New school, new life, new name!

The once Nicole Byron from Marshalltown, Iowa was now Rachel Berry from Lima, Ohio.

This was her fifth maybe sixth move in a year and it was getting tiring, being the new girl in town or the new girl in school or as everyone would say 'the girl with the eyes'

Rachel had dark skin and hair but her eyes, well they weren't exactly the color you'd expect someone with her skin and hair, the way people have described them is husky like eyes, light blue that could even be mistaken for white sometimes and yea it freaks everyone out, people keep there distance no one really made an effort with Rachel and she didn't mind that in them slightest, she didn't mind being on her own, she didn't mind having no friends it made it easier to up and leave when it came to it.

Rachel and her 'dad', Henry, who was really only there to keep her alive, he was the person who had keep her alive for 16 years but now the stakes were higher than ever, before last night the things hunting her couldn't kill her, she couldn't be killed but then it came, at first I didn't hurt and then there was the blinding light and the pain she had never got from one and two, three was dead and to make it worse it happening in front of her friends, well she wouldn't really use the word friends more like acquaintances, and yes they were freaked, well you would be if there was a light shooting out of a girls leg while she screamed in pain. With one two and three gone she was next, they now had there eyes on her once she was gone they would be one step closer to taking over earth, like they had her home planet, there were nine of them to take out and the mogadorians would not stop until earth and every living thing on it was dead.

And that, that is the reason Rachel and Henry have just pulled up outside a two story house, which was too big for two, in the middle of no where it was surrounded by trees a huge field and a puppy sitting on the porch, Rachel did a double take to make sure she'd seen it right and there was indeed a puppy sitting on the porch starring her right in the eyes, it was cute a border collie, its fur was mostly black apart from the white stripe down its back, white circle around its left eye, white on the tip of its nose and the tip of its tail was white with a bit of brown on the very tip

"hey buddy what are you doing here?" Rachel knelt down next to the puppy as it pushed its head to her side starring up at her with the cutest eyes she'd ever seen

"who's that?" Henry asked carrying her computer stuff into the house

"I dont know he has no collar, can we keep him Henry please"

"I'm not sure Rachel he could belong to someone"

"but look at his wittle face" Rachel pouted pointing the dogs face at Henry

"OK fine we can keep him, her mum it"

Rachel lifted the dogs front paws up "its a her, or an unlucky him"

Henry just nodded with an amused smile on his face "I think well call her patch!"

"really original" Henry tease as he brought in the last box and closed the door

"what ever, look at her she's such a cutie" Rachel cooed scratching the puppy behind the ears

"why don't you and her go up to your room and sleep, its already 2 am and you have school"

"yay another day of being called new kid or the girl with the eyes"

"your the one who insists one going even though you know eveything they teach you and more!"

"schools the only thing that stops me from feeling like a prisoner"

"just be careful and..."

"keep a low profile I know" Henry's eyes narrowed


"Rachel berry"

"were you from berry"

"San Francisco"

"and why did you move here?"

"my dads work made him come out here"

"ooh what does he work as"


"why come to boring old Ohio then?"

"experience the country side and to have piece and quiet, look Henry I've got this I've done it enough times for it to be drilled into my head"

"OK but your legacies will be coming soon so just look out for and signs and remember emotion can trigger them so try not to get into any fights or anything that will send you emotions sky high"

"I know Henry I don't think we'll have to worry about that who wants to come near a girl who closely resembles a tanned vampire?"

"good night Rachel"

"night Henry"

Rachel got woke up the next morning with patch scratching at her door then jumping up on her bed standing on her chest and licking her face before jumping back to the door

"OK OK I'm up" Rachel groaned getting up and opening her room door as soon as she did patch ran out the door only to be stopped by the front door "if only you were taller huh" Rachel gave patch one last clap before opening the door, she rushed out sniffing around the yard for a while before heading into the trees, Rachel just left the door open and walked into the kitchen

"morning" she mumbled frowning when she never got an answer "Henry?"

