow light could be seen flashing inside. Robin squinted his eyes against the glow.

"Firefly." Batman muttered. The police were surrounding the bank, but it was doubtful they'd be able to get close. Batman nodded at Robin and the two of them swung in before the police could make a move.

"That's far enough, Firefly." Batman ordered as they landed. Firefly spun around. He had been in the process of melting the safe door. Now the man just glared at them and aimed his gun.

"Move!" Batman ordered as intense flames shot towards them. Robin leapt out of the way. Firefly moved towards Batman, completely ignoring Robin in favor of the bigger issue. Robin smirked. That just meant he had a clear shot.

He pulled one of his batarangs out of his pocket and threw it at the man. It hit off the back of his helmet. Firefly swore loudly and spun around to face him. Robin made a face and did a handspring to avoid his flamethrower.

"Can't catch me!" Robin shouted.

Firefly growled in annoyance, trying to hit the bouncing boy. In his attempt he forgot about Batman for a moment, allowing the elder to get in close. One punch sent the villain flying backwards. He landed unconscious a moment later.

Robin giggled merrily and cartwheeled to his mentor's side. "That was easy." He said cheerfully. He tugged on Batman's cape impatiently. "Come on. Let's go hunt for more eggs."

"In a moment." Batman said as Commissioner Gordon entered with a squad of police.

The Commissioner glanced at the fallen Firefly, then at Batman. He nodded his thanks. Then his eyes landed on Robin and a frown formed on his face. "What is that?" He asked. There was something hanging off the side of Robin's belt from a long thin handle.

"That's my Easter Egg basket!" Robin chirped. He held it up to show the Commissioner. "See? I already found two."

The Commissioner glanced at Batman in confusion. Had Batman set up this? Why had he? Sure, he knew the Bat had a heart, but he hadn't thought that Batman would have done something so … kind or normal, especially when they should be patrolling.

At his questioning gaze Batman mouthed 'training'. The Commissioner simply raised a brow at that one. Yeah right.

"What's that in your pocket?" Robin asked him suddenly, breaking his thoughts. The child was pointing to his coat pocket in interest.

"Nothing. I..." His hand reached inside and he frowned. Wait, something was there. He didn't remember putting anything in his pocket though.

A smile lit up Robin's face. "Can I have it, please?"

He drew out his hand. When he opened it a bright blue egg sat there. "Here you are." He said slowly, handing it over to the beaming child. He glanced at the Bat. If he didn't know better he would have sworn the man was smirking.

"Come on, Robin. We have to go."

"Ok! Bye Commissioner! Thanks for the egg!"

Gordon simply scratched his head in confusion as the two vigilantes left the scene. He never would understand bats.

The next egg was harder to find. Robin wouldn't have even known it was there had Batman not insisted they stay there a moment longer, even if the street was completely deserted. Usually if the street was empty they'd move on in a second, so Robin knew it had to be around there somewhere.

His eyes scanned the narrow street. This was a nicer part of town. There weren't as many hiding spaces, for the streets were clear of garbage and streetlights lined the streets. They filled the street's every corner with a dull light, keeping it lit and safe.

Robin paused suddenly. "Oh! I get it." He grinned. He jumped down onto the street where the one streetlight's light didn't quite fill up the whole section. He shimmied up to the top of the lamppost and reached under the cap. There he found a light yellow egg wedged between the light bulb and the metal. When he pulled it away, the light once again filled the whole alley way.

"I got it!" He called up to Batman. The man smiled slightly and inclined his head, signaling that it was time for them to move on.

Five men were sitting in a dark alleyway just behind a jewelry shop. The men were all loading their guns and murmuring in low voices.

"Hi there!"

One of the men cursed loudly when Robin's happy tone broke their silence. They spun around to see the child dangling upside-down from the building's awning, grinning at them.

"You know, it isn't nice to steal, especially on a Holiday."

The shock wore off and one man lifted his rifle, aiming it at Robin. The boy made a face at him and back flipped out of the way, just as he shot off his gun. "I guess I'll have to teach you!" Robin called as he landed behind the men now.

"Like you could do anything, kid." Another man growled. He shot off his gun. Robin simply leapt out of the way. He sprung high into the air and landed on another one of the group's shoulders, bringing him to the ground in a single move.

In a second he'd whipped out a handful of batarangs and thrown them at two of the men. His other hand reached for a length of rope with two weights on the ends. He threw this at the other man.

Four down. One to go. He turned around to see the thug's shocked expression. Robin laughed in delight. Then he sprung up and hit the man hard in the stomach. He went reeling backwards. A swift upper punch had him falling against the hard ground.

Soon Robin had the five men tied up and had radioed the police. He turned towards the thugs. Two of them were unconscious. The others were nursing small wounds and a large wounded ego.

"Did you guys happen to see an egg around here?" Robin asked them cheerfully.

The thugs just stared at him. "A what?" One muttered.

"An Easter Egg." Robin said. They all stared at him in confusion. Robin rolled his eyes. "I figured you didn't. It was worth a shot." His eyes searched the area, before landing on the awning. A smile lit up his face and he jumped on top. Hidden in the coroner in the exact shade of blue as the awning, was an Easter Egg. He held it up proudly and looked up to the rooftop where Batman was sitting.

"Found it!"

The fifth egg was hidden in an abandoned building across the street from their usual hideout. The sixth was hidden in one of the alleyways. The seventh was behind the bat signal. And the eighth… well, he couldn't quite find it yet.

