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Earth Orbit, Centre of the United Federation of Planets

1st January 2380

13:00 hours

Admiral Jean Luc Picard is stood looking out of his ready room window aboard the Enterprise-E. the view of Earth below him always made him feel calmer. The blue oceans and green continents just seemed peaceful even though the Admiral knew that it was never peaceful on the surface.

Like the planet below, the shipyard surrounding the Enterprise had been a buzz of activity ever since the public realised that it was Starfleet's Flagship berthed for repairs. The Enterprise-D had never really been in the lime light, but the Enterprise-E had been one of the few ships to survive the Dominion War and had bought an offer of alliance from the Romulans.

The Sovereign class star ship had only been in space dock three months and was already fully repaired after the incident with Shinzon. Jean Luc had been promoted for making an alliance between the Federation and the Romulan Star Empire possible.

The Federation had given the Enterprise-E a complete refit. The vessel now boasted a total of sixteen phaser banks, two forward quantum torpedo launchers, two aft quantum torpedo launchers, four forward photon torpedo launchers and six aft photon torpedo launchers. The Enterprise was now capable of making a much bigger hole in an enemy ship.

Jean Luc continues to watch as the repair/construction robot continue to scan the outside of the ship to make sure they hadn't missed anything. The Admiral is snapped out of his thought by a beep that indicates someone is wanting to see him.

"Enter." Jean Luc says turning away from the window and moving over to his desk. The copper coloured doors glide open to reveal Commander Geordie La Forge the ships chief engineer.

"Captain, I have the latest from the yard commander. I meant Admiral." Geordie corrects himself before handing over a small data pad.

"It's alright mister La Forge, just don't make that mistake in front of the Admiralty board." Jean Luc smiles.

"Yes sir." The commander nods.

"Excellent, we can leave as soon as I receive orders from the Admiralty." Picard says reading from the pad.

"What do you think the Admirals will give us?" Geordie asks his CO.

"They'll properly give us a routine patrol to Vulcan and back." Picard guesses handing the pad back.

"That wouldn't surprise me in the least. You're one of the most valuable admirals in Starfleet, they'll want to keep you safe." Geordie nods.

"Yes, that's the reason for the extra weapons installed on my ship." Picard smiles activating his personal workstation. A relatively medium screen slides up from his desk and shows the Starfleet insignia.

"Well Admiral, we were scheduled for additional weapon systems since before the Dominion war. They just saw the fact we would be hauled up in dock for three months as a good time to finally get around to it." La Forge informs his CO.

"Yes I knew that, but even though the Sovereign class is a warship, I was hoping to keep the weapons to a minimal and use the ship as an exploratory vessel." Jean Luc says looking at recent intelligence reports.

"Well sir, it is the Admiralty's call." Geordie smiles.

"Right you are Commander." Picard nods. The Intercom in the Admirals ready room beeps.

"Yes?" Jean Luc asks.

"Admiral, we're receiving a top priority message for you. It's Admiral Janeway." A female crewman informs him.

"Thank you." Jean Luc replies before opening the channel.

"Admiral." Geordie nods before leaving the room.

"Commander." Jean Luc smiles. The channel connects and Admiral Catharine Janeway the former commander of the Voyager is sat in her office.

"Admiral Picard." Janeway smiles.

"Admiral Janeway." Jean Luc returns to polite smile.

"I have your orders Jean Luc. Well to be more precise I have two options. The first option is a nice, long patrol to Vulcan and back." Janeway says looking at the Admiral.

"And option number two?" Jean Luc asks.

"Well, that is slightly more interesting. Our long range sensors have detected some sort of temporal distortion field located in a small but uncharted sector in the outer reaches of the Alpha quadrant. Since the Dominion war we've been slowly returning to our ships to the mission of exploration, but as you know most of our exploration ships were lost in the early days of the war because of their minimal defences." Janeway reminds Jean Luc.

"So you want the Enterprise to head there to check it out?" Jean Luc asks.

"Yes, but you won't be going it alone. You are to rendezvous with the USS Rhode Island a Nova class research vessel and the Endeavour which is a Nebula class star ship. The escorts are non negotiable. They are awaiting you outside of space dock." Janeway smiles.

"Of course they are." Picard smiles.

"Well what did you expect when you became an Admiral and still wanted to command a star ship." Catharine chuckles.

"I'll call you when we are done. Picard out." Jean Luc smiles. The smiling face of Catharine Janeway is replaced with the Starfleet symbol. Jean Luc presses a button on a small keyboard and the screen lowers itself back into the desk. Jean Luc stands up and leaves his ready room.

The Admiral walks out onto the bridge and is greeted by the bridge crew at their stations and awaiting orders. Jean Luc walks over to his chair and stands next to it. Even though Worf was the XO of the Enterprise-E, he still preferred to work at the Tactical station. That left the XO chair empty, which was fine with Jean Luc.

"Crewman B4, take us out of space dock please." Jean Luc smiles at Data's 'older' brother.