"your everywhere" he mumbled pointing to the five screens were there was countless pictures and videos of Rachel with the light coming out of her leg "luckily its been dubbed a fake thanks to the water in the way but we can't afford to let this happen again"

"its not going to happen again though is it!" Rachel snapped pulling her sweat pant leg up and pointed to the three scars on her leg "one two three!" she then pointed her thumb at herself "four"

Henry nodded "breakfast is on the table, I'm going out for a while but ill be home before your back from school"

I nodded not seeing the point in asking were he was going

"your not going to ask were I'm going?"

"will you tell me"


"then no I'm not going to ask"

"have fun today Rachel and remember..."

"I know Henry just go!"

And with that he left leaving Rachel on her own with patch who had just trotted into the kitchen his legs and tummy covered in mud "your kidding me right?" patched just looked up at the brunette curiously "OK so your not, ill clean you when I'm home I don't have time now" Rachel ran upstairs and quickly shoved anything on before coming down to see patch totally clean

"what the hell? So you can clean yourself but you can't open a door?" patch let out a yappy bark "sure, iv got to go so your home alone un..." Rachel turned to walk out the door only to see patch in front of it, Rachel turned back to where she had last seen the dog making sure there weren't two of them "you have to stay here" but the dog didn't move and began following Rachel on her walk to school after a while of trying and failing to get the dog go home she gave up and began kicking stones for the dog to chase only to walk past the stone when she caught it

The school was like a card bored box compared to her last beach front school, everyone was already starring whispering and Rachel didn't really give a dam. After she'd been given her schedule and her locker number and combo she walked down the hall finding it without much trouble but getting the thing open, well that was a lot more trouble

"so your the girl with the eyes?" a girl said as she opened her locker that was a few down from Rachel, she had long blonde hair amazing green eyes and a camera dangling from her neck

"yea apparently your school isn't very different from my other one" Rachel groaned struggling to get the locker open when a pail hand wrapped around hers and turned a few times before an elbow banged of the side of the locker making it rattle open

"thank you"

"no worries, so where you from?" the girl leant back against the locker next to Rachel

"usually people start of with names?"

"I like to mix it up, so?"

"San Francisco"

"ooh San Fran huh? This town must seam like a fish bowl compared to there"

Rachel shrugged throwing more books into her locker "I wanted peace and quiet"

"and that's about the only thing you'll get in this town, so what's your name?"

"I'm Rachel, Rachel berry"

"Quinn Fabray"


The girl smiled "iv got to go but if you need anything..." Quinn lifted her camera up to her eyes and snapped a picture before Rachel could stop her "just ask me" the blonde turned and started walking down the hallway

"not exactly the girl you wand talk to on your first day" a voice said making me turn around, another blonde blue eyes this time

"why not"

"that boy there" the blonde nudged her head towards a dude with broad shoulders who was glaring at me "Quinn's his whether Quinn likes it or not"


"he and Quinn dated but broke up over summer Hess on the football team and Quinn was a cheerleader but Quinn seamed to change she got into photography and quit cheerios which lead to her losing all her friends and she broke up with Hudson and he's never let her go, Quinn's off limits in his eyes"

"he just looks like a jerk"

"ooh he is, he's just a big oaf who can throw a ball"

"typical all American dream boy huh?" the blonde grinned and nodded

"who's this?" a tanned girl asked walking up behind the blonde and wrapped her arm protectively around her waist

"I actually don't know your name?"

"Rachel berry"

"I'm Brittany and this is Santana" the blonde turned at looked at the girl like she was the best thing in the world which made me smile

"your eyes are insane" Santana said frowning slightly

"yea its some disease thing that stops them from getting a solid color there mostly just light light blue"

"there awesome" the blonde mumbled before turning back to Santana "she was talking to Quinn"

"ooh bad move berry"

"we were only talking!"

"still its a bad move"

"your overreacting" Rachel said turning to walk towards her astronomy classroom

"or your under reacting, Quinn Fabray it off limits even just to talk to"

"I'm not even gay" Rachel lied making the Latin laugh

"ooh your gay alright, look were just warning you Hudson is hell bent on getting her back"

"bye" Rachel mumbled walking into her class room, she was the last one in and the only seat was at the back next to a blonde kid and behind Quinn who was sat next to Finn who was growling at Rachel, a smirk tugged on her face, Finn looked away first one of the good things about having creepy eyes is that, well there creepy!

"can I help you?"

