Camp of Disaster

Prologue: From so many angles

11PM: Unknown location

I'm in a field... don't exactly know where. There's not much to go by. A few tents here and there and some trees... that is all. I'm bleeding, heavily, from a wound in my shoulder. A pulse blast ripped through it. Only Angel's have that kind of technology. There's... a girl standing over me... a girl and a boy... I can't remember either of them. Blood loss is setting in... I'm starting to black out. I know I can't die, but this is the worst I've felt in my life. And my life has been a long one... My jacket's stained with blood, I ache all over. My name... is Meph. I'm a singer for an angel band named TAB... I just charged at someone, I can't remember who, but there's something in my hand... I'll figure out what I'm doing here, though it may take a while...

5AM: Heaven bedrooms.

It must be... 5 in the morning. Earth time. Though I dunno what other time I would be referring to... Mars maybe. I've been trying to sleep, all night, with no luck. Music's pounding in my ears and I can't get this one boy out of my head. I'm in white pyjamas... mind you everything is white here. I'm tapping one hand on my knee, humming out the song Hey Cupid, performed just last night by some friends of mine. My hair's a mess, running all the way down my back. My name is Denise Simmons and I'm not allowed to love my boyfriend. I don't care about policy anymore... I care about him. Carl Montclaire. I'll do something for him... returning the favour of that date last night. But what? No ideas spring to mind... singing, that's the only thing that I can think of as of this moment. No lyric ideas spring to mind... besides, I don't usually write love songs, it's not my field. Although... I think I know some people who can help...

10PM : Bennet Camp site

I'm bleeding from a cut on my face. My face is burnt in numerous locations and my eye is so bruised it looks like a swelled up raisin. I'm in the medical tent, being treated by about 3 members of staff and a red-head. Jane Casey, for definite. Only she would stay up this late for me. She's just standing there... staring at me intently. I know she likes me. A lot. But this can't go on. It's not allowed, it's the rules. I can't date Jane, that's just how it is. Though I don't understand how Carl and Denise have got away with it for so long... She's wiping the blood from my forehead, placing an ice pack on my burns. There's someone in the corner... a man... I can't see his face. There's something on his arm... I recognise that cannon though. It must be him... the man who gave me those wounds. Just like that he's gone, with one clench of his fists. My name is Porter Jackson, and I'm pretty much the most popular angel and student to have existed. Not that I mean to sound smug by saying that...

10AM: A local street

This is the hardest crime to have ever been committed. It may be small... but it's so big at the same time. My colleague's standing over me, staring down intently at the clue I'm studying.

"That looks like wolf hair..." He says simply, his brow furrowing

"Before you ask, Elwood, it's not Dark Valley. It's someone cleverer than that... though it is wolf hair... though who would rob a load of romantic CD's?" I ask myself

"That's what the shop owner wants us to find out!" Elwood laughs, placing one of his large hands on my shoulder "If anyone can figure this out, it's you man."

"Don't flatter me so much. I'm just one PI, and I haven't been on a case in years. Though how could I resist a request from an old friend." I stand up from the clue and me and Elwood walk away, away to examine the store once again. My trench coat and tie are billowing out in the wind. It's strong today... stronger than usual. I hold my bowler hat against my head to prevent it from blowing away. My name is Gigz. I'm a rock guitarist, though I work for the APS. This is the hardest cases I've been on... I dunno how I'm gonna crack this. But I'll find a way, after all, I'm the best in the business...

3PM: Bennet High Bus

I'm sitting next to her, holding her hand all the way. Nothing's getting in the way of the two of us. Nothing. I look back, the band is still sitting there. Meph's smiling, as usual, tapping his hand on his knee. Skully's grinning like an idiot and Rubix sits quietly in the corner seat. Absent from the band is that guitarist... I can never remember his name... Gigz, that was it. He's apparently off solving a case with some detective. I never knew that he did that sort of thing. I kiss my girlfriend, smiling at her all the while. She brushes the hair out of her eyes and places her head on my shoulder. She's asleep quickly, and I know why she's tired. I danced like hell last night, it was the best date of my life. My name is Carl Montclaire and right now I'm going on a camping trip with my friends. Bennet's annual camping trip to be precise. With my new girlfriend there this year, it should be a laugh...

7AM: Heaven rec room

My drumsticks are at my side, my new bandana slipping down my head constantly. I'm thinking about numerous things... that's slightly worrying... I just beat level 16 of Sonic Adventure 2 battle, Dark side story. Things are going great in my life. My best friend's pacing the white room constantly

"Skully, your break." Rubix says, tiredly, from the other side of the pool table.

"Sorry, man, miles away." I grin and smash the white ball into the triangle of colours.

"Guys, should we do it? We need to apologise and all." Meph suddenly says, making me drop my cue. Rubix's shaking his head as usual, and Meph's leather jacket really doesn't go with the white room... that was a weird thought, never thought about contrasting colours before

"Your choice man." Rubix says, smashing the red stripe into the left pocket "I'd consult Lordly first." He finishes

"Whatever you go with. We're with ya." I smile and smash two spots into the bottom right pocket.

"Shot, and, yeah. Cheers, dude. Gonna go talk to Shock's now. See you in a sec." Meph does quick rock star hands and beams away. My name is Skully, I'm the drummer for TAB and Meph's best friend. Rubix groans and picks up his cue.

"Good shot... but I bet I can do better." Rubix smiles smugly, and lines up his shot on the blue...

7AM: The CD store.

I got them. Just like master asked. I'll please him. That Porter Jackson is finished... My name... is Zira...

So... who is this mysterious Zira? Why's Meph bleeding? What will happen next? Find out in the next few chapters my friend.