"Aye sir." B4 nods. The android begins to press buttons on his console and the ships engines can be heard activating with a quite hum. Outside the Enterprise, the docking clamps and repair robots move away from the Enterprise and return to the dock.

The Enterprise slowly moves forward. The impulse engines slowly increasing the speed of the ship. As the Enterprise clears the space dock, she is flanked by the Endeavour and the Rhode Island.

"Admiral, the Endeavour and the Rhode Island are forming up on our flanks." Worf informs Jean Luc.

"Very good, the Endeavour will momentarily send us a set of coordinates, we are to proceed there with the Rhode Island and the Endeavour at Warp 8." Jean Luc tells Worf.

"Aye sir." Worf nods.

"We have received coordinates." B4 nods still working at his station.

"Good, make it so." Jean Luc says sitting down in his chair. The Enterprise, Rhode Island and Endeavour all enter warp leaving Earth behind.

Uncharted sector containing spatial distortions, Alpha Quadrant

1st January 2380

18:00 hours

The Admiral had returned to his ready room several hours after they left Earth. The Enterprise and her escorts were quickly approaching the system with the spatial and temporal disturbances. Jean Luc was looking over historical references to this system and could find non. Not even in ancient space charts from the Vulcan high command. As Jean Luc reaches for his earl grey tea and takes a sip of the hot liquid, the intercom in his ready room beeps.

"Yes, what is it?" Picard asks before taking another sip of his drink.

"Admiral, we are approaching the coordinates." B4's unique voice informs.

"Very well, drop us out of warp and begin scanning the distortions. Inform the Endeavour and Rhode Island to do the same." Jean Luc says putting his tea down and standing up. Picard does up the buttons on his uniform and returns it to its proper position on his torso. The Admiral then leaves the ready room and enters the bridge.

"Report." Jean Luc says as he reaches his chair.

"Admiral, we have arrived at the coordinates. Initial scans of the area have been unable to locate any type of spatial or temporal disturbances." B4 informs Picard.

"Continue scanning and-" Picard begins before the Enterprise is rocked slightly.

"What was that?" Jean Luc asks as he sits in his chair to prevent himself from being toppled over by another impact.

"It appears-" Worf says working at the Tactical controls he is thrown to the floor by another strong jolt.

"What-" The admiral tries to ask but it thrown against the other side of his seat. Suddenly, the shaking stops and Jean Luc looks around the bridge.

"Report!" Picard orders.

"It appears that we were struck with some sort of shockwave. No damage reported." B4 says rechecking the sensor data.

"What do you mean?" Jean Luc asks.

"According to sensors, we were hit by some sort of temporal shockwave layered with exotic partials." Worf informs the Admiral.

"What does that mean for us?" Picard nods somewhat understanding.

"Well Admiral, according to the data, we have travelled in time and into an alternate reality. I can surmise this because the stars have a 22% difference in position than the logs for this time zone display." B4 says working at his terminal.

"Status on the Rhode Island and Endeavour?" Jean Luc asks no one in particular.

"They are reporting no damage. Several crewmembers are in sickbay because of the turbulence." Worf says checking in with the two ships.

The view screen changes from a view in front of them, to show the Endeavour and the Rhode Island being perfectly still.

"Number one?" Picard asks not seeing anything.

"Aye sir?" Worf says working furiously at his controls.

"Is there a chance we can return home?" Jean Luc asks completely in shock that his fleet was in one piece besides a few bruises.

"I don't believe so sir. That was what humans call 'a freak accident'. We are stuck here." B4 says reading the sensor data.

"Very well. Are there any planets close by capable of supporting life? We will need to set up a colony and begin rebuilding our civilisation here." Jean Luc says now out of his chair looking around the bridge.

"I'm detecting three systems in range. Only one has a planet capable of sustaining Human life." B4 says still working at his station.

"B4, set a course fleet speed." Picard says heading towards his ready room.

"Aye sir." B4 nods relaying the orders to the other two ships.

"Mr Worf, search the database for any colonisation files and send them to my ready room." Jean Luc orders.

"Yes Admiral." Worf nods following his commands. Jean Luc heads into his small office to begin reading over the colonisation data files. Jean Luc sits down at his desk and looks at the screen. 'File transfer complete' was flashing from red to white on the screen. Picard opens the files and begins to read. As the stars outside his window rush by indicating that the ship had gone to warp.

Because they were travelling at warp 8 instead of warp 9 it would take a little longer to arrive, but that didn't bother Jean Luc. He needed all the time he could get to read up on the colonisation data. He was intending to rebuild Starfleet and the Federation from scratch. That was easier said than done. He needed all the help he could get. Plus there was industry and other sectors to think about.

Jean Luc had a rough idea of what he was going to do. He would use the Rhode Island Science vessel as a portable mining station, the Endeavour would protect their new home world while also providing needed resources to the colony and the Enterprise would be heading to Earth to seek out much needed allies.

With the fleet fully stocked up on Deuterium, they could replicate anything they needed. But those stores wouldn't last forever. So the Rhode Island was going to be sent with a voluntary mining crew to begin searching the two surrounding systems for deposits of the needed isotope.