"umm yea I'm the new girl Rachel berry" as soon as the brunettes eyes snapped up to hers she froze, if Rachel ever said she didn't like having creepy eyes its a lie she was loving it right now

"o-OK take a seat new to Mr. Evans please?"

Rachel nodded walked up the row towards her seat, Quinn's eyes followed her right the way up only leaving me when she past her and sat in her seat, Rachel glanced over at the blonde dude next who had his head shoved into a magazine

"what you reading?" Rachel asked making him jump slightly but he held the front up to her anyways 'they walk among us'


The boy nodded

"cool can I see?" the boy looked shocked and surprised

"really? Your not going to rip it are you?"

"of course I'm not!" he handed the book over to Rachel who flicked through it trying her hardest not to laugh at all the bullshit they wrote

"how do you get these?"

"there monthly, the next ones out in two weeks"

"maybe you could let me have a look at that one too" the boy beamed at Rachel

"I'm Sam"


"you don't seam the type to be interested in this?"

Ooh I am more than you think! Rachel thought "I guess my dad got me into it really young"

Sam nodded "I heard you were talking to Quinn"

"ooh my god we were just talking that's all"

"well to say Finn is not happy is an understatement"

"Finn is an over grown toddler" Sam laughed gaining the classes attetion

"is there a problem Mr. Evans?"

"n-no ma'am" Sam stuttered

Rachel looked up to see Quinn,and the rest of the class, starring her way but Quinn was actually smiling unlike everyone else who was frowning or in Finn's case growling, Rachel smiled back at the blonde

"just talking huh" Sam teased as Quinn turned back round to face the front

"shutup" Rachel teased back

Rachel's classes went fast and it was now lunch, she walked through the crowded court yard alone which she was used to, everyone was shouting laughing and someone looked at her every so often, Rachel sighed and walked towards the grass sitting down on her own, she didn't care she liked being on her own it gave her time to think, but did she really want to think when the one thing she was thinking about was Quinn?

"hey dork catch!" Finn yelled throwing his football towards Sam hitting him square in the eye, Finn and his monkeys began laughing which only made Rachel blood boil more, she shot up off the grass and walked towards Sam "n'aww has Sammy got a girlfriend?" both of them ignored him and began picking up his books

"are you OK?"

"fine!" Sam growled clearly not OK

"hey princess how about giving me my ball back" Rachel gritted her teeth and picked up the football juggling it between her hands "don't worry eyes you don't have to throw it!" but Rachel wanted to and did, she throw it straight at Finn making the boy fall backwards when the ball thudded off his chest Rachel grinned

"some quarter back you are jackass!" Rachel yelled noticing Quinn sitting on the grass for the first time she to had a smile on her face and her camera up at her eyes pointed at Rachel snapping one last photo before lowering her camera and starring Rachel square in the eyes and for the first time ,probably in Rachel life, she was the first to look away turning quickly to help Sam with the rest of his books

"that was insane how can you throw that fast and hard"

"I have no idea" Rachel mumbled starring down at her hands tencing and untencing them, she felt different and not just happy different for powning Hudson she couldn't put her finger in it though, she thought about calling Henry and telling him but she figured it was nothing

"we heard you sacked Hudson today?" Santana said sitting down in the seat in front of her followed by Brittany

"he's a jerk!" Rachel mumbled doodling in her book

"he's also sitting right here!" Finn snapped from behind me

"your point?" the brunette snapped back turning to him just as the teacher turned the movie on, the last thing she seen before the lights went off was those green eyes and that smile that had been stuck in her head since she set foot in the card bored box

"right goby cow aren't you?" Finn growled moving his chair until it was right behind Rachel

"how about personal space freak?"

"stay away from Quinn OK she's mine!"

"really cause I heard she dumped you over summer but I must have heard wrong?"

