Title: Scraplets

Summary: With most of the team away, Bumblebee, Sari, and the Jettwins have to figure out how to rid the base of small, metal-eating robot pests, called scraplets, without getting eaten by them and before they can infest the city. Animated.

Rating: K


'Sibling bond'

Space. It's really big and...cold. And in that space there's...space to place millions of planets and stars to travel to them freely. Floating around in that space was a pod, mysterious frozen solid, with no knowledge as to what's inside it.


"Yo, S.P. I think we find something here." said Jazz.

"What is it?" Said the big chin prime. Jazz show him a video of what they find. It was the frozen pod. He turn to the Jettwins, Jetfire and Jetstorm.

"You two. Go out there and bring that thing inside the ship. We can check what's inside when we get to earth." ordered Sentinal.

"Yes Sir." saluted the twins before they headed outside.


"What do you think is inside?" asked Jazz as he and the rest of the team looks at the frozen pod.

"Don't know but we'll find out once it defrost." said Sentinal. "We should be in earth in about 5 cycles the tempertures there should make it defrost faster."

It was a nice day in Detroit. The sun was shining softly over the city as Bumblebee drive around the city with Sari.

"So Bumblebee," said the eight year old "What do you want to do today?"

"I don't know." said the yellow bot, "What do you want to do today?"

"I don't know. What do you want to do?" Just then the comm-link beeped.

::What's up Bossbot?::

::Sentinel is coming to Earth.:: said Optimus. You can hear the hint of stress in his voice. ::I'm going to need you back at the base to greet them::

::On our way::

"Well this next few days are going to be interesting." said Sari. When Sentinal was around there was a lot of agruing.

"Yup." said Bee. He mostly hids anytime Sentinal comes to visit. Sometimes you won't see a whole day.

Bee arrived at the base just as the ship landed. The ramp to the ship descended and Sentinel and Jazz were the first ones to appear with the Jettwins behind them carrying something that was melting.

"Hello there Sentinal." said Optimus as he appoarch them. "What you got there?"

"Something we found on our way here. The pod can't be open while it's frozen solid."

"Yo, you mech have a place to put this for a while?" asked Jazz.

"Yes we do. Bulkhead, lead a hand?" asked Optimus. The big mech nodded then carry the frozen pod to a room. After placing it on the floor, he headed outside of the room.

About an hour later, half of the frozen pod was defrost and you can hear sounds of movement coming from the pod. There was a bang. A bump appears on the locating the bang happened. There was another one, then another one, until a hole appear.

It was nighttime in Detroit. It was a full moon tonight and it was a perfect time to go looking for decepticon. Optimus walked inside of the rec-room to see Bumblebee and Sari playing video games with the Jettwins.

"Bumblebee the rest of us are going out on a partol. I want you to be watching the monitor." said Prime.

"What about us?" asked Jetstorm.

"You two can stay here and keep Bumblebee and Sari company. Relax for a bit."

"Yes, sir." they saluted then turn their attention back to the game. Optimus looked at Bumblebee then let out a cough. Bee signed then got up and headed towards the monitor room. When they got there the monitor started beeping.

"Looks like there's an activity going around in the city." said Optimus. He turn to Bumblebee. "Stay on the monitor and call us if anything happens."

"Yes Sir." said Bee. Optimus nodded then headed out the base. He and the rest of the team went out into the city.

Sari and the twins were focusing deep into this game. They each had one live left but Sari appeared to be the winner. All of a sudden, a new player came in and beaten her. Her eyes widen then turn to the giggling yellow mech.

"I got you." he said.

"I thought Optimus wanted you to watch the monitor?" said Sari.

"He did. But he didn't say which monitor." he said as he try to beat the twins.

Sari signed then got up. "I'm going to walk a round for a bit. Be back soon."

"Okay." They said.

Sari was walking down the halls of the base when she thought she heard something. She turn around to see a bolt on the ground. She picked it up then heard something again.

"Who's there?" she said looking around. She tripped then came face to face with a small robot with big optics.

"Oh. Hey?" said Said as she got up. "Where did you come from?"

The little robot came closer to her. "The guys never say anything about pets."

The thing came right in front of her. "You want to play fetch?" she said waving the bolt in her hand. The bot seem to nodded.

