"it's us five!" the boy dropped the gun before looking oddly at Quinn Santana Brittany and Sam

"you brought an audience cute"

"are all of you things sarcastic bastards or?" Santana snapped

"look just go sit somewhere but stay away from the windows!"

The foursome did as they were told and sat at a table near the back of the classroom

"my dog just turned into some sort of dinosaurs!"

"you must be four the clueless of as all, I'm five but you can call me matt"

"hey..." Rachel pointed at five "shut up!" she knew she was the clueless of all six that were left

"I bet you haven't even had a fight in your life"

"I could still kick your ass"

"right ok, really? Your going to fight with one and other when there's bastards out there wanted our asses on a platter! Take out your sword" puck said making Rachel reach for the sword "now shine your lights on it" Rachel did as told making the sword glow

"ok so its a little more awesome that I first thought"

"really? She's number four? Are you sure I mean she gets distracted far to easy" with that Rachel fired her palms at five throwing him against the wall

"I'm not being funny but your really pissing me off! And I've had enough those dudes out there killed me family, your fucking family they made us move here, to this planet, you fighting with me is going to fuck everything up!"

"your family's dead? So Henry wasn't really your dad?" Rachel dropped five and turned to where the voice came from seeing Quinn's green eyes starring at her

"I can't do this now but we'll talk if I get out of here "

"if?" Quinn crocked

"not being funny four but when you got told to not attached, this is why!"

"am I as much of an asshole as those two?"

"some times" Santana called from the back of the class

"ok so I'm thinking maybe this was a bad idea" puck mumbled looking out the window "there everywhere"

"nice job and I'm the clueless one!"

"shh" five put his finger over his lips as a dark figure lurked outside the room

"right four your time to shine"

"no" Quinn snapped lowly grabbing onto Rachel's arm, Rachel looked at her before pulling her arm free and standing next to the door

"there's going to be loads out there you know that right" five said looking at Rachel

Rachel shrugged "we have to fight I'm fed up of running"

Five nodded swinging the door open and as soon as he did Rachel spun into the doorway thrusting her knife into the chest of the closets mog before blocking a sword coming for her head shooting the giant mog at the end off the hallway before pushing her sword hard I to the chest of the mog in front of her once she was use the hall was clear she jumped back into the room

"ooook I know knows like the end of the world or whatever but that was really hot" Santana mumbled making Brittany nod


"I take back what I said about you before four that was a good start" Rachel wasn't listening to anyone though she was starring at her kind-of-girlfriend who had her back to her

"she's it for you isn't she" puck mumbled and Rachel nodded unknowenly

"I think so" Rachel walked over to Quinn noticing her tear stained cheeks shine in the moon light

"I can't believe you told me everything and I thought you were joking!"

"its a bit far fetched I get that"

"I always knew you were different but I just didn't think you were you know different"Quinn mumbled hopelessly but Rachel got it, she knew she was different from everyone else but didn't know that she wasn't human

"you know when I was with you I forgot about everything, how I was being hunted, how I wasn't the same as everyone else but I can't do that now there here and if I don't kill them first they'll kill me and you and most likely everyone in this room and I think they've already taken enough from me I'm not going to let them take you as well"

"we could run, go somewhere else, anywhere"

Rachel shook her head looking the blonde square in the eye "you're the first person not to get freaked out by my eyes do you know that?"

"right four we've got to get out of here is there anyway out?"

"the tunnel that leads to the field" Santana piped her arms tightly wrapped around Brittany

"lead the way then" Santana stood up keeping her hand in Brittanys, after a quick look out to the hallway the group moved when they seen it was empty, Sam Santana Brittany and Quinn in the middle of Rachel and seven who were on either side and five of was at the back

"there's a group of them down there" seven mumbled as he looked around the corner

"only one thing to do, five stay here with them" five nodded

Rachel took a deep breath not daring to look at Quinn before turning the corner, her and seven both shooting at the group of six mog gain shots back but Rachel was to fast and was behind the mogs before they could blink taking out two of the remaining four before disappearing again, before she could react a huge fire ball was sent her way engulfing her in fire she, and everyone else around her was shocked when the fire disappear and she was stood there unharmed

"hole shit your fire proof" puck snapped behind her reminding her that she stood in front of him

"hole shit I'm fire proof" pucks gun appear at her shoulder taking out the last mog