"she's using you to get to me you just a pawn in our little game" Rachel didn't believe Finn, I mean why would she but she still felt the anger going through her but this was different from any other times she'd been angry Rachel was getting warm like sweating warm and her hands were burning and her fingers began shaking before there was a blue beam of light shooting out of her right hand, Rachel clenched her hand closed trying to hide it but it just shone through and her head was beginning to spin suddenly the room was to small and to full of people, humans! Watching her and she had to get out of there, she shot up out of her seat sending the chair flying into Finn and stumbled out of the class room crashing into the first door she came to which was luckily the janitors closet, she lent back against the wall her whole body was now shaking and both hands were shining brighter than any light she'd ever seen, what the hell was happening to her? Was this a legacie? Did anyone see? Did Quinn see? There was so many things going through her mind

'Concentrate, you can do it, you can control this just tell your self you want the lights to go off'
Rachel didn't know if it was her mind telling her this or whatever but she did as she was told leaning her head against the wall she told herself she wanted the lights of "just turn off, I can't do this here!" she mumbled to herself and closer her eyes before re-opening them to darkness, she took a deep breath and whipped her head on her sleeve, she was sweating insane amount, Rachel tried to catch her breath when the closet door swung open

"Rachel?" god no, not he anyone but her "are you OK what's going on" Quinn walked into the closet closing the door behind her "Rachel look at me!" Rachel turned to look at the blonde "what happened you look awful. I mean not awful awful just worse then a few minutes ago..."

"I'm fine but I got to go" Rachel tried to rush past Quinn but the girl grabbed her hand yanking it away almost instantly with a yelp of pain

"your hands are boiling"

"you should probably get that checked" Rachel nodded towards the red raw skin on Quinn's hand before taking off out the closet and ran out the school, she began picking up pace when she got into the woods, she was running, not sprinting full speed but running just over a jog and she was already running faster than any car on the free way, this felt good, this felt right, this felt like her she ran not even bothering to stop at the lake running through the forest instead she jump and made it over without a sweat landing flawlessly before taking off again it took all of a minute to get to a house that should of been a five minute walk away

"Henry!" Rachel yelled bursting into the house, Henry jamp slightly before running to Rachel looking worried

"what? what's wrong!"

"running and jumping and lights on my hands" Rachel ranted making Henry frown

"slow down slow down your not making any sense"

"my hands they were lighting up so I took off out the school and I was running fast like faster than any car and then I jamp across the lake"

Henry grinned "there here!"

"I don't get why I have light up hands though?"

"you'll get it soon, were going to have to start training right away come straight home after school tomorrow and we'll start then"

"my bag!" I snapped remembering I left it in movie class "iv got to go back for it"

"be careful" Henry yelled but Rachel was already out the door running back to the school the same way she came before and it felt just as good, she reached the school just as everyone was leaving her eyes instantly falling on Quinn who had Rachel bag clutched in her hands

"hey" Rachel said and Quinn jumped a little before relaxing when she seen Rachel

"hey" Quinn smiled handing Rachel her bag, Rachel eyes caught something white wrapped around the blondes hand

"did I do that" she snapped grabbing Quinn's hand lightly at first Quinn flinched but relaxed when she never got burnt

"its no big deal just a little burn"

"I'm so sorry"

"well I know a way you could make up for it"


"walk me home?"

"my pleasure" Rachel smile slinging her bag over her shoulder as her and Quinn began walking down the street

"are you OK now?"

"yea I just had a panic attack, I'm OK now though"

"good I was really worried when you ran out of class I thought Finn said something that upset you or something"

"you were worried about me?"

"well yea kind of" Quinn mumbled fiddling with her hands

"I wouldn't let that over grown monkey get to me"

Quinn smiled "your different"


"all the other people in that school"

"is that a good or a bad thing?"

"well that depends"

"on what?"

"well if your want to fit in with everyone at the school then no its not a good thing but..." Quinn stopped outside her house and turned to look at Rachel " if you want me to like you then yea its a good thing"

"then I think its a great thing"

Quinn smiled up at Rachel "are you umm hungry?" Quinn stuttered looking anywhere but the brunette

"I guess"

"C'mon then" Quinn tapped her fingers off Rachel palm to make sure it wasn't' dangerous before gripping her good hand around Rachel and dragging her towards the house

"Quinnie is that you?" echoed through the house before a blonde woman appeared at the door smiling when she saw Rachel and Quinn "who's your friend?"

"mom this is Rachel she's new at school" when Rachel looked up at the woman her mouth opened slightly

"nice to meet you Rachel, you have beautiful eyes"

"thanks miss Fabray"

"are you staying for dinner love?"

"if that's OK with you ma'am I wouldn't want to impose!"

