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Oh there's a lot of swears in this chapter.

Without further ado, Allons-y!

The door opened "And this is-Oh. Oopsie!"


*Let's backtrack, shall we?*

"Well, then Alana, shall I show you to your room?" She said, stepping over to Alana's side. She linked her arm with Alana's and sped off, not waiting for her answer.

They walked through endless hallways, Lenalee firing off short introductions to every location along the way, dragging Alana alongside her.

"That's the bathroom next to the kitchen," She pointed towards a white door. "That's the kitchen," She pointed at a collection of large doors, obviously meant for the transportation of large amounts of food. "There's the first floor power room-the stuff in there provides electricity for the first floor. I know, it only powers the first floor. Well, we couldn't fit a generator any bigger so we had to settle for one tiny generator per floor." She pointed towards a very large door, a door so large that you could probably fit a small aircraft or a fishing boat through with extra wiggle room. Alana felt light headed. This house was bigger than it looked. As she was given the tour, she began to wonder if maybe the house might be bigger on the inside.

"Ah! Here we are, the third floor. This is the living area. All the bedrooms are in this wing. Right above this is the Lab wing, and above that is..." Alana's attention began to fade yet again as she reviewed her day. She had met rather a lot of people, and it seemed that she would be meeting many, many more very soon. She liked her new school, and Lenalee and Kanda were fun people. They were a good combination of 'talks too much' and 'doesn't talk enough'; It was like they completed each other. Kanda was sort of grumpy, but he seemed to have a nice side, he just...had his own way of showing it. His face was strangely thin compared to the rest of his body, which was strange but everyone gains weight in a different way, Alana supposed. It was a bit weird though, she was sure she recognized his face from somewhere, but she couldn't put her finger on it. Oh well, it must just be her imagination. Alana suddenly realized that Lenalee seemed to be saying something important.

"-ay so we've passed the rooms of all the Lab workers and staff, and now we're in the area you're going to stay. Just to let you know, This," Lenalee opened a green door, showing the large forest themed bedroom. "is my room, if you need me."

She grinned in a strangely malicious way, but the look disappeared as fast as it came, making Alana assume she had been seeing things, and then walked Alana across the hallway and stopped in front of a black door, opening it. "And this is-Oh. Oopsie!"

Imagine, for a moment, that you are having a tour of a friend's house after a nice day full of meeting new people, including a new friend named Kanda, who you think is probably reading or doing homework. You are calm and a little sleepy, but you are feeling secure about your life. And then you are abruptly presented with the image of your new friend, shirtless and curiously lacking quite a large amount of body fat, standing right in front of you looking quite like a deer caught in headlights.

He also looks frighteningly similar to the singer who indirectly saved your life. Whom also has that tattoo. As well as hair so long that it borders on ridiculous.

Alana added two and two, and immediately realized that Kanda did not, in fact, just look like her favorite singer. Alana, to say the least, lost consciousness.

"Goddammit Lenalee! You planned this, didn't you?" Kanda yelled, violently gesturing to the unconscious white-haired girl currently laying in the entrance of his bedroom. Lenalee smiled innocently.

"Why, whatever do you mean, Yuu?" She said, placing her hand on her cheek as an obviously fake sign of confusion. His eye twitched in annoyance.

They heard a gasp and turned back to Alana, who was just sitting up, waking from her short bout of shock-induced unconsciousness. She looked straight at Kanda and scrambled to stand up. He mentally and physically prepared for the customary fangirl greeting, bracing himself for the inevitable impact of a hug or the sound of a screech by tensing up and clenching his eyes shut, but when neither of those happened, he opened his eyes and was pleasantly surprised to see that she was bowing very low, showing great respect.

"It's an honor to meet you! I-I never thought that i'd ever ever get to meet you face to face, and-and i'm not sure what to say but-" She was cut off by Lenalee.

"Woah Alana, no need for so much respect. He's the same asshole he was before, he's just prettier." She said, shooting a smirk at Kanda. Alana straightened back up, looking slightly unsure.

"That doesn't mean-"

"Excuse me? Just because i don't spew out cheer like a happiness sprinkler doesn't mean i'm an asshole!"

"I do not do that! Just because you don't have the capacity for emotion doesn't mean that i'm too happy!"


"No, you just have too many emotions! It's like you're having all of them at once and it's uncalled for! I'm perfectly capable of emotions, i just use them at a reasonable level!"

"If reasonable means not at all then I agree with you! The only mood you're capable of harnessing at a proper degree is annoyance!"


"No, i get annoyed so often around you because you're annoying! It's cause and effect! Did you ever learn about that in grade school?"

"Yes! I like to assume that i'm an expert on it, and what you're experiencing isn't cause and effect, it's called being a dick!"

"Guys is this really necess-"

"Well, excuse me princess! Sorry for not being perfect! Would you like me to change everything about myself to suit your standards? Would you like me to commit seppuku to demonstrate how sorry I am?"

"Ugh you are so infuriating!"

"I guess you know how i feel now don't you?"

"You ass-"


They stopped yelling, and their heads turned immediately to look straight at Alana, who looked slightly irritated, as well as confused.

"Thank you." She said more calmly. "Now, despite the fact that i'm really really excited to meet the person that practically saved my life, i would honestly like an explanation as to what is going on. I've only just met the two of you today, and then i find out you're rich, and then i'm told that i'm staying here for two weeks or more, and then i nearly get mauled by a complete stranger, and then," She said, stopping to take a breath. "i find out that the guy i just met is a world famous singer who i happen to see as my hero. As you can see, things are going a bit quickly for me, and i would greatly appreciate it if someone would cut me some slack and help me to understand the abrupt change in my life."

Kanda and Lenalee were speechless for a few second, and then they both launched into and explanation at the same time, gesturing angrily at each other as they spoke altogether too fast for her to understand a single word that either of them spoke.

"Okay STOP."

They both stopped.

"One at a time, please?"

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