Title: Scraplets

Summary: With most of the team away, Bumblebee, Sari, and the Jettwins have to figure out how to rid the base of small, metal-eating robot pests, called scraplets, without getting eaten by them and before they can infest the city. Animated.

Rating: K


'Sibling bond'

The bots were sucessfully able to capture two decepticon clones. They were now taking a break from the battling.

"I should check on the base. Seeing if Bumblebee and the twins are alright." said Prime, for some reason he had a worry feeling.

"Good idea. You don't what that yellow bumbler to burn the base down." joked Sentinal. Optimus scowl him then activate his comm-link. All he got was static.

"That's werid. All I'm getting is static." said Optimus, with slight worry.

"I'm sure he's fine." said Prowl

"The kid probably got bored and went to play those games with the twins." said Ratchet.

"Right. I'm sure he'll call if anything is wrong." said Bulkhead, he too had a worry feeling but he truth Bumblebee can handle it, hopefully.

"Right. Besides if he did started a fire we would of been able to see it from here." said Sentinal. Everybody glared at him.

The sound of the scraplets buzzing around the base can be clearly heard.

"Everybody ready?" asked Sari. They were at the main enterance and everybody was in position.

"Ready!" They said. Soon the buzzing became louder and louder as they search for the bots.

"Here they came." she said. The twins started shaking again but then they got a glimspe on how courageous and determined Bee was.

"Brother, yellow bumble being very brave and he not elite guard." said Jetstorm. Jetfire looked over then respond to his brother.

"You right brother. He even went after scraplets while we hid like sparklings."

"We should be brave like yellow bumble. He and Ms. Organic Sari try to save us."

"Right. We will be brave and protect them." With new confidence flowing through their curciuts, they hold their position until the scraplets came out into the air.

"Wait for it." said Bee, tensing. He wanted to make sure they get everyone of them. The twins became tense as well. The scraplets saw them, showed their teeth, then charged towards them.

"NOW!" yelled Sari. Bumblebee and Jetfire activated the sprinklers around the room. Once that was done, Jetstorm created small cyclones of wind, creating a room size storm, making all the scraplets in the air get caught within the rain storm.

After a few minutes of doing that, they stopped. The scraplets fell to the ground like it was raining. Bumblebee covered over Sari until the raining of scraplets stopped. The sprinklers were off and every thing was wet.

"Did we get them?" asked Sari as she look around.

"I think so." said Bee.

"We did it?" said Jetstorm, looking at his brother. They smiled. "We did it!" Then they jumped in the middle of the room and started singing and dancing.

"We did it! We did it! We did it, yeah. Lo hicimos. We did it."

"Wo, wo, wo, when did you guys learn that song?" asked Sari.

"It was on TV." reply Jetfire, still dancing. But they dancing soon stopped when Bumblebee fell to the ground.

"Bumblebee!" yelled Sari as she the the twins ran to his side.

"We should get him to medbay. He is very damaged." said Jetfire. They nodded but before they can move him the sound of buzzing was heard again.

"What? We didn't get all of them?"

"Scraplet can self-replicate themselve many times over." said Bee as he try to sit up. "There must of been more then we thought. We have to think of a plan quick."

The sound of thunder got their attention. They look outside of the open garage door and saw a huge thunder cloud caming over the base. Giving them all the same idea was they all say, "Rain!"

"We're going to need bait. I'll do it." said Bee sitting up.

"No." said the twins.

"You are being too injured..." said one

"We are to being bait." said the other.

"O..kay." said Bee. The twins quickly move him out of sight of the scraplets before moving to the middle of the room just in time as the remaining scraplets arrive.

"Hey scraplets!"

"Ready to munch on us."

The scraplets looked at the looks before charging full speed towards them. Bumblebee hid himself deeper so the scraplets didn't see him as they charged towards the twins. As they did the twins ran straight towards the enterance running outside where it was about to rain any minute.

The rest of the team was heading back to base before the rain sets in. Optimus, having a worry feeling all day, have been trying to contact the base without any luck. He was glad they were heading back because he couldn't shake off this feeling. At and he didn't want to hear Sentinal talk anymore.

Once they got to the gate, they saw Jetfire and Jetstorm running towards them. They transformed and appoach them.

"Jetfire, Jetstorm, what going on?" asked Optimus, worry.

