Please Please please Help me out. I am looking for a few stories I had started reading and I can not for the life of me find them. I had them saved and then my computer crashed!

1. Bella just graduated from college along with Alice and Rosalie. She just broke up with an abusive Jacob so she goes on vacation with the girls. They go to Hawaii and end up meeting Edward Jasper and Emmet. Jacob shows up to Hawaii and attacks E&B and Edward ends up killing him. They come back home and Bella meets Esme and Carlisle and they get engaged and move in together.

2. Emmet Edward and Alice are all children of Carlisle and Esme. Alice and Edward went to school in California while Emmet and their parents lived in Forks. Emmet and Bella have a son at the end of High School. Emmet moves to California (where I believe he becomes a famous actor) He breaks up with Bella for Rose and tries to pay Bella to keep quite about him being the father. Esme and Carlisle and Bella move to California. Edward and Alice meet their nephew and Bella is going to confront Emmet.