If the Bleeding Hearts band never met...

Fernando wasinvited to go to war in another country. During his time, he isturned into a war hero. While injured on the battlefield, he meets a nurse and falls in love. He lives peacefully with his wife Jenny, and a kid on the way. He is later called to war once again. On his flight there, the plane is attacked at the bodies are never found. He is declared dead at 34.

Riley struggles through high school, and on the day before his eighteenth birthday and graduation, he finds a razor and with a few swift swipes takes his own life. Only his brother attends his funeral.

Ana becomes an internet singing star is affored a recording contract. She eagerly accepts and becomes instantly famous. She has an amazing career as a singer. But she is assassinated at one of her concerts at age 27.

April does great in school, and through college. She does a few commercials, and gets an acting role in a movie. Her acting career takes off and she becomes very common in movies. When she hears her best friend is dead, she goes into depression and never acts again. At age 32, she is found dead after taking too many anti-depressiants. It's never known if it was sucidal or not.

Adrian lives a good and happy life. After high school, he takes a two years on touring the world before going to college and becoming a marine biologist. He also teaches music to kids as a part time job. He marries once, but gets a divorce after she cheated on him. He retires, and lives in an old folks home. He dies swiftly and quietly in his sleep at 92, no one noticing for two days.

Jake trys to live a good life. He ends up having a good job as a lawyer, he dates, but never marries as he never finds just the right girl. He gets a text from old friend Vada for help one night, and dies in a car crash trying to get to her house. He dies at 42.

Vada gets through high school easily enough, never really standing out. She quickly goes through university and finds a job as a doctor. She marries twice, and divorces twice. Never finding the right guy. At age 38 she gets breast cancer, and hours before she dies, she sends a text for help and support to everyone in her contacts. She dies at 41 from the breast cancer, fighting all the way.

Hardly meeting, and never forming the band, Riley, Fernando, April, Ana, Jake and Vada live their seprate lives.

Learn more about their jurney in the next chapter. Their alternate universes lives of never meeting or being in the band.