"Be ducking please." they said before falling to the ground. Flying pass them were the scraplets. Looking around the scraplets saw the others and headed straight towards them. The others optics widen with surprise and horror.

"Everybody look out!" Optimus said. The jettwins watch as the scraplets charge straight for their teammates. Just as the rain was starting to pour down. And when it rain, it rain hard and fast.

Just as the rain started pouring down, the scraplets stopped munching and started dieing. The dead scraplet bodies collide with the bodies of the other bots making a lot of 'clucking' noises.

Once clicking sound stopped, everybody look around. The twins wipe away any scraplets they had on them before turning their attention to the others.

"Uhm, we would love to be talking..." said one

"But yellow bumble be needing medic." finish the other.

Everybody looked at each other before caming to their aids. The rain had stopped and the moon was shining brightly.

All three bots were in the medbay getting check over by Ratchet. Bumblebee was in recharge while the twins were still up.

"How are they Ratchet?" asked Optimus as he, Sari, and Sentinal enter the medbay.

"Well, Bumblebee served the worst damage but he'll recover as well as the twins." replied Ratchet.

"That's good to know." said Optimus."So, Sari. What happen here?"

"Well, that pod you had was holding those scraplets. They got out and infested the base, that's why we couldn't call you guys for help." explained Sari.

"Okay but how were you able to rid the scraplets?" asked Ratchet.

"Well we Found out that water is like poison to them. Any time they get wet, they died."

They seem to nodded. "Well I'm glad all three of you are going to be alright." said Optimus.

"Yup, you guys must of real brave to take on a base full of scraplets." said Sentinal.

"Yes, but yellow bumble was braver." said Jetstorm.

"Agreed, he and Ms. Organic Sari face scraplets themselves."

The others were sursprise. "Really?" said Optimus looking at the rechaging Bee. "Well what do you know Sentinal. I guess you owe Bumblebee an apology."

Sentinal grunt under his breath just as Bumblebee was caming out of recharge.

"Hey Bee. How you feeling?" asked Sari.

"Well I had better solar cycles." he reply sitting up.

"Easy kid, don't stress yourself." said Ratchet.

"You were very brave here today, Bumblebee. You save some lives." said Optimus with a smile on his face.

"Yeah, well it wasn't all me. I mean Sari helped and so did the twins."

"Yes but you went against scraplets..."

"... while we stay behind."

"And you knew the most about scraplets." said Sari.

"Yeah, well..." said Bee, blushing a little.

Optimus elbow Sentinal. He grunted before moving over to him. Bumblebee turn his attention to him.

"I'm sorry... for thinking badly of you. I was wrong, you are a great member to have." He apologied. Bumblebee looked at him for a minute then wave it off.

"Ah, that's okay."

"It is?" said the others.

"Yeah. I mean they can't be as bad as what I think about you."

"What?" Sentinal said. The others were trying not to giggle. "Well, what do you think about me?"

"Well I can't say it."

"Why not?"

"Because if I do, the author of this fic will have to rate it from K to MA."

"Ohhh." "Burn!" said the twins

Sari was laughing. "Yeah, most of them are pretty bad...and funny."

Sentinal's optic was twitching now.

"Okay, it's time for you to go Sentinal." said Optimus as he leads the elite guard to the door, annoying anything he have to say. Once the door open the rest of the team came in.

"So how was the damage?" asked Optimus.

"Not so bad hopefully." replied Prowl.

"Yeah. We can get the systems back online in a few days." said Bulkhead.

"And we'll offer some help see as to we brought the pod here." said Jazz.

"Thanks we'll appreciate it."

Bulkhead then his attention to his little buddy. "How you doing little buddy? We were worry about you."

"I'm fine Bulkhead. Those scraplets didn't stand a chance once we drench them with some water."

"You know you could of sent one of the twins to came get us." said Prowl.

All four of them thought for a second then Bee nodded. "Yeah, yeah, we could of."

A few days after the Scraplets incident, the elites were finally leaving.

"Well, Optimus it's been some what fun." said Sentinal.

"Yes Sentinal it was been fun." reply Optimus. Sentinal turn to leave. Suddenly he trips and falls. When he looks up, his optics widen. There in front of him were scraplets their their bare teeth.

"AHHHHHH!" screamed Sentinal in a femmish way as he ran away like one. Everybody else watched him ran before turning to Bumblebee, who started laughing all of a sudden.

"Oh, I knew keeping a few of those things would be funny."

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