Robin crossed his arms grumpily as they stood on top of the roof, looking in at an illegal weapons factory. He knew it had to be around here somewhere. He just wasn't sure where. "Are you sure you put it here?" Robin questioned. He'd searched every inch of the roof and the surrounding rooftops to no avail.

"I said it was somewhere around here." Batman said. His eyes never left the skylight that showed the inside of the weapons factory.

"Oh." Robin frowned for a moment.

Batman gave him a slight smile, amused. "Come on. Time to go." He nodded at the skylight and shot off his grappling hook. Robin followed suit.

"Can you tell me if I'm getting warmer?" Robin questioned as they burst through the glass.

They landed crouched on the ground. In the ten seconds it took for the thugs to realize what had happened and pull out their guns, Batman nodded. "Warmer." He whispered, before running at one of the men.

A haze of bullets shot out. Robin nimbly jumped each one. His laugh echoed merrily around the building. "How about now?" He called as he landed on one thug.

"Colder!" Batman called back.

Robin frowned. He pulled out his bow staff and quickly knocked three of the members to the ground. He back flipped his way away from the corner and tried a different place. "Here?"

"Slightly warmer." Batman said as he punched a man in the face.

Robin's eyes took in the area for a second before a man swung his fist at his face. Robin ducked and punched the man in the stomach. He jumped up and threw some batarangs around, effectively knocking out five more thugs. He darted closer to Batman.

"Warmer." Batman said. He grabbed a gun out of a thug's head and threw it at another, knocking him unconscious.

Robin darted and flipped through the gang, making quick work of them. He kept calling out "Warmer? Colder? How about now?" To which Batman would respond. Until finally he was fighting the main boss while Batman tied up the rest of the thugs with an amused smile.

"You're really close!" Batman said. He watched with interest as his little bird easily fought off the man.

"Really?" A bright smile lit up the child's face. He darted up the wall and landed on the man's head, whacking his hands hard into his skull. The man fell to the ground, moaning. Robin perched on his back, looking around.

He took a few steps to the left. "Colder." Batman said. Frowning, Robin took three steps to the right and a few forward. "Warmer." A few more steps forward. "Got it."

Robin frowned. Then he noticed, hidden in between two of the crates, was a brown egg. He pulled it out triumphantly. "I got it!"

The next egg was hidden in an alcove. The next in a window frame of the building. That one had been really hard to find. Another had been in the dumpster. Yet another had been hidden in the sign for Arkham Asylum.

It was getting late now; or rather it was early morning. Robin sat next to Batman on the roof of the tower, counting up his eggs. "Twelve." He announced with a smile.

Batman ruffled his hair. "Good work. I think it's time to head home now."

"Did I get them all?"

"Oh… I don't know." He smirked as they jumped into the Batmobile. "I think there may be some hidden in the cave."

"Oh cool!" Robin's eyes were wide with delight. "This is the best Easter Egg Hunt ever!"

"Hi Alfred!" Dick's voice echoed cheerfully as he jumped out of the Batmobile. The old butler smiled when Dick held out his basket for inspection. "Bruce said there are more!"

"Well then, you should go find them. I doubt any of the bats would be pleased to find them hidden about."

Dick nodded and darted off through the catacombs of the cave. He crawled under machinery and on top of equipment. He looked through the trophy cases and in the weapons room. Every time he found one he'd rush back to their sides to show them, his eyes shining in delight.

"Very good." Bruce would say each time. Then Dick would put it back in his basket and dart back off. His beaming smile never left his face.

"Much better than last year, sir." Alfred said with a smile as Dick once again brought them another egg.

Bruce nodded. "I would hope so…. He seems to really enjoy this."

"Children do like games, Master Bruce." Alfred said, chuckling. "My word!" He exclaimed a second later when a very dirty Richard appeared.

They child put a black Easter egg in his basket. He gave them a sheepish smile. "It was hidden in the machinery area. I kind of got some oil on me."

"Just a little." Bruce chuckled. He knelt down to rub some of the substance off Dick's cheek. "Ok, Dickey, there is just one more left. But why don't we go upstairs and get you cleaned up first?"

"Ok." He grabbed his basket and rushed upstairs. Bruce followed along with Alfred, who was shaking his head at Bruce's choice of hiding spaces.

They had gone to their respective rooms, washed up, and changed into their night clothes. It was now almost four in the morning. The ten year old was getting sleepy. Still, he was waiting at his doorway for Bruce impatiently. He still needed to find that last egg.

"Come on. Into bed." Bruce chided lightly.

"—but the egg!" Dick protested.

"Bedtime. You're tired." He said. "You can get your prizes in the morning."

It wasn't hard for him to get Dick to lie down. As soon as his head had hit the pillow, his eyes had begun to close. Bruce handed over Batbear who had a pair of bunny ears on tonight. Dick tugged the stuffed animal under his chin and shifted on his pillow, trying to get comfortable.

"Thank you." Dick mumbled sleepily. "I liked the Egg Hunt. It was fun."

"Better than last year?" Bruce asked softly.

Dick grinned brightly. "Much."

"Good." Bruce smiled softly and reached down to smooth Dick's hair. "Goodnight, little bird."

"'night." Bruce stood to leave but Dick called out for him one last time. He turned around, waiting.

With a sleepy smile, Dick drew out the final egg from underneath his pillow. "Found it." He slurred.

Chuckling, Bruce took the egg from the Dick's hand and put it on his bedside table. He pressed a kiss to the child's forehead as the boy drifted off to sleep. "Good work, my little detective."

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