Season 2

Chapter 1

Furious that her sister had lied to her about her father, Marti got on her bike and took off. She did not know where she was going to go or what she was gonna do. The only thing she knew is she had to get away. As she was riding through the quiet town, she pondered whether she was taking it too hard on Deirdre. "Maybe she had a good reason to lie, after all Rex was trying to communicate with Dierdre as if they were not on speaking terms. As if he did something wrong. But still, she lied to me!" Still pedaling faster than she ever thought she could, she took a sharp turn avoiding the fire hydrant she had almost hit; leading her into a speedy taxi driver. The last thing Marti could remember before she completely blacked out was seeing the taxi driver as drunk as could be trying to call 911. The ambulance soon arrived to see this young girl injured and bruised in the road; her bike bent up a few yards away. They quickly rushed her to the hospital.

Dr. Altman recognized Marti from the hellcats. It brought Derrick great pain to think about Vanessa and how their relationship had ended. Although he hated the thought, it was still his responsibility to put thoughts aside to help Marti. He quickly got a phone book and called 'The Rat' asking for Wanda.

"Yes this is Wanda" he heard the woman reply.

"Hey this is Dr. Altman." Wanda was a bit confused as to why he had been calling.

"Hey Derrick, you don't have to refer yourself as 'doctor' to me. How are you doing? You ok since Vanessa left you?" A sharp pain hit his chest as he heard the name Vanessa. "I'm doing fine, and the reason I called you is about Marti." Wanda froze for a split second.

"What's wrong with Marti? Is she alright? Did something go wrong at that party?" He hated to give her the bad news.

"Marti has been severely injured and is completely blacked-out. You should come to the hospital as soon as you can." Wanda at that moment just dropped the phone in shock; the only family she ever had, had just gone to the hospital. Heavy tears fell from her eyes; she couldn't help it.

Dan had been worried about how Marti stormed out of that party, and figured she may made it around to seeing her mom by then. He entered the bar and saw Wanda crying her eyes out.

"Wanda what's wrong? Is this about Marti, she stormed out in an argument with her sister. Did she say something to you?" Wanda's heart just snapped right there as she broke down to an even harder cry.

"Marti's in the hospital blacked-out injured." Dan couldn't believe his ears. He had just an hour ago saw Marti. And now she was completely out.

"Can I join you to the hospital?" Wanda nodded her head and they quickly walked out the door.

The car ride was silent for a while. So Dan decided to call savannah and tell her what just happened.

"Are you sure? Or is this just a joke? Cause if it is its not funny, Dan." It had been harder to tell her it was true, for he was wishing it was only a cruel joke.

"I'm positive. Wanda got the call and we are both heading to the hospital right now."

"Guys!" Savannah yelled to her teammates. Tears were going from her eyes. "What's wrong savannah? Lewis asked. Savannah wasn't quite sure how to tell her friends.

"You're crying..Tell us." Alice said as she got up from her seat. Savannah looked around the room not wanting to look anyone in the eyes. A long silent moment filled the air only filled with sounds of Savannahs crying.

"Marti is in the hospital and it could be serious."

Dan had closed his phone shut and continued to look at it.

"So why had she left the party?" Wanda asked quietly still keeping her eyes on the road. The conversation between Wanda and him seemed to be seconds apart between each sentence.

"I'm not exactly sure. One moment everybody is having a great time; Marti was in the other room with her sister going through the closet." Another silent moment filled the car as Dan took a breath.

"The next moment Marti comes storming out of the room yelling to her sister as her sister was following after her crying. Deidre was yelling to Marti that 'she promised she would never leave her. Of coarse Deirdre didn't stay around for much longer and left shortly after. She didn't say what happened but she seemed upset." The light turned red and Wanda slowed down to a stop.

"And that's when she went and got injured?" Dan didn't know what to say. Agreeing with Wanda just seemed like a waste of words. Wanda looked over at Dan with eyes full of sorrow.