"Rachel" Quinn snapped trying to get out of fives grip tears running down her face, when Rachel nodded five let the blonde good sending her flying into Rachel's arms with a thud "I thought you were dead" Quinn sobbed into the brunettes neck

"shhh its ok I'm here aren't, alive and breathing, I think"

"I don't want you to die"

"shh" Rachel hushed pulling back from Quinn "we've got to keep moving get you somewhere safe"

"forget about me worry about yourself"

"I can't"Rachel said simply, grabbing onto Quinn's hand and dragging her towards the tunnel with everyone else following, there was a mog at the start of the tunnel but Rachel quickly took care of him, the group ran out the tunnel onto the open field that looked empty until tackled Rachel sending the brunette flying to the floor, she thought fast shining her right hand in the mogs face startling him for just long enough to throw him off of her into the waiting sword of seven, and then over the other end of the field appeared seven mogs six leading the way and one at the back, the one at the back was larger

"that's him" seven growled making Rachel frown

"god, that's the leader, the big daddy you know?"

Yea she knew she was just begging it wasn't, he was twice maybe three times as powerful as the rest one stab to the chest wouldn't kill this beast

"she looks like she's about to throw up!"

"that will be the last of them there's no way he would of left his van without all the back up he has!"

"Sam take the girls inside" Rachel mumbled still starring at the group heading towards them


"Quinn go" Rachel growled harshly making the girl leave

"seven on three ok this is bad!"

"who wants to take the big guy"

"ill take him!" Rachel mumbled looking the big mog straight in the eye

"ok ill take the left three seven you take the right three" and with that the two boys ran forward Rachel quickly followed suit blocking the shot the lead mog took at her as she reached him, she punched him in the gut then thrusted the handle of the sword into his face he stumbles a little giving her enough time to kick him in the chest but he still never fell Rachel groaned when the side of a gun made contact with her face sending her flying onto the grass the mog stood over here a sick grin on his face gun point at her but before he could shot a red beam flow off the gun sending it out his hand, Rachel looked to where the shot came from seeing Quinn standing there gun in her hand a faint smile ghosted on Rachel's face before she kicked herself of the ground sending punched at the leader stabbing her sword into his chest but unlike the others he didn't turn to ash he merely let out a blood curdling howl which made a smile grown on Rachel's face as she kicked him in the gut sending punch after punch into the mogs face, he took a swipe at her with his sword but she jump high sending her feet into the big guys shoulders with a sickening thud but he still never went down at this point she realized it was just her and the big mog left seven was attending to five who looks pretty beat up and Santana Quinn Brittany and Sam were around watching to see if five was ok

"just you left buddie" Rachel kicked her feet off his shudders again jumping in the air again this time instead of her feet it was the sword that when into his shoulder that howl again but no ash Rachel was beginning to feel hopeless when the mog suddenly turned to ash in front of her reveling Quinn standing with a mog gun pointed at when he has just been, she looked shocked like she never expected to kill an alien in her life time.

"you did it" Rachel grinned but before she could move to hug the girl she felt something she never thought she'd feel again something she shouldn't be feeling again, she was number four she shouldn't be feeling this. She fell to her knees grabbing onto her leg this was happening as much as she thought it was impossible it was happening and by the howl of pain coming from puck it was happening to him to. Rachel screamed in pain pushing her head into the grass

"Rachel!" Quinn called but it sounded like she was miles away when really she wasn't considering she was running her hands through the girls hair trying to calm her down but that just wasn't going to work, then the light came kicking up the pain five times as bad is it first was. Quinn was about to reach down and touch the soon to be scar but Rachel managed to hit her hand away

"don't you'll burn yourself" she crocked, another scream of pain rip through her throat, she thought that three's scar was painful but it didn't have anything on this one. She remember getting told as soon as any of the numbers got together to fight all bets were off, any one of them could be killed and it didn't have to be in order but if you were skipped the pain who be crippling for at least a few minutes compared to the just bearable pain that lasted about half a minute

"four!" seven called moving Quinn away from Rachel before kneeling down in front of Rachel

"what's happening to her!" Quinn crocked clearly crying and all Rachel wanted to do was tell her it would be ok and it would be this would only last a few minutes but Rachel could hardly breath never mind talk

