Camp of Disaster

Epilogue: Back together again

The halo clinic was bustling as always. Monitors were switched on, scanning patients. Sick angels lay ill in bed. The AIT selection squads were going through their assessments. 3 of the patients were all in there because of one thing. Dark magic. Porter Jackson, Carl Montclaire and Meph. After Shock's banishment, Gigz had been taken off the tribunal. After all, he didn't have authorisation to banish him. However, as the best detective the angels had, he was still part of the ADS. They couldn't take him out of that. Otherwise they wouldn't hear the end of it. Meph was still in a lot of pain. He'd be in the clinic for a few weeks apparently. Carl and Porter, however, would be out of the clinic in a few hours. Their wounds were easily treated, as they had not had a full blast hit. Unlike the goth who lay asleep next to them. Porter stirred, Carl already awake, holding Denise's hand.

"Hey man, how you feeling?" Carl asked, Porter groaned, a plaster on his face

"Well, I was only here for final check-ups. I'm alright, I guess, a little bit... so-so." Carl nodded, kissing Denise

"Yeah, me too. Though, Denise makes me feel a heck of a lot better..." Denise smiled.

"You flatter me too much, Carly." Carl chuckled

"Meh, I guess I do. Though... I still think that you're beautiful, Den." Meph started to stir, groaning. There was a knock on the clinic door suddenly. A doctor poked his head round the door

"Mister Meph?" He asked

"Mmm?" Meph groaned, fidgeting about on the bed.

"Visitor to see you." The doctor put his head back round the door. And a girl walked through it. She had long, curly blonde hair and wore a purple T-shirt, a long green gloves. She wore grey trousers and brown boots. A headband, with a blue gem in the middle kept her long hair out of her eyes. She was pretty, Carl thought. But... why would she want to see Meph, Carl thought? She walked up to him and drew him into a hug. Meph hugged her back.

"Baby, I'm so sorry..." Meph was close to tears, but the girl kissed his forehead.

"Me too, Meph... but after this... I forgive you completely. I love you... so much..." The girl smiled, close to crying too

"Why? Why d'ya forgive me now?"

"Because I was close to losing the only boy I've ever felt strongly for... it made me realise... I really do LOVE you, Meph. No stupid argument we had good get in the way of that." She kissed him, this time on the lips. Meph kissed the girl back. Carl, Porter and Denise couldn't really hear what they were talking about.

"Who is she?" Carl whispered to his girlfriend

"No idea..." Denise muttered.

"She's Neimi." Gigz smiled, walking in alongside Rubix and Skully "Meph's ex. Though, by the looks, I'd say they're back together." Skully and Rubix chuckled.

"Why's she here?" Carl asked "I saw a Neimi on the patients list when I came to. She must be hear for an appointment, but what..." Carl was cut off by giggling, laughing and kissing from Meph and Neimi.

"What the?" Skully asked. Rubix scratched his head. "Something must be up... never seen Meph laugh like that before..."

"Think about it Skully. She's a girl, she wants to see a boy in hospital, and she has an appointment here. What do you REALLY think my brother's just been told?" Skully's eyes widened.

"You don't think..."

"Pregnant? Really?" Meph grinned

"Yep. I think." Gigz smiled. Rubix grinned, happy for his friend.

"So... Meph's gonna be a dad?" Carl asked.

"Yep!" Neimi grinned, looking over at the two. "And Gigz, you're gonna be an uncle!" Gigz face palmed

"Oh yeah... forgot about that..." he shook his head.

"Relax, bro. You'll get used to it." Neimi grinned

"I just had my scan. They confirmed it, three weeks pregnant. You're definitely the father apparently."

"You know what you're having?" Meph asked

"No, not yet." She smiled, shrugging "Still, it's still AMAZING! I just can't believe it!"

"This is gonna bring us closer than ever, Neimi. I'll be with you all the way. I'm sure I can get myself signed outta here early." Neimi smiled, hugging him.

"Thanks Meph. You'll... kinda... have to leave the band. If you want to be with me."

"I know, and I'm gonna do that. Guys, you ok with that?" Meph looked at TAB.

"Whatever man." Rubix smiled

"Yeah, you need this guys!" Skully cheered

"Bro, take as much time as you need off." Gigz grinned "Speaking of TAB, Denise?" Denise nodded.

"Carl, can you come with us, please?" She asked and Carl nodded

"Yeah sure." The group walked out, leaving Meph and Neimi kissing, Porter smiling.

"Carl, I wrote this song for you... I thought... you might like it." She clicked her fingers and a mic appeared in her hand. Gigz, Skully and Rubix's instruments appeared too. The band started to play, as Denise sung.

"Anywhere you wanna go
Anything you need to know
All the best in life I wanna get it for you

Lately I just feel so fine
I imagine that you're mine
In my world you're gold
I only wanna protect you

And whatever I want, I get
I want a shooting star
Whatever I need, I have
When I'm with you

Follow me inside! Outside! Through the stratosphere
The moon is shining for you; it knows that I adore you
Suddenly all the sadness will just slip away
And you will see what I mean
If you just follow me in my dreams

I was searching everywhere,
Suddenly I saw you there,
And my love arrived just in the nick of time

Life floats on a movie screen
You're the star of my scene
You live on the edge of a knife
Larger than life

And whatever I want, I get
No one could take your place
Whatever I need, I have
When I see your face

Follow me inside! Outside! Through the stratosphere
The moon is shining for you; it knows that I adore you
Suddenly all the sadness will just slip away
And you will see what I mean
If you just follow me in my dreams!"

The song finished with Gigz putting in a final strum of his guitar. Carl embraced Denise, smiling.

"I love you!" He grinned

"Who knows, maybe one day... we could be like those two in there." Denise nodded back inside the medical room where Neimi and Meph were still kissing.

"You mean..."

"Heck, Carl. Maybe one day, you could be a father..."

So, Camp of Disaster is finally over! Thanks you for reading all, and good night!

Coming soon:

The birth of an angels children (featuring Meph and Neimi's pregnancy story)

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