"Okay, fetch." she threw the bolt a fair distance. The small bot chased after it and grabed it in it's mouth, eating it.

"Oh no not eat that you'll..." The small bot turn back around and look completely fine. "...choke." The small bot ran back to her and snuggled against her leg.

Sari giggled. "Come on, let's show you to the others." she said as they walk down the hall, missing the damage curcuits a few feet away.

Bumblebee and Jettwins were playing immensely on this racing game. They were head to head, neck to neck, until...

"Ah, I am to be in your face." said Jetstorm as he won the game. As he glot some more the power when off then back on, wipping the game before he was able to save it.

"Power be failing maybe?" said Jetfire.

"Ah look it wiped out our game." said Bee as he got up to check the monitor.

"But...but... I was to be winning." Jetstorm.

"Sorry Stormy."

"Ah that's too bad, brother." said Jetfire as he 'try' to comfort his brother.

Bee got back to the monitors to see that they were acting werid. "Ah slag." he said as he try to see what was wrong.

"What is to be wrong?" asked Jetfire.

"The monitor is acting up." said Bee. The power went out then back on again. "Probably from the power outing."

"Hey guys look what I found." announced Sari with something in her hands.

Bee and the twins turn around. "We're kind of busy Sari." He looked what was in her hands then, "AHH!"

In her hand was the small robot who was napping. The bots jumped back and pull out their weapons. "Ahh! Ahhh!"

"Hey hey! What's with you guys?" said Sari.

"Scraplet! Scraplet!" yelled the twins, scared out of their life cycles.

"What's a scraplet?" asked Sari.

"The most dangerous pest to ever came across the face of Cybertron." said Bee, with his stinger ready.

"This. Ah come on. You guys are gaint robots. Scrapy here is scrappier than me."

"You no idea what small bot can do." said Jetfire, backing up.

"Little bot, big trouble." said Jetstorm, backing up as well.

"Come on. Scrapy wouldn't hurt anything." said Sari. 'Scrapy' woke up and saw, through it's optics, heat caming from the living metals. It jumped out of Sari's hands and charged towards the nearest autobot, Bumblebee. It's mouth was like a circling saw, ready to chow down any metal.

Jetfire and Bumblebee fired their weapons at it but they miss as the little bot jumped onto Bumblebee's foot. Bumblebee fell back as the scraplet started devouring his leg. The others optics, and eyes, widen in horror as it starts eating their friend.

Bumblebee mange to grab a hold of it and threw it off him. The scraplet bounce for a moment then ran back towards him but got smash by a hockey stick by Sari.

"Ah! Ah! Ah!" she said as she continue to smash the smashed up scraplet before she was stopped by Jetfire.

"Scraplet gone. Be calming down now." he said. Sari let out a signed she was holding then turn her attention to Bumblebee.

"Bumblebee, I'm sorry." she said worry. "Are you okay."

"Yeah." said Bee, looking at the tearing the scraplet left on his arm and leg. "I'm alright."

"See, little scraplet, big trouble. They eat metal. That being us." said Jetstorm.

"Well, the bug's smash. Problem solve, right?" said Sari. The bots remain silent. "Right?"

"Not really." said Bee, nervously. "When it comes to scraplets there are never just one. The question is how did they get here in the first place."

"Oh, we be having idea." said the twins.

They were in the room where they place the not so frozen pod.

"Looks like the scraplets came from here." said Bee as he look through the hole that was in the pod. Sari was right beside in wearing roller skates and carrying her hockey stick in her hand. The twins were hidding behind Bee. "The pod was probably a holder for the scraplets."

"Now it is being empty." said Jetstorm.

"Meaning scraplets are hiding around base." said Jetfire

"So how many are we talking about?" asked Sari.

"Hundreds, maybe thousands." said Bee as he turn off his headlights. The lights around the base flicker on and off. "And I'm guessing they the ones causing the damages around the base."

A/N: This fic was inspired by the Transformer: Prime episode Scrapheap. You might recongize similar events to or from it.

A/N/N: The poll results: Bumblebee and both of the Jettwins are a tie, so they are the main bots along with Sari in this fic. Bulkhead came in third, but he's not a main one.

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