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"Not this again…" Shizuo muttered to himself. He had just finished a day of debt collecting with Tom, and was on his way home when he found himself surrounded by a group of hoodlums brandishing various make-shift weapons.

With a long sigh, Shizuo took one last drag of his cigarette before dropping it and putting it out with his shoe.

'It's been a while since something like this has happened…' Shizuo thought while he looked at the men that had surrounded him. They seemed to be just your typical thugs picking a fight for no reason, but Shizuo knew better. Although, it had been a few years since Izaya sent gangs out to do his dirty work…

… Izaya…

Just thinking of his name made Shizuo sick to his stomach. 'I thought you would have figured out by now that this doesn't work…' He thought, remembering all of the times in high school when Shizuo had found himself in this same situation. Izaya seemed to have been testing him to see just how many people Shizuo was able to fight at once; however, at some point Izaya had simply given up and moved on to framing Shizuo for crimes he didn't commit.

Finally, one of the thugs made a move. He ran towards Shizuo with a baseball bat, which he flailed around aimlessly. The others took his lead, and advanced on Shizuo as well.

The blonde easily took hold of the bat and tossed it aside before grabbing the thug's hoodie, and throwing him across the circle, taking out a few of the other thugs in the process.

Then out of the corner of his eye, Shizuo saw it… That black coat with the brown fur trim… The flea himself.

"Oh! Hello, Shizu-chan!" Izaya said cheerfully, waving his arm enthusiastically from behind a small group of people.

It was in that moment that Shizuo lost all control of his body. Adrenaline and rage now controlled his every move as he found the heaviest object within reach to throw at the flea. Shizuo wrenched the vending machine from the ground, tearing the screws out that were supposed to hold it in place. The thugs that had surrounded Shizuo a moment ago had quickly dissipated as soon as the Fortissimo of Ikebukuro showed is true strength.


Using all of the power he could find, Shizuo hurled the heavy thing directly at Izaya, who simply leapt to the side effortlessly with a grin on his face.

"Alas, Shizu-chan, I have no idea what you're talking about!" Izaya teased, clearly unfazed by the fact that a large metal object had just been thrown at him. "I have no time to play today, so… BYE!"

Flashing a sincere smile in Shizuo's direction, Izaya quickly spun around and took off at full speed in the direction of his apartment in Shinjuku.

As Shizuo watched his nemesis run away, he couldn't help but smile to himself. 'I knew it… I knew it. I knew it. I knew it!'

Every time Shizuo found himself surrounded by gangs in high school, Izaya would always be somewhere nearby watching the fight, but never getting involved. The fact that Izaya had made an appearance just now was proof enough to Shizuo of his involvement.

By the time Shizuo had decided to continue perusing that louse, Izaya had managed to turn down an alley and weave through the labyrinth of city streets, taking routes that would make him difficult to follow.

Shizuo soon lost Izaya's trail, and considered simply cutting him off by rushing to his apartment; however, the flea might even have foreseen something like that, and not even head back home immediately.

With a long sigh, Shizuo lit up a new cigarette and slowly made his way home deciding to give up the chase for now.


Yagiri Namie looked up from her desk as Izaya came through the door, panting slightly. Closing the door behind him, the informant leaned back against the door to catch his breath before removing his shoes and falling into his swivel chair with a loud "Umph!"

"What happened to you?" Namie asked coldly. "Wait. Don't tell me. You got into another fight with Heiwajima-san, yes?"

Izaya simply laughed in response. "Shizu-chan's protozoan brain never ceases to amaze me!"

Namie sighed and shook her head slightly. "I'm leaving." She stated, quickly re-stacked the files she had been looking through.

"Okay, okay… But could you make me some tea before you leave?" Izaya asked hopefully with that smile of his still on his face.

"I'm not your slave." Namie said flatly, rolling her eyes.

"Oh? I didn't realize you didn't want to be paid today…" Izaya teased.

After shooting an irritated glare at her employer, Namie briskly walked to the kitchen and put the tea kettle on the stove.

"I trust you can do the rest." Without even waiting to hear Izaya's response, Namie left the apartment, slamming the door behind her.

Izaya simply smiled and watched her leave. "She's quite entertaining as well… Humans are all so interesting!" Izaya threw his arms out to the sides and kicked the ground, watching as the world around him dissolved into blurred blotches of color.

