"You have to be joking about this right?" Shizuo asked his mother as she stared at him with a nervous gin spreading across her face.

"Sweetheart this will be good for you and the family! We arranged this because Izaya's family had agreed to pay us top dollar once you marry their son. You know money is tight right now and we really need the money." Shizuo's mother said

"It had to be him? You couldn't find anyone else for me to marry it just had to be that bastard?" Shizuo screamed.

"Shizuo watch your language! And your father and I have met this boy and thing he would be really good for you. He seems so be very interested in you and says he would love to marry you. The wedding won't even be a big one, just a quickly little one with me, your father, Kasuka, Izaya's parents, and Izaya's sisters. Afterwards you two are going on a two week long honeymoon to this really nice deserted island; it's already been settled so there's no getting out of it now."

"I refuse! I will not marry that flea, I hate him." Shizuo yelled again; the woman ran her hand threw her brown hair and looked at her eldest son angrily.

"Look we need this money so you are going to marry him and deal with it. The wedding is a week from now so you have that long to spend time with Izaya-kun. I don't want to see you throwing anything at him nor chasing him do you understand? That's what gotten us into this mess in the first place; now I want you to go to your room and call that nice boy and set up a date with him for tomorrow." She said fiercely. Shizuo stormed up the stairs to his room and slammed the door as hard as he could, nearly shattering the wood to pieces.

"This isn't fair….this isn't fucking fair!" Shizuo screamed into his pillow; he had just graduated High school this was supposed to be a happy day. Today was supposed to be the day he would be rid of the teenager he hated so much, now he finds out he has to spend the rest of his life with him?

"This isn't fair….this just isn't far….." Shizuo found himself getting so mad that tears started leaking from his eyes. He knew he still would have to call Izaya to set up a date with him; if he didn't his mother would and she would probably pick some weird girly spot for a date. After he had calmed down a little he picked up his cell phone and dialed the freaks number. It hardly even rang before he heard the brunet answer the phone excitedly.

"Ah Shizu-chan, I've been waiting all day for you to call me. I'm guessing you want to go out on a date with me tomorrow?" Izaya asked in his usual creepy cheerful tone.

"My mother is making me so don't think this changes how I feel about you flea; the sight of you still sickens me to the bone." Shizuo said annoyed.

"Hahahahah I love how you're so shy about your feelings Shizu-chan, so are you going to ask me on a date or what?" Izaya asked happily.

"Are you serious? I have to ask you?" Shizuo asked annoyed.

"I'm waiting…." Shizuo groaned and took a deep breath, trying not to crush the poor phone in his hand.

"Will you go on a date with me tomorrow flea?" Shizuo asked threw his teeth; he flinched when he heard Izaya start laughing.

"Aww you want to go on a date with me Shizu-chan? What did you have in mind?" Izaya asked curiously; Shizuo rolled over onto his back and stared up at the ceiling.

"I don't know flea, do I really have a choice?"

"Mmm nope! I want to have a picnic with you tomorrow; it's supposed to be a really beautiful day tomorrow. I can make the food and everything, all you need to do it pick me up and look sexy as usual." Izaya said happily.

"Ugh, fine flea whatever you say." Shizuo said rolling his eyes.

"Yay I can't wait Shizu-chan...You know if you want I could sneak into your room now and we can have a little 'fun'" Izaya said seductively into the phone.

"Don't push your luck flea." Shizuo said annoyed.

"Haha don't worry Shizu-chan we'll be doing plenty of that on our honeymoon." Izaya said before hanging up the phone. Shizuo threw his cell phone back on the nightstand and stared up at his white ceiling, remembering how he got into this mess.

"Excuse me Mrs. Heiwajima I'm sorry to disturb you but I'd like to inform you that your son Shizuo Heiwajima has destroyed government property on numerous occasions. We were advised that you were aware of this so if you'd like to keep you and your husband out of jail I suggest you pay for the damages immediately." A government official had said

"Oh…and how much would that be?" Shizuo's mother asked nervously; she almost fainted when she heard the amount.

"We can't nearly afford a quarter of what you're asking to pay us!" She cried, she flinched when she was handed the bill.

"You have three months to pay or you will be thrown in jail." The government official said before leaving.

After that had happened Shizuo's mother had called up her good friend ; she knew that she had a son who was the same age as Shizuo. So they agreed if Shizuo married Izaya then Izaya's parents would pay for the damages he had caused. Izaya's parents were one of the wealthiest in Tokyo so the bill the Heiwajimas had to pay was pocket money to them.

"Dammit…dammit this isn't fair…It just isn't fair." Shizuo said turning over onto his stomach and screaming into his pillow again.

Author's Note: As promised here is the first chapter to my new "20 chapters or more" fanfic! This one is going to be good just like "remember?" . I hoped you liked this chapter and I'll be working on the next now!