"five died she's getting the scar but it will be worse on her since she was skipped!" puck pushed his hand into Rachel's trying to give her something to make the pain a little more bearable and Rachel tensed with bone crushing force she's just glade that Quinn wasn't the one to do this first or her hand would be mangled and the last thing she remembers before passing out was two voices she'd never heard before in her life

She woke up in her house laying on her sofa Quinn starring down at her running her hands through her hair "hey" she mumbled, smiling but still looking pretty worried

Rachel tried to talk but she couldn't her voice was gone

"yea you've lost your voice four, not a surprise really, it will start working again soon" Rachel looked up seeing puck standing with Brittany Santana and Sam on one side and two other people on the other side a boy and a girl both Asian Rachel frowned "oooh yea right how rude of me, four, this is six and eight, six and eight this is four,"

Both of them stepped forward "I'm six but you can call me mike and this is Tina"

"Rachel" she managed her voice high pitched and crackly

"you got it rough Rachel, that was a hell of a scar I never seen anyone in that much pain before"

Rachel didn't make any effort to move she would be happy laying there with her head on Quinn's lap, the blonde running her hands through her hair starring at her like she was the most amazing thing she ever layed eyes on

"it was the best idea bringing your friends four, if you didn't both of us would most likely be dead, your little blonde beauty is handy with a gun"

"you saved my life twice" Rachel said getting used to her voice again

"its whatever" Quinn shrugged with a grinn on her face

"I love you" Rachel cooded starring Quinn square in the eyes

"I love you to" Quinn smiled running her fingers down the huge gash on Rachel's face

"as much as this is very touching what are we going to do four?"

"what is there left to do?"

"I don't know but Henry was the last guardian so we don't have anyone to tell us what to do"

The sound of his name was like a kick in the gut to Rachel and Quinn seamed to notice that

"are you ok?"

Rachel nodded "then there's nothing left to do apart from fit in, I mean we can't go back to lorien not yet and the remainder of the mogs are dead we could live here go to school if its still standing I was in to much pain to remember"

"its standing a bit banged up but standing"

"shouldn't you go home and check in with your mom" Rachel side trying to stand up but her leg buckled "god, this is worse then all the other three put together"

"its fine we've called our moms, mines was fine so was Santana's, Brittany wasn't exactly happy she was spending the night with four other girls and Sam's..."

"my mom was just glad I was talking to a girl" Sam shrugged making Rachel laugh

"shh can you hear that!" mike mumbled straining his ear to listen "there's someone outside"

"stay here" Rachel pressed her lips onto Quinn's quickly before standing up and limping to the door with mike puck and Tina, they swung the door open all of them pointed there hands at the boy standing at the door making him duck

"wow chill the fuck out its me nine!"

"how the hell? The last I heard you were in France and where a girl!" puck snapped as the boy straightened up, he looked familiar to Rachel

"yea they assumed I was a girl, I wear feminine clothes" the boy shrugged looking at Rachel

"I remember you!" Rachel mumbled pointing at the boy

"and I remember you" the boy smiled it was Rachel's best friend from lorien the one person she spent almost every waking moment with until they where four and got shipped to earth "your a lucky girl four, tougher then I remember"

"we don't really go by our numbers anymore, I'm mike, that's Tina puck and Rachel"


"come in Kurt" Rachel mumbled moving aside to let the boy in

"ooh you guys made friends how sweet!"

"you are all sarcastic bastards aren't you!" Santana snapped

"this is Santana Brittany Sam and Quinn" just as Rachel was about to close the door a black and white fur ball ran past her


The dog barked his tail wagging with excitement

"hey four pass me the remote" puck yelled from the sofa, Rachel just flicked her finger sending the remote towards him

"ok that's going to take some getting used to"

"so home much training have you had Rachel?" mike asked as Rachel sat on the floor in between Quinn's legs, Quinn's hands autoimmunity ran through the girls hair

"few days"

"very funny but I'm serous how long?"

"and I'm serous a few days" Rachel frowned when puck Kurt Tina and mikes mouths dropped slightly "don't stare at me like that its creepy"

"you've only had a few days training and you could fight like that"

"dam right I could totally kick all of your asses"

"she's brilliant" Santana mumbled with a grin

"as if" Kurt scoffed

"ohh you want to take this outside!"

"bring it on"

"oooh its on" Rachel was about to get up but Quinn pushed her shudders for her to sit back down

"you've done enough fighting to last you a life time!"