When the tea kettle whistled, Izaya quickly leapt off of his chair, which was still spinning slowly even after the weight was removed from it. Izaya stumbled slightly as he caught his balance, and then skipped into the kitchen and poured his tea.

Upon returning to his desk, Izaya was greeted by the words 'One new message' on the screen of his laptop. Without even bothering to sit down, Izaya pulled his laptop to the edge of the desk and opened the message.

Izaya raised the cup of tea to his lips while he read the message; however, before he took his first sip, he froze. Slowly, the informant set the cup down on his desk, crinkling his eyebrows at the words on the screen.

The client was asking for information on someone… Heiwajima Shizuo. The e-mail was short, but it gave Izaya more than enough information to understand the situation Shizuo was currently in.

The e-mail read:

"Dear Orihara Izaya,"

'Heh, so formal.' Izaya thought.

"You're probably aware that you are quite famous in Ikebukuro for being able to provoke Heiwajima Shizuo, and escape with your body in-tact. My request is simply this: Do you know of Heiwajima-san's potential weaknesses? Or better yet, could you help my friends and I take him down? We will pay as much as you wish as long as your information helps us bring him down.


Izaya read the message through twice.

"Ha… HA. AHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA! I see what's going on here!" Izaya spoke aloud even though his apartment was empty. A sinister looking smile spread over his face as he pieced together exactly what the sender of the e-mailwas asking him to do.

"Those men who surrounded Shizu-chan today… They're just gangs looking to gain status by being stronger than the strongest! Even going as far as to ask me for help! HAHAHAHA! This is why I love humans! They just keep trying to claw their way to the top, not caring who they step on during their climb! 'The ends justify the means' when it comes to getting what they want!"

Izaya responded to the e-mail quickly telling the client where to meet. This couldn't wait. He would go back to Ikebukuro tonight.

After closing his laptop, Izaya threw on his trademark jacket, reaching into his pocket to ensure he still had his flickblade.


Was it really hate at first sight? Izaya hadn't even properly introduced himself to future Fortissimo of Ikebukuro before the latter declared his hatred for the dark-haired teen.

Izaya had always found humans to be interesting, even before he entered middle school. During introductions on his first day of middle school, he had resisted the urge to say that his hobby was simply 'human observation'. Instead he had said 'I like watching people of all occupations' to avoid drawing too much attention to himself. He simply wanted to fade into the background, and observe the interactions of those around him.

That is, until a rather strange human by the name Kishitani Shinra asked him to create a biology club.

Shinra had been the first human that Izaya couldn't understand, and soon after, he became the first to become someone whom Izaya could call a friend.

Soon after entering high school, Shinra introduced his two friends to each other. Clearly, it didn't go as well as he had hoped.

Izaya would never admit it out loud, but he enjoyed having Shinra as a friend simply because it gave him a chance to study a different type of human being.

Izaya had heard of Shizuo's strength from some of his classmates who went to elementary school with Shizuo. One girl mentioned how Shizuo had thrown a desk when some boys were making fun of him. Izaya simply shrugged it off as an exaggeration.

However, as soon as he met Heiwajima Shizuo, he realized that this particular human was different, much like Shinra. However, while Shinra's mind and thoughts seemed to be in an entirely different realm, the same could be said about Shizuo's strength.

Izaya couldn't help but applaud the display of otherworldly strength that Shizuo possessed. The future informant wanted to study the blonde before him; however, Shizuo had different plans.

"You piss me off."

And with that single sentence, Izaya met the second human that he could never understand.

"Oh?" Izaya had been slightly shocked by this, considering he hadn't even said a word to Shizuo yet.

"That's too bad! I thought you and I could have some fun." Of course for Izaya, fun meant observation, but Shizuo didn't have to know that.

And so, Izaya tried one more time. The very next day after their first fight, Izaya extended his hand to Shizuo after classes were over.

"We seem to have gotten off on the wrong foot yesterday. Let's try this again. My name is Orihara Izaya. It's nice to meet you" Izaya said with a smile.

Shizuo's expression didn't change as he lowered his gaze to Izaya's hand. Without a word Shizuo walked simply walked around Izaya, completely ignoring his attempt to make amends.

