Hey guys, this is another one of my crazy ideas that I can't get out of my head. SORRY. I'm working on the next chapter of "To Hogwarts?" though. Hope you like this. Allen's a girl in this. And kanda has disguised himself as an ugly fat boy who wears glasses and a strange blue wig that everyone thinks is his real hair. Why? Well, he's actually star singer, the most famous singer in japan and Britain as a matter of fact. He's so famous and loved for his good looks that he's hiding his identity to save himself from his raving fangirls. Another question would be, wait, but if he and the star have the same name, won't they know anyway? Well, the star has a cover name. Nobody knows his real name except for his uncle, cousin, best friend, and boss. His uncle is Komui. His cousin is Lenalee. His best friend is Lavi. This is a Yullen fic. Except Allen is a girl. And she's the love of his life (queue: D'AWWWWWWW). Okay I'm done. ON WITH THE(rather pointless and random) STORY!

The girls were always fangirling over me. Well, not me, per-se, but the other me. The real me. They'd never like the me they know at school. They only fangirl over the famous, amazing singer, extremely sexy(not to pat myself on the back, or anything), long-haired me. Though, I'm not complaining. In fact, that's the exact reason I don't look like the real me right now. I hate fangirls. They're everywhere. That's why I'm disguised. As a tall, fat guy with glasses and short, sky blue hair. My name is Kanda Yuu. Why won't they recognize my name, if I'm so famous? Well, that's because no one knows the oh-so famous me's name. I'm just called "Mystery". Yeah, I know, unimaginative. But I'm not the most creative person around, unless I'm writing a song. That's the only time my mind really flows.

I've never liked a girl before. They are all so… ordinary. They're all the same. Same black hair. Same make-up. Same girly-ness. Same everything. And when I say I've never liked a girl, I mean never. Until now.

And that is where our story begins. On the day a transfer student came to the Black Order High. Who knows what will happen to our poor Kanda. All we do know is the fact that he's been pierced with something he's never felt before. Love. So, without further ado, dear readers; Once upon a time…