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Previously on Trek through the Stargate...

Terra orbit, Tollan Ha'tak 'Tollan Vengeance'

28th January 2004

10:20 hours

"Your eminence, what should we do?" Copan asked.

"We're no match for the Asgard. We must flee and build out forces." Travell muttered to herself as panic began to take control.

"Your eminence, what should we do?" Copan asked again the fear showing on his young face.

"Take us into hyperspace. We'll be back!" Travell ordered and her people obeyed. The three Ha'tak vessels disappeared into a single hyperspace window.

Terra, Terra Nova, Defence Command building, Conference room 2

28th January 2004

10:21 hours

Narim and Picard watched a live feed of the three Ha'tak vessels entering hyperspace. A bright flash of light caught their attention. They turn around to find Thor stood looking up at them.

"Thank you Thor." Picard thanked.

"You are welcome. I regret that we did not have a vessel in orbit in past few days, we were busy helping Earth prepare the Daedalus and the Odyssey for their mission to the Pegasus Galaxy. But Haemoid is now overseeing that mission while I am here to assist you with your Deuterium shortage and your mining efforts. The Hammer is well equip for mining operations and our Energy-Matter converters are far more advanced." Thor informed. Jean Luc signed in relief.

"Thank you. That might make building the Federation easier." Jean Luc hoped. Narim watched, but was in fact thinking about the repercussions of today's events. The Tollan now had nothing to contribute to the Federation apart from man power and limited technological knowledge. He just hoped that his people could earn their keep.

And now...

Terra, Terra Nova, Defence Command building, Conference room 2

3rd February 2004

10:21 hours

Jean Luc Picard was smiling. For the first time since the formation of the Federation, Jean Luc was smiling.

The Admiral was stood in the room that had seen much use during the construction of Terra Nova. The screens in the room showed the Asgard vessel Hammer floating gently over the colony. The Asgard vessel was assigned here to help in the mining efforts, but Thor had instead used the massive ships Energy-Matter converters to complete the construction of Terra Nova city and create massive amounts of Deuterium for the storage depots in the industrial section.

In five days Thor had completed the city and synthesised enough Deuterium to last the four Federation ships a year. The Miner and Rhode Island were once again scanning nearby asteriods for Deuterium, but this time it wasn't out of despiration. Meanwhile, the Enterprise was standing as guardian of Terra Nova and the Endeavour was on a defence assignment to Earth at the SGC's request.

Picard was now busy making sure the Tollan and Federation civilians were settling into their newly finished homes. Because of the lack of manpower, Terra Nova city was being maintained mostly by Holograms much like EMH programs that are used onboard Federation ships in medical emergencies. The holographic citizens were being used all over the city. Hospitals, Transportation HUBs, Shipyards, Mines and Waste treatment centers were all being operated by Holograms.

A bright flash of light stole Picards attention away from the monitors. From the light, Jack O'Neill emerged looking over all of the displays.

"General." Jean Luc smiled.

"Admiral." Jack nodded.

"Any news from Atlantis?" Picard asked, hopeful.

"Yes actually. Daedalus is returning with the Expedition heads, while Odyssey stands guard over the city. I'm also compiling releif staff to join the expedition." Jack informed.

"Well, I'm glad to hear that all is well." Jean Luc smiled, sincerly.

"For now anyway." Jack admitted.

"I myself have been busy. We're trying to get everyone settled and the Tollan still havn't managed to break through their own damned firewalls they put on their Database, but I have several engineers assisting them. Terra Nova is better than expected. Sure we still have a few things to straighten out like the industrial sector and agricultural grid, but those should be delt with by next week." Picard admitted out loud.

"Glad to hear it. After finishing up here, the Hammer is heading to Earth. Thor is going to help us by finishing off the X-304's Apollo and Pheonix so we don't have to rely on you or the Asgard for defence. Once they are finished, Prometheus won't have the stress of being the last line of defence. We're also refining and upgrading the X-303 design and 'beginning' production of the X-303-A or Prometheus-class. Soon we'll have a fleet capible of going toe-to-toe with the Wraith and Lucian Alliance." Jack smiled, clearly happy.

"Now all you need to do it disclose the Stargate Program." Jean Luc joked.