"Why do you think this had to happen to my little girl..?" Dan was lost at words and said the only thing he could think of.

"I don't know." The light turned green and they soon arrived at the hospital.

Everybody had made it to the hospital at very close times, only minutes apart. They all gathered outside of Marti's hospital room. The doctor soon came out and introduced himself.

"Is there any of Marti's family here?"

"That would be me. I'm her mother." She peered through the group of Marti's friends. "What happened to Dr. Derrick?"

"Dr. Altmans shift was over, he made the call but he had to go home." Wanda was a little mad that Derrick had known the situation and just left her to go home.

"Oh, I see."

"Would you like to see your daughter? She is still out, but I have to tell you some things about her situation." The doctor had lead her to Marti's bed. There she laid, quietly with her eyes closed and no movement. Nothing was peaceful about it. Wanda looked at her daughter with tears in her eyes as she thought that this could be the last time she sees her daughter.

"She has broken her left leg from the impact of the car hitting her side and her right arm from falling incorrectly on the pavement. Once she hit the ground her head had appeared to have slammed the cement pretty hard and that's what made her black out. And it may be possible for some loss of memory from where she hit it." Silent overpowered the room.

"Will she be alright in the end?" Wanda asked.

"We are not sure. She has been out for a while." The doctor waited a moment before he continued.

"We took some x-rays and we have some more news for you." Wanda looked at the doctor wondering of how there could be more news than what had already happened. The doctor embraced himself and began to speak.

"Your daughter has been tested positive for pregnancy." Wanda's eyes didn't seem to change expressions. Just a blank stare continued into the doctors eyes.

"Luckily the the cars impact hasn't created a miscarriage. For that, she is lucky."

Marti had heard the whole thing about her being pregnant. She had come out of her comma silently as the doctor was talking.

"This cant be..I'm pregnant? With who? It couldn't have been Lewis since it was so long ago and I would of showed by now; I would of known...Dan? No it can't be Dan...I almost lost him for good the first time we thought that, I can't tell him it might be his." Marti continued to think silently as both her mom and the doctor have been facing the opposite direction.

"It could've also been Julian too." Moments later Wanda had looked over and saw Martis eyes open. Wanda looked at the doctor and asked,

"Do you mind if we have a moment?" The doctor agreed and headed out of the room. Wanda looked once again at her daughter, thanking god that she had woken up from her comma.

"Mom, you cant tell anyone." Wanda immediately knew she had heard the whole conversation.

"Of coarse sweetie."

"No, I mean it. If anyone one is to find out, things will not go well. I can't lose em" Wanda then immediately assumed it was Dan.

"I promise I won't tell a soul."

Marti grinned slightly. "Thanks Wanda." The doctor peaked in to see if they were ready for him again.

"Hey doc, you can let my friends in now. I know they are here." The doctor came out of his office and went to let the young girls and guys in.

"You guys are allowed to come in if you wish to visit Marti." The group of friends all started to head in together. Marti watched them all enter the room. First came in Dan and savannah together and then the others followed. She couldn't help but to think that the baby could belong to him. Things are finally back to normal and she couldn't just ruin lives for that same one mistake. It'd be an never ending drama.

"Hey Marti, how you feeling?" asked Savannah.

"I'm good. Just a little tired is all. And my whole body hurts."

Savannah looked down depressed, "I wish I could help.."

"It's fine Savannah, I don't think there would be enough ink in your sharpie to right words of encouragement all over my body." From hanging with Dan, she has gained the skill to identify some jokes. Savannah gave out a quick chuckle.

"Look, I'll be fine Savannah. I just need time to heal." Savannah looked down once more and then looked back up at Marti.

"What happened to you after you stormed out?"

"I was going really fast and swerved to avoid a crash and then next thing I remember there was a drunk taxi driver trying to call 911." Marti watched Savannah put her head back down.

"It's no big deal, I'm awake now aren't I? So lets not talk no more about it."