"nonsense, dinner wont be ready for another half hour though so..."

"ooh no" Quinn mumbled next to Rachel

"there's just enough time for baby pictures would you like to see them?"

"please say not please say no" Quinn chanted making Rachel grin


The blonde woman smiled before reaching forwards and grabbed Rachel and Quinn's hands dragging them to the sofa throwing them down next to each other before grabbing a large book from the shelf and sitting on the other side of Rachel

"I hate you for saying yes to this" Quinn growled into my ear making me smile, Quinn's mom opening the book the I first picture was Quinn at maybe one year old? Wearing nothing but a diaper and a flowery hat smiling widely up at the camera

"awe you were so adorable" Rachel cooed gaining a glare from Quinn "what happened?" Quinn smacked her on the arm a smile tugged on her lips

"ooh and this one isn't she just adorable" Quinn's mom pointed down at a picture of Quinn in the bathtub her head barely showing over the bubbles, her short blonde hair was spiked into a giant spike with shampoo and she was grinning over the bubbled one front teeth missing the other barely poking through her gum

"ooh my god" I laughed a little and Quinn sunk back into the sofa "I don't think iv ever saw a cuter kid in my life"

"hey I'm cuter"a squeaky voice squeaked making Rachel Quinn and her mom turn to see a small boy standing in the door way, maybe about 8 or 9 years old, mess spiky blonde hair and piercing green eyes like Quinn, he walked towards them starring at Rachel wryly

"who are you?"

"Niall! Don't speak to her like that!" Quinn snapped slapping her little bother upside the head, Quinn mom chuckled and got up of the sofa and went into the kitchen

"I'm Rachel"

"why do you have werewolf eyes?"

"werewolf eyes huh?" Rachel smiled when the boy nodded "maybe I'm a werewolf"

"really?" the small boys eyes lit up

"I said maybe, or maybe I'm an alien"

"an alien cool!" the smaller blonde jump up on the sofa starring up at Rachel

"where are you from?"

"me, I'm from Lorien kid"

"where's that?"

"about a years rocket ride away from here or maybe a few years with you sucky rockets"

"but you look like me and Quinn" the younger boy pointed at Quinn making Rachel turn around to see the blonde smiling at her

"yea I know don't believe what you read in books kid, people from my plant look exactly like the people on this plant apart from we have cool eyes"

The small boy smiled up at Rachel "your a good alien though right"

"definitely do I look like I could hurt a fly"

The boy shook his head

"Niall I hope your not bugging Quinn and Rachel!" Quinn's mom yelled from the kitchen

"no mommy I'm just talking to Rachel did you know she an alien" the boy bounced off the sofa and headed for the kitchen

"right little story teller you huh?"

"yup story teller" Rachel sighed grabbing the picture book and sinking into the sofa next to Quinn

"so Rachel were did you live before lima?"

"San Francisco sir"

"California huh? This town must be a big change for you" Rachel nodded taking a bite of her food

"I really like it better here though"

"really? But there is no beaches hardly any sun and full of farms"

Rachel nodded again "in my opinion a place is only as good as the people you know in it sir, sure San Francisco had beaches and sun and stuff but what's the use if you have no one to share it with?" Rachel glanced over at Quinn who was looking at her with a small smile on her face

"that's true but what makes this place so different?"

"everyone here is really nice, well not everyone but most people, like if I just showed up to someone's house for dinner when I lived in San Fran I would of got told to go home, Quinn more than anyone else has been really nice to me today"

Rachel smiled over at Quinn who blushed lightly

"that's our Quinnie"

"mom" Quinn whinnied turning a few more shades of red

"were just proud of you Quinn" her mom said standing up and grabbing the plates

"thanks for dinner, could I help you do the dishes or something?"

"don't be silly, how about Quinn gives you a tour of the house"

"are you sure?"

"positive now go"

Quinn stood up grabbing Rachel hand and dragged her upstairs giving her a tour of the house before finally coming to her room

"and this is my room" Quinn mumbled as they walked into her room, Rachel looked around the walls that were plastered in pictures of, well anything Quinn had taken a picture of

"ill like your mom, she seams really proud of you" Rachel said picking up one of the cameras on Quinn's desk snapping a picture of her before she could react

"don't" Quinn giggle putting her hand up to the camera lens

"what your aloud to take pictures of everyone but when your on the other end of the lens its different?"