"Already taken care of." Jack replied. This caused Jean Luc to raise an eyebrow.

Earth, Washington DC, The White House, Oval Office.

3rd February 2004

11:00 hours

President Henry Hayes was sat at his desk looking over the sheet of paper that had his speech for the world typed on it. The contents were all historically correct, Dr. Jackson himself had provided the background materials. It was now or never.

These next few minutes would be key. They could lead to World Peace or they could lead to the worst possible outcome...World War Three.

"Mr. President. Your on." Someone said from the other side of the room. Henry wasn't really paying attension to him or her. He looked up and began to read his speech.

"My fellow Americans, People of the World. I come before you today, not as the President of the United States of America, but as a fellow human being. I have been advised by my staff that now is the best time to inform you all about the biggest kept secret the world has ever known." Henry took a deep breath.

"In 1928, an archaeological expedition in Giza, Egypt, discovered a large circular coverstone and a ring-shaped device underneath it. This device was used during World War Two under the direct order of President Roosevelt, who believed this device to be a weapon that could be used against the Nazi and later Soviet war machine." Henry continued.

"The device, called a Stargate, was left un-active until 1995 when the first official activation of the device was achieved. After a successful mission to another world, we began exploring the galaxy with small teams of military personel. In doing this, we have made friends and found enemies. We have been successful in defeating our enemies time and again but we have made mistakes. We have saved the Earth from destruction a number of times and managed to keep the program a secret. But we can no longer rely on hope and luck." Hayes explained.

"I will be sending copies of all mission reports to government officials in the spirit of goodwill. It is my hopes that the twenty-first century will be remembered as the years Earth finally united and peace was achieved. That is the legacy that this administration want to be remembered for. Thank you." Henry finished. The room around him broke out into claps and cheers. But something didn't sit right with the man that was being praised.

Terra, Terra Orbit, Rhode Island, Bridge.

3rd February 2004

11:00 hours

Captain Phillips sat on the bridge of his vessel, he quickly typed in a command into his personal console and waited for it to take affect. The Rhode Island was a fairly new ship. Built during the Dominion Wars, she had seen more combat that her class was designed for.

Over the weeks since learning of his condition, Stewart had been slowly losing the battle to keep ahold of his values as they slipped away. One could equate his condition with being a Goa'uld host. While he still could control his body and functions, he was losing his morality and sence of duty.

His condition was the reason he'd just beamed all of the crew aboard the Rhode Island down to the Colony and set a course off into the galaxy. The Rhode Island moved away from the planet and accelerated into Warp. Masking the Warp trail, using a Dominion War tactic, would keep either the Enterprise or Endeavor from finding him and that was perfect.

Dakara, Jaffa City, Council Chambers.

3rd February 2004

11:00 hours

Teal'c and Bra'tak were sat in their seats on the Jaffa council. The galaxy had been in termoil for the past few weeks. The Goa'uld were slowly fading from power, the Jaffa had gained their freedom from enslavement, the Lucian Alliance had made a power grab by siezing control of all remaining Goa'uld shipyards, the Tau'ri had seemingly disappeared and the Asgard hadn't been heard from in months.

Watching as the other members of the council sat down, Teal'c couldn't help but wonder if this new democracy was slowing the entire Jaffa Nation down. The Nation's Army was little more than a defence force, ships that had been used to gain the freedom the Jaffa were enjoying had been taken by their 'commanders' as property and food was sparse as Human slaves had left the farms for other worlds.

Of course, there was little this council could do. They held no real power beyond planets that had sworn loyalties to the individual members. Chulak, for example, had pledged it's loyalty to Teal'c and Bra'tak. This gave them the chance to use Chulak's resources to better improve any Jaffa world allied with the two. It was for this reason that the industrial worlds like Erebus, that had allied with Gerrik, would not send supplies or ships to defend Chulak. Such things had to be requested or borrowed with the promise of repayment.

This was not the grand Jaffa Nation that he and Bra'tak had wished to create. Everything would either fall apart or the Nation would see no other choice but to follow in the foot steps of the Goa'uld and take human slaves. Teal'c would not allow that to happen. Even if in order to stop them, he needed to bring the full might of Chulak down upon what little infurstructure the Nation had scavenged.