"Do you think he'll like his room?" Izaya asked the blonde as he carried the happy and healthy child to his room.

"He better like it, it took me so long to clean out that room and convert it into a bedroom." Shizuo said, Izaya just laughed as he carefully placed Yoru in his crib. The baby yawned tiredly as soft light blue blanket was pulled over him; he had finally grown big enough to fit into the clothes Izaya had bought him. The brunet had put him in a blue pair of pajamas to sleep in.

"He sure does sleep a lot." Shizuo stated as Yoru clutched onto one of the small teddy bears that was in his crib, Izaya nodded and put the pacifier in his son's mouth.

"At this age he'll sleep a lot and eat a lot; I read somewhere that baby's need to be fed every three to four hours." Izaya whispered.

"Well at least you're here all day with him; I'd rather not have some dumbass teenager babysitting him." Shizuo whispered back as the two left the room to let their son sleep in peace.

"Haha It's cute how you're so protective over him Shizu-chan, you've really changed." Izaya said as he sat down at his desk and started typing away.

"What do you mean?"

"Well you're just so much calmer near Yoru, and you have this look on your face whenever you're holding him. It's just a look I've never seen you make…I really like it actually." The two were quiet for a while, the only sound filling the apartment was Izaya's violent typing on his keyboard.

"I should probably go meet Tom now; we have a lot of dumbasses to meet with." Shizuo sighed as he grabbed his car keys.

"Alright, do you know what time you'll be home so I can start making appointments?" Izaya asked as he slipped on his thin framed glasses.

"I'll probably be home around six or seven; I'll call you if it's any later or earlier." Izaya nodded and turned his attention back to his various chartrooms and websites.

"I'll push my appointments back an hour from when you get home, so make sure you save some energy for me." Izaya said grinning evilly and winking at the blonde, making Shizuo's cheeks go a light red.

"How'd I get stuck with this perverted flea?" Shizuo thought to himself as he closed the front door behind him; he leaned against the door and took out his cell phone.

"Hey Celty, I need your help with something important. Meet me in front of my apartment building now, thanks." Shizuo quickly said to the woman before hanging up and walking towards the elevator.

Later the night….

"Thanks for helping me with this; I'm not very good at picking out this kind of thing." Shizuo said to Celty as she slowly rode her motorcycle next to him.

Tap, tap, tap

"No problem, I really should be getting home now though. Text me if he says yes, ok?" Shizuo nodded to the message Celty had typed before she rode off on her jet black motorcycle. The blonde's eyes widened when he saw what the time was on his watch, it was really dark out but he didn't think it would be this late. He groaned as he waited for the elevator, thinking of the massive headache he was going to get from Izaya's high pitched yelling. Shizuo shoved his hands in his pockets and slowly walked down the hallway to the front door of his shared apartment; he could already hear the loud crying from his son.

"I'm home." Shizuo annoyed as he entered the apartment to see Izaya pacing back and forth with Yoru in his arms.

"Where the hell have you been, do you have any idea what time it is? It's six hours past when you said you would be home; I had to cancel a lot of very important appointments to stay home and watch Yoru." Shizuo just stood there for a moment before walking over to the infuriated brunet and taking the baby from him.

"You could have called Shinra or someone in this building to watch him for a while, the women who lived next door to us is a nurse so she would have been perfect to babysit him." Shizuo said as he held Yoru against his shoulder and carefully started rubbing his back.

"Are you insane? Before you left you said that you didn't want anyone babysitting him." Izaya cried

"Well we didn't need a babysitter at that time; if your appointments really were that important you could have texted me saying that you were going to drop him off at Shinra's or at the neighbors. But since you didn't even try to find a babysitter then I guess your appointments weren't that important." Shizuo said as he sat down on the couch with the now calm baby.

"You bastard they were very important, and I couldn't get Shinra or Celty to babysit. Shinra was heading out somewhere and he had said they Celty was with you. You said you had to go meet Tom you fucking liar, what the hell were you two doing?"

"My shift ended early so while I was walking home we just started talking, and would you calm down. I don't want any of our neighbors calling the cops on us to report domestic abuse."

"No I will not calm down, how the hell do you talk to her for six hours? I know you're lying to me, now tell me what the hell you two were doing." Izaya screamed the two flinched when Yoru started crying again.

"Knock it off flea; you're scaring Yoru with your damn screaming." Shizuo spat back as he nuzzled the baby close to him, trying to comfort and make him stop crying. Izaya felt a pain in his stomach at the sound of his son crying, he sat down next to the blonde and held out his arms to hold Yoru.

"Have you calmed down?" Shizuo asked, trying to decide whether or not it would be a good idea to give the baby to Izaya.

"Yes, please let me hold him." Izaya begged, the blonde hesitated for a moment before shifting the baby into his arms.

"I'm sorry baby, please stop crying." The brunet whimpered as he rocked Yoru in his arms gently; Shizuo lay back against the couch and watched as Yoru slowly started to calm down.

"It's pretty late, why don't you put him to bed so we can continue this conversation." Shizuo suggested as Yoru snuggled close to his mother. Izaya nodded and stood up from the couch, Shizuo waited patiently as he waited for Izaya to put their son to bed. When he finally did come back he sat back down to the blonde and starred down at the floor; not really knowing what to say.

"What did you think I was doing with her?" Shizuo asked as he turned his head to look at the brunet, Izaya looked at him with those ruby eyes before back at the floor.

"I don't know…I know you two are really good friends….I just thought that…" Izaya couldn't finish his sentence, he couldn't handle the image.