"when she goes home your dead" Rachel whispered loud enough for Kurt to hear

"even though your whispering I can still hear you!" Quinn whispered sarcastically

Kurt frowned at the girls "dating" puck mumbled making Kurt nod

"makes sense now!"

"yea its quite cute actually, apart from Quinn's like an alien"

"hey your the alien here buddie"

"chill out I was kidding" puck held his hands up in defense

"you know if you alone scared everyone in school Rachel imagine what five of you with scary eyes will do"

Rachel chuckled slightly "this is going to be awesome"

"wait we're going to school? I've never been!"

"it's awesome!"

"your only saying that 'cause that's where you met Quinn" Sam piped making Rachel shrug

"so what?"

"you know this might not be over there could be other packs of mogs somewhere"

"ooh thanks puck way to be positive!" Rachel snapped punching the boys leg

"I'm not human that's not going to hurt me"

Rachel held her hand over the boys leg making this thigh crap

"ok now that hurts" even though Rachel brushed off what puck said he was right there could be more they would still need to train but for now everything seamed fine, she had people of her own kind, she had friends and she had Quinn, she had a girlfriend, the most beautiful girlfriend in the world she might add and she'd be dammed if she was going to think about the bad things right now

"C'mon ladyboy your going to have to try harder than that" Rachel yelled has she puck Kurt Tina and mike were 'training' which really felt like playing around for Rachel, she had had much less training that any of the four that now had her circled yet she seamed to out do them in ever aspect of the training, it had been two months since the big fight and everything seamed to be going fine puck Tina mike and Kurt now lived in Rachel's house and were starting school today, Rachel and Quinn were as happy as ever she usually stayed over as well as Sam Santana and Brittany, Sam and Kurt seamed a little more than friendly to which didn't really shock Rachel, Kurt was clearly gay and she had her suspicions about Sam as soon as she met him. She jumped and before she knew it she was behind Tina who turned shooting a small yet lethal fire ball at her, when the fire disappeared Rachel looked up at the front door of the house where Quinn Santana Brittany and Sam stood there hair standing in all directions and clearly pissed from being woke up

"really its 6 am on a Monday morning!" Quinn growled

"you had to get up for school anyways" Kurt snapped in his usual diva fashion

"don't you even start" Santana snapped making the boy nod

"and that needs to stop the whole fire engulfing thing it still scares me shitless no matter how may times you do it!"

Rachel grinned as Santana Brittany and Sam walked back into the house leaving Quinn looking as adorable as ever

"your manky" Quinn mumbled as Rachel walked up to her

"I enjoy rolling around in the mud, but you could always join me in the shower?" Rachel pulled the girl towards her before running her cheek along Quinn's getting mud on the girl "since you are now, also manky"

"always the charmer" Quinn rolled her eyes wiping the mud of Rachel's lips "and I would love to but we don't have time"

"we could be late for school they wont even notice!"

"go for a shower babe" Quinn pecked Rachel on the lips before going inside to get dressed

They walked into school and it was like everything stop, everyone just starred at the group and the strided down the hall way heads held high even the jocks moved out of the way which, in Kurts opinion, was a good move, a grin formed on Rachel's face when she seen how everyone was looking at them, it wasn't that they were scared they were just wry of getting in the way of five people who, according to Quinn's brother, have werewolf eyes

"you were right midget this is awesome" Kurt grinned as they reached Rachel's locker

"I have to go if I'm going to make it to math in time" Quinn smiled wrapping her arms around Rachel's neck

"go on then" Rachel teased wrapping her arms around her waist

"what no good bye kiss"

"ooh I don't know you turned me down this morning"

Quinn shrugged tracing her fingers down the girls collar bone " maybe you could meet me in the developing room the free period before lunch and ill take you up on this mornings implied offer"

"ill see you then" Quinn smiled pulling the brunette towards her by the shirt giving her a forceful kiss before strutting off leaving Rachel pretty much speechless, yea life was good for Rachel berry she didn't have to be scared about leaving, have to change he name, change school, all she had to worry about was getting caught in the developing room this afternoon but even that was an exciting kind of worry. As far as she knew no one was hunting her or any of her new friends, she was safe, she was happy... For now!

so that's it, but I have been working on a sequel but I'm not sure if its working but I'll keep trying, thank you for readying and reviewing, i really makes my day 3