"that's not what it is"

"I think it is" Quinn smiled picking up one of the other cameras "you have so many cameras"

"that all take different kinds of pictures like this one" Quinn picked up a old rough looking camera "Niall spilt tea in this one I though it was ruined but now the pictures come out with a kind of brown tint to them and this one Finn opened it up and probed around inside it when he was bored one day and now the colors are so bright and bold"

"what going on with you and Finn?" Quinn sighed sitting on her bed

"he's an ass and I dumped him and I guess he's just never got over it. Do you know how many of my friends he's drove away? Like Santana and Brittany! Me and Sam even used to be friends until Finn warned him off I'm actually really shocked you haven't avoided me yet"

"its only been a day give it time" Rachel teased but Quinn's face dropped "I'm joking I'm not scared of Hudson or his monkey crew"

"like you said though it has only been a day give Finn time"

"give him all the time in the world he's not going to scare me away"

"it was a nice thing you did for Sam today you know, but have you ever thought about joining the football team?"

"I don't even know were it came from I guess what he did to Sam pissed me off"

Quinn smiled at Rachel as she sat down next to her on the bed "what?"

"its nice that your looking out for Sam"

"Sam is nice sure he's into aliens and whatever but that doesn't make him any less likeable"

"you seamed into aliens to, when you were speaking to my brother"

"would you think I was a dork if I was?"

"I already think your a dork anyways" Rachel gasped dramatically putting her hand over her chest " a cute dork though"

"thought so"

"drama queen" Quinn knocked her shoulder against Rachel, Rachel turned to look at the blonde who was already starring up at her "you really do have mesmerizing eyes" Quinn mumbled just starring Rachel in the eyes

"so do you" Rachel was about to lean in when there was a loud bark outside making Quinn frown and get up off the bed

"stupid dog" Rachel snapped to herself getting up and heading for the door

"is that your dog"

"yea she's weird and follows me everywhere, I better go"

"ill walk you to the door" both girls walked down stairs insilence

"ooh your leaving?"Quinn's mom asked as Niall poked his head inbetween her legs

"yea but thanks for having me over!"

"it was our pleasure really" Niall ran out from when he was standing and signaled for Rachel to bend down and she did

"I wont tell anyone that your an alien apart from mommy and daddy" Niall whispered into the girls ear

"thank you" Rachel whispered back

"right get going twerp" Quinn pushed her younger brothers head making him poke her tongue out at her, Quinn copied her brother before he ran off

"real mature"

"shurup" Quinn opened the door and both girls stepped outside to be met by patch scooting around there feet

"n'aww she soooo cute what's her name!"


"hum very original!"

"funny" Rachel teased whistling once making patch run to her side "ill see you tomorrow?"

"you will" Rachel smiled stepping forward pressing her lips onto Quinn's cheek pulling away when patch began barking again

"really?" Rachel mumbled looking at the dog, Quinn giggled bringing Rachel attention back to her

"text me when your home"

"ill see you in school" Rachel smiled at the blonde before turning and walking down the street, Quinn grinned to herself before walking into the house her moms eyes narrowed when she walked into the front room


"so she's just a friend?"

"yea she's new at school!"

"and you don't like her as more than a friend?"

Quinn scoffed "no!"

"you have lipgloss on your cheek" Niall mumbled walking past her bouncing upstairs

Quinn's hand shot to where Rachel kissed her, she smiled sweetly at her mom "I.."

"let me guess you had something on your face?"

"totally!" Quinn pointed at her mom before jogging upstairs

Rachel walked down the street and for the first time in a while she had a bounce in her step everything felt good her legacies had came she had friends she was happy

"but you ruined it" she mumbled looking at patch who was trotting beside her nose held high "how did you even know were I was!"

'followed you' she heard inside her head taking her by surprise, she was imagining it just like she had in the closet today.

Today Rachel mind had been all over the place, first going to a new school, meeting Quinn which obliviously would play with her emotions then meting Quinn which sure as hell made her angry so threes no wonder her legacies started showing today, for Rachel today had been one of the best in her life