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One Month Later

Shizuo hastily made his way through the crowded streets of Shinjuku, ignoring the looks he received as he practically ran towards Izaya's apartment. The blonde had just gotten off of work, and was looking forward to the "surprise" that Izaya had mentioned in a text earlier that day.

Today was officially one month since Shizuo had went to meet with Izaya, and one month since Izaya made the phone call to Shiki.

However, there was still one thing that bothered Shizuo. In the month that they had been together, Izaya refused to refer to the two of them as a couple. If the blonde so much as mouthed the word "boyfriend" or "lover", Izaya would noticeably cringe at the word.

Shizuo had brought this up multiple times over the past month, but all Izaya would ever say was either that he simply didn't think the term suited their relationship, or he would say how it suggested that they had to do things for each other, and act a certain way. Shizuo was beginning to wonder if Izaya was afraid to take their relationship seriously. It was a little disheartening for the blonde, considering this was the first real relationship he had been in.

Recently, Shizuo had merely given up on convincing the informant otherwise seeing as he didn't want a single word to reduce them to fighting each other again. Shizuo was finally starting to get a taste of a peaceful life, and he was enjoying every second of it. Sure, he still got mad a lot, but he hadn't thrown a single street sign or vending machine once in the past month.

Lost in thought, Shizuo almost didn't realize that he was in front of Izaya's apartment door until he nearly walked right in to it. Reaching into his pocket, Shizuo took out the spare key that Izaya had given him, and walked inside.


Izaya sat at his desk, staring at the file he had created for Shizuo one month ago. Since then, he had been observing the blonde from a much more personal point of view, and he found it much easier to understand exactly what was going on in his head.

Now that he had gotten to know him, Izaya realized just how easy it was to read Shizuo. His feelings were practically written over his face whenever he spoke with Izaya.

The folder on the informant's computer was beginning to fill up with random thoughts about Shizuo, including his favorite sweets, how he spends his free time, and of course his performance in the bedroom, which Izaya had to admit, was amazing.

Izaya eyed a section of the folder that he hadn't paid any attention to in a month. Clicking on the file opened a page entitled "Do I love Heiwajima Shizuo?"

A smile slowly crept over Izaya's face as he looked at the empty file. Moving his hands to the keyboard, Izaya typed a single word. "Yes."

The informant pushed away from the desk and kicked the ground, sending his chair into a fast spin. Continuously pushing off of the ground, Izaya let the world around him dissolve into a blur. Closing his eyes, he didn't even try to hold back the series of giggles, which developed into full out laughter within seconds.

Izaya was still spinning and laughing when Shizuo entered the apartment. The informant took little notice of the blonde walking over to him with a confused look on his face. Shizuo grabbed the arms of the chair to stop its spinning.

Suddenly, Izaya's momentum was stopped, but he still felt like he was spinning. "Woah…" Izaya fell to the side, grabbing his head to stop the vertigo. "What the hell, Shizu-chan? Don't do that!"

Shizuo simply laughed at the informant, who clearly couldn't even see straight at the moment. "What were you doing?" He asked, a little curious as to why Izaya was so giddy.

The informant simply giggled again, waiting for the room to stop spinning around him. "Nothing, nothing." He answered with a smile before closing his lap top, and cautiously standing up.

"Don't fall over, now." Shizuo said, reaching out to steady the informant who was wobbling slightly as he stood.

"I'm fine, I'm fine! Hold on, let me get your surprise!" Izaya skipped past the blonde into the kitchen, where he took something out of the refrigerator.

Shizuo's jaw dropped when he saw Izaya turn around holding a small cake with chocolate frosting and strawberries on top.

The informant smiled at the other's reaction, and gestured for Shizuo to sit at the table.

Shizuo looked from Izaya to the cake, and back again. "Izaya… Did you…?"

"Made it from scratch!" He declared proudly.

"I didn't know you could bake… I thought you hated sweets!"

"Oh Shizu-chan…" Izaya said with a dramatic sigh. "I can do anything I put my mind to. And for your information, I don't mind sweet things every once in a while!"

The sight of Izaya cutting the cake was hypnotizing to the blonde. He couldn't take his eyes away until he saw that the cake itself was strawberry. It was like Izaya knew what Shizuo's favorite flavors were. Wait… He was an informant. Of course he would know something like that!

"Well? Go on! I promise it's not poisoned!" Izaya said, pushing the piece of cake over to Shizuo.

Taking a bite, the blonde's eyes widened, looking up at Izaya. "It's amazing…" He said quietly.

"Of course it is! I made it!" The informant replied taking a bite for himself, and licking at a strawberry in an unnecessarily suggestive manner.

Shizuo was momentarily distracted by the act, but quickly managed to compose himself. "So why did you decide to do this anyway…?"

Finally, Izaya ate the strawberry like a normal person, taking his time before answering. "Well… I've been thinking... I have to start doing things like this for you if I'm going to start calling you my boyfriend."

Shizuo dropped the piece of cake that he was about to eat, and nearly fell out of his chair as well. "W-wait… What did you just say…?"

"You heard me. I don't like to repeat myself." Izaya said, standing up and moving behind Shizuo.

The informant wrapped his arms around the blonde's shoulders and leaned in to lick the outside of Shizuo's ear (which he knew was one of the blonde's sensitive spots). This earned a shiver from the blonde.

"I love you, Shizuo." Izaya whispered before nibbling on Shizuo's earlobe. The use of his name left Shizuo completely at a loss for words.

Dipping his finger into the frosting on Shizuo's piece of cake, Izaya brought the bit of sugar to his lips and once again began to lick it clean while making eye contact with the blonde.

"How about we take this to bed, ne?" Izaya said stepping away from Shizuo and giving him a look that made Shizuo feel like the other was undressing him with his eyes.

Completely forgetting about the cake, Shizuo stood up and followed his boyfriend.

"Izzzzzaaayyyaaa-kuuuuunn… You're such a tease…" Shizuo grabbed on to Izaya's arm and pulled him into a kiss. "And I love you too."


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