'Tch. Rude.' Izaya thought, looking over his shoulder as Shizuo passed by. 'I guess we'll have to do this the hard way…'

The rest is history. The fighting began, and Izaya decided to observe Shizuo in a different way than originally planned. He would keep his distance until he knew exactly what he was up against.

Izaya sent gang after gang to fight Shizuo. Needless to say, Shizuo never lost, and Izaya always observed from afar.


The informant had been lost in these thoughts while he waited in an alley for his client to show up. Izaya was leaning against the wall with his head back and his eyes closed, while fingering the blade in his coat pocket.

Anyone who walked by would think his guard had been lowered, but Izaya was actually quite aware of his surroundings. Even though his mind was lost in thought, his brain still registered the small noises around him, especially the single set of footsteps that had just reached his ears.

Opening his eyes, Izaya pushed his memories of high school to the back of his mind and focused his attention on the kid who had appeared in front of him. He didn't look particularly strong at all. In fact, he didn't even look like the type to be in a gang… A high school delinquent? Maybe, but nothing more than that.

Izaya couldn't stop the grin that spread over his face when the kid made eye contact with him.

"O-Orihara Izaya?" The kid stuttered slightly when he spoke, making Izaya's grin even wider.

"Yes, that's me! You're the one who wanted information on Shizu-chan, right?" Izaya pushed himself off of the wall and approached the kid as he spoke.

"Ah, yes. I have the money with—"

"You want to know if Shizu-chan has any weaknesses, yes? So your gang can gain status? Do you really believe that will work? Sure, Shizu-chan is strong, but he isn't involved in anything like gangs." –'Unless you count the Dollars' Izaya mused. "What makes people think that beating him will help?"

Of course, Izaya already knew what the kid would say before he even asked the question.

"I-it's because he's strong. If we can beat him, then our gang will become the strongest in Ikebukuro!" The kid's voice was a little stronger this time.

"Haha… AHAHAHAHAHA!" The sound of Izaya's laughter filled the alley. The kid simply watched Izaya nervously, wondering what the man found so funny.

Izaya's laughter stopped almost as abruptly as it had begun. His gaze focused back on the kid in front of him. Throwing his arms out to the side, and walking towards the kid, Izaya spoke again.

"Considering you decided to ask me of all people for help, that must mean you are aware of my past with Shizu-chan; and therefore, our current feelings about each other."

As Izaya moved closer, the kid attempted to back away, only to be blocked by the wall on the opposite side of the alley. Something about Izaya's tone sounded… Unstable, hysterical, and composed all at the same time. It seemed impossible.

"I assure you, I hate Shizu-chan. He's inhuman! A monster! However, he's interesting… Only once before have I met someone that I couldn't understand. But Shizuo is still different than that! Just when I think I have him figured out, he does something so unpredictable that it makes me have to start analyzing him all over again!"

By this time, the kid was now on the ground, eyes wide with fear staring at the man in front of him.

"You wanted to know Shizu-chan's weaknesses? For all I know, he doesn't have any. He's a fortress. He is both the unstoppable force and immovable object in one body. Besides, even if I knew his weakness…"

Izaya paused. He was looking directly at the kid, yet his gaze seemed distant and pensive. After a moment, he seemed to snap back to reality. He gently placed a hand on the kid's shoulder and leaned in close.

"I would never tell the likes of you."

The kid couldn't help but gasp. Izaya's voice was almost a whisper, and his tone was suddenly cold. It was almost as if he had become an entirely different person. The kid barely managed to suppress a yell when he saw Izaya pull a blade out of his pocket.

"W-w-wait—!" Before he could say any more, the knife was pressed against his throat. The blade was almost as cold as Izaya's next words.

"I will not sell information on him. I am the only one who needs to know about Shizuo. But I will tell you one thing… Shizuo has a scar on his chest. He got it back in high school. I'm sure you can guess how he got it, ne?"

The blade on the kid's neck was removed, only to be placed on the right side of his chest. Izaya pressed the blade in just enough to draw blood. The kid's mouth hung open in a silent scream, afraid that anything he did might anger Izaya more.

"How about I give you one to match…?"


Izaya left the kid crying in the alley, and decided to take a walk around Ikebukuro. After about an hour of wandering aimlessly, Izaya spotted a condemned office building. He climbed the fire escape to the roof and leaned against the railing, watching his humans roam the busy streets.

