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Cold As You

Chapter One: Forgotten

Green eyes fluttered open, but quickly shut again enjoying the warmth the spread through out her body. She stretched slightly. Her soar muscles relaxed on the comfortable bed. She sighed in content before her eyes flew open. She quickly sat up grabbing a hold of her head. She quickly looked around the room, she found herself in a large king sized bed. The room she laid in was fit for a queen. The bed sheets that covered the bed where a deep royal purple. She ran her hands along the beautiful silk sheets. Looking around she found a large window parallel with the bed she laid in. Her mouth was slightly a gap with the beautiful sight. Snow covered everything as far as her eyes could see. She slowly turned her head to look at the fire place that was giving off the wonderful heat she felt. She jumped hearing a cough. Quickly turning around her eyes met the dark eyes of Kabuto's. She shivered as he smiled at her.

"Do you like the room? Orochimaru-sama thought you would like it." Sakura stared at him. She looked down realizing that she was completely naked in front of the sound nin. She grabbed a hold of the sheets and wrapped them around her chest blocking the man's view. He frowned slightly.

"Who undressed me." she glared at him. He chuckled slightly, as he pushed his glasses up his nose.

"Well I did of course." he smiled at her. Her glare continued. "It could have been Sasuke-kun if you would rather him undress you?" he said with a smirk. "But, I suggest you get dressed. Orochimaru-sama has asked for me to bring him to you once you awake." She continued to glare at him. "I mean if you would rather speak with him naked, none of us would mind." Sakura stared wide eyed at him, as he walked towards the large oak door. "Five minutes." he said as he stepped into the hallway.

As soon as the click of the door shutting echoed around the room, Sakura sprung to action. Her feet landed on the wood floor with a thump. She quickly ran to the window checking to see if it was open. The door didn't budge. She looked down underneath the window frame to see two very large men standing guard. "Shit." she quickly turned around her eyes landed on a door, running to it she swung it open only to be met with a dark closest. Walking in she grabbed a hold of a string pulling it, the small closest filled with lights. She gasped seeing rows of beautifully colored clothes for her to wear. They were expecting me to stay here a long time...

After the shock passed her eyes wondered up to the ceiling. She looked around franticlly trying to find a whole in the wall. A space in the floor board. Anything. Anything? She sighed, and feel to her knees. It was than that she noticed the blue glowing metal band that was wrapped around her ankle. "A.."

"Chaka restraint." Sakura looked up at the silver haired ninja. "I made them myself. Specifically for you Cherry Blossom." she glared. "Now it looks like you have used up all the chakra I allowed you." he smirked. "So either I dress you myself. Or... You get to speak with Orochimaru-sama naked. It's your choice, Cherry Blossom." she continued to glare, after a moment she sighed, and whispered something under her breath. "I'm sorry? What was that?"

"Help me." she glared at him. He smirked and reached for the first dress he could find which was a knee length red dress. She closed her eyes trying to imagine she was somewhere else as his hands wrapped around her necked waist. She felt the fabric pull over her head and arms and than fall down perfectly.

"There." he smiled, as he turned around and grabbed a pair of matching fabric slip ons. She glared at him as he helped her stand as she slipped in them. She sighed in defeat as she linked her arm in his as he lead her through the closest and out of the bedroom. She jumped slightly feeling her ankle warm. She quickly looked down at the anklet and than back at Kabuto. "It lets me know where you are at all times." he smirked, making her realize that any chance of escape was quite impossible. She looked down at the dark dirty floor. Her eyes began to water. She was helpless. Itachi wasn't coming for her. And as far as Konoha new, she had been taken by the Akatsuki. And Moegi thought she was fine.

Her grip tightened around the arm of the sound nin. She took in deep breaths trying to calm herself down. She looked forward, the hallways where dark and disgusting stone making it hard for her to believe that her beautiful room was even part of the building they were in. "My clothes..." she whispered looking over the clothing she was wearing and thinking back to the clothes that where in the closet. "All of these clothes are not made for travel." she said, looking at the man.

He nodded. "Of course. You will not need to travel." he smiled, her eyes saddened. Every thought of an escape plan that would work while traveling now vanished in her mind. She sighed, a heavy feeling weighed down in her chest. Everything she ever knew was gone. She was forgotten. Left behind. She shook her head trying to forget the look of the man she loved. She almost wanted to forget everything about him. Forget everything he had told her. Her feet stopped moving and she looked a head of her. Two large doors stood in front of her. Behind them stood her new destiny. The path she had unwillingly agreed to.


Do you know what is worth fighting for?

The life long question that he had heard his whole life. The first time he had ever heard it was the same day he was forced to kill his family. His father had asked him this question, and of course he answered his family. Later that evening the Hokage demanded the answer to the question as well. His answer than... his family. He closed his eyes, thinking about his only brother he had kept alive because his family meant so much to him.

Do you know what is worth fighting for?

It echoed through his mind as his red eyes stared at the fire. He had asked her that question when she had first arrived at the Akatsuki hide out. She had confirmed that she knew exactly what she was fighting for. It wasn't until he laid on his death bed did he realize that this whole time she had meant that she was fighting for him. He snapped the twig that was in his hand before tossing it into the fire. His eyes hardly making out the fire itself. She was right, about many things...

About how she explained to him how they were not different.

How she made him feel again.

She was more than right about him being blind.

Do you know what is worth fighting for?

The question rang in his head again. This time it wasn't his voice asking the question. It was Konan. A woman who was respectful, had never said a word against him had glared at him, sworn at him. Told him how much of a piece of scum he was. She had slapped him, and he took it.

"A man who fights for nothing is not fit to live." Her words cut him down. He continued to glare at the fire. He turned slightly hearing Kisame walk into the clearing before seeing him. They had been sent on a mission so he could clear his head.

"Kisame..." Itachi said. Kisame looked up at him. "Do you think me a bad person for leaving her?" he asked.

"Sometimes... you have to let go of the one you love... you know? To find out if there is really something there. Do you miss her?"

"Yes..." Itachi whispered after a while.

"What do you miss most?"

"Her smile... she smiles at me and means it. She loves me." it was at that moment everything that happened hit Itachi like a ton of bricks.


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