"Do you think I cheated on you with her?" Izaya flinched as those words rang in his ears; a slow nod was his response to the question.

"Izaya…look at me." Izaya swallowed hard before moving his vision to look at the blonde, Shizuo slid a muscular arm around his shoulder and pulled the smaller male close against his side.

"Celty is a good friend but I don't love her that way and she doesn't love me that way either. She loves Shinra and …I love you." Izaya took in a sharp breath at the sound of those three words, the three words he thought he would never hear from Shizuo.

"Shizu-chan…" Izaya was silenced by Shizuo's soft lips against his own; this kiss was….different from any other time they had kissed. It was so…sweet, not a hard or rough kiss just pure passion. Izaya starred at the blonde with wide eyes when they finally pulled away for air.

"I'm sorry you worried so much, I know I should have called you to let you know I would be home late. If you want I can help you get those people to re-schedule their appointments with you."

"….Really?" Izaya asked, still starring at the blonde with shocked eyes.

"Sure, it is my fault you had to cancel them." Izaya was quiet for so long after that Shizuo thought he was paralyzed.

"Who the hell are you?" Izaya finally said, starring at the blonde suspiciously.

"Huh? What do you mean?"

"You're being nice to me; Shizu-chan is never nice to me. And when I was yelling at you before you were so calm you didn't even look angry or yell back." Izaya pointed out.

"Well then I guess you were right before, about me acting different when I'm around Yoru. He was in my arms so I could yell at you, I was afraid I might scare him."

"But he's not with us now and you're still being nice to me, you even kissed me."

"…I know."

"Why?" The two starred at each other for god knows how long, not knowing what to say or do anymore. Shizuo leaned forward and kissed Izaya sweetly on the forehead.

"Like I said before…I love you." Shizuo said, smiling at the smaller male. Izaya just smiled back and wrapped his arms around the muscular body.

"Protozoan." Izaya said, grinning to himself as Shizuo tightened his grip on him.

"Now that all the damn drama is out of the way do you really want to know what I was doing with Celty?" Izaya quickly sat up and nodded, Shizuo stood up from the couch and went to stand in front of the smaller male.

"Close your eyes." Shizuo ordered, Izaya stared at him with a confused look but obeyed. He waited a while before he felt Shizuo carefully take one of his hands into his own.

"Ok you can open them." Izaya slowly opened his eyes to see Shizuo was kneeling down in front of him on one knee.

"Celty was helping me pick this out." Shizuo said opening a box with a beautiful wedding band; it was a beautiful blood diamond studded ring.

"I didn't think you would want those other rings that we were suppose to have…mostly because your parents sold them…so…Izaya Orihara will you marry me?" Shizuo said smiling at the brunet who was staring at him with his mouth a-gape and his eyes wide.

"…you didn't have to ask; of course I'll marry you." Izaya yelped before springing forward and wrapping his arms around the blonde. Shizuo fell back on the floor with Izaya on top of him, smothering his face with quick kisses.

"At least let me put the ring on you." Shizuo said grinning widely, as Izaya wrapped his legs round his waist. Izaya held put his hand as the ring was slipped onto his finger.

"It fits perfectly, how'd you know my ring size and more importantly…how'd you afford this?" Izaya asked as he turned his hand over to get a good look at the ring.

"Well I remembered the measurements from last time and yesterday I asked my mother for a loan so I could buy it." Izaya smiled and nudged his lips back against Shizuo's.

"I never thought you would actually propose to me." Izaya sighed as Shizuo pulled both of them off of the floor and started carrying Izaya to the bedroom.

"Well my mom and dad found out we "adopted" a child out of wed-lock, so they were pretty mad about that. But that isn't the only reason I asked you to marry me, I guess I really do love you and…even though you piss me off constantly…I don't think I could imagine my life without you."

"I love you to Shizu-chan and I don't think I can imagine my life without you either. If I look back at my entire life from when I was a child to now all I can remember is thinking about you and what I could do to get you to notice me and make you think only about me." Izaya said as he was lowered onto the bed.

"Well you have succeeded at that." The two laughed as Shizuo moved onto the bed and hovered over the body that he was going to ravish all night long.

"Before we start I have one more question…now that my parents are out of the way and after Yoru is a little older…have you ever thought of maybe having more kids?" Izaya asked the larger male as he prepped his neck leaving love marks; Shizuo stopped for a moment before diving back against the pale neck.

"A few more kids…don't sound that bad….as long as we're together right?"

"Together forever."


Yoru Orihara

Date of birth: 9/14/10

Hair color: Brown

Eye color: Brown

Weight: 5'4

Father's Name: Shizuo Orihara

Mother's Name: Izaya Orihara

Doctor: Shinra Kishitani

Tusukishima Orihara

Date of birth: 2/23/11

Hair color: Blonde

Eye color: Red

Weight: 6'2

Father's Name: Shizuo Orihara

Mother's Name: Izaya Orihara

Doctor: Shinra Kishitani

Hachimenroppi Orihara

Date of birth: 8/11/11

Hair color: Black

Eye Color: Red

Weight: 5'7

Father's Name: Shizuo Orihara

Mother's Name: Izaya Orihara

Doctor: Shinra Kishitani

Author's Note: Sweet ending right? I added Yoru's birth certificate and the birth certificate of the children Izaya and Shizuo later had. After they got married Shizuo changed his last name for the final verification that they were married. Isn't the sweet of him? After you read this I want you to review then stare at your computer for a little while because that's when I'll be posting chapter one of "Dear Agony" the new romance/angst Shizaya fan fiction!