Leaning his back against the railing, Izaya sighed thinking about what had just happened. Maybe he had said too much? For some reason, knowing that someone other than himself was studying Shizuo made Izaya angry.

'He's mine. I refuse to have anyone else looking for his weaknesses. Only I need to know about him…'

As if on cue, Izaya heard a commotion coming from the streets below him. Passively looking over his shoulder, he saw Shizuo throwing around some more thugs.

After a moment, Shizuo turned his gaze up to where Izaya was standing. They made eye contact for a brief second before Izaya saw Shizuo smile.

It was a cruel kind of smile, as if he was saying "I'll kill you, flea" with a simple glance.

It only took a second for Izaya to realize the true meaning behind the smile. Shizuo was being attacked by a gang, and Izaya was watching him. Just like the good old days…

'He thinks I'm sending people after him again… He really believes it's me!' Izaya thought, now in a considerably better mood.

"AAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Shizu-chan! You… You really are entertaining! AHAHAHAHA!"

Izaya was laughing so hard that he barely noticed when Shizuo made it to the roof, tearing the door off in the process.

"IZAYA! I knew it was you, you lying bastard!"

Izaya willed himself to stop laughing for a moment, realizing that laughter wasn't exactly proving his innocence.

"Oh, Shizu-chan… You have it all wrong!"

But Shizuo wasn't listening. He ran full force at Izaya, fist in the air, prepared to deliver the final blow to his nemesis.

As usual, Izaya easily dodged Shizuo's punch. Shizuo's fist collided with the railing that Izaya had been leaning on just seconds before. Izaya may not be very strong, but he was fast. He waited until Shizuo had been sure his punch would make contact, only to jump to the left and land safely on the undamaged section of railing.

Izaya quickly spun around to face Shizuo. "I assure you Shizu-chan, it's not me this ti—"

Izaya was cut off when he realized something. The railing he was standing on wasn't completely undamaged… The building was condemned. Its structure was weak, and that punch to the railing did more damage than he thought.

For Shizuo, the scene played in slow motion, while for Izaya it happened too fast for him to react.

All Izaya felt was the railing tip away from the building before the unmistakable feeling of falling took over.

Shizuo froze for a second as he watched his enemy start to disappear from view, while the railing he had been standing on still held on to the building by a single screw.

A myriad of thoughts and emotions suddenly shook the foundation of Shizuo's mind. Izaya was falling from the roof of a building. He wouldn't survive. His death would be Shizuo's fault… And that bothered him.

Instinct took over as Shizuo lunged forward to grab the falling flea. And arm, a leg, the hood of his stupid coat… Anything would do, as long as he didn't have to see the flea die right now.

Shizuo was reaching over the edge of the railing, feeling it sway with the small amount of weight that was put on it.


No arm, no leg, no coat hood.

His hand was empty…

Shizuo hadn't even realized that his eyes had closed until a thud sound reached his ears.


Izaya reached out in the direction of the fire escape he had climbed up a few minutes ago, hoping it wasn't too far away. He felt metal against his fingertips, and managed to close his hand over a bar on the edge of the fire escape, the momentum from his fall making his body swing in towards the metal stairs. The instant he was close enough, his other hand gripped the bar tightly as well.

Izaya swung himself between the stair levels and landed with a thud on one of the middle levels.

'Shit… That was close…' Izaya was shaking slightly, but some part of his mind remembered that there was a monster still after his life. But what Izaya saw when he looked up at the roof was…

"Shizu-chan…?" Izaya whispered.

Shizuo was reaching over the railing he had just fallen from with his eyes closed. Izaya watched not even bothering to hide the look of pure astonishment on his face as Shizuo opened his eyes slowly, and smiled when he saw Izaya.

'Shizuo… Did you just…?'

Izaya didn't know what to think. Shizuo was smiling at Izaya looking completely relieved. As if he cared that Izaya had almost just died.

'Did you just… Try to save me?'

Still shaking slightly, Izaya stared back up at the person he had hated for seven years. The monster he had been studying since the day they met. The human he could never understand…

'Tch… Looks like I'll have to start my analysis of you all over again… Ne, Shizu-chan?'