Cold As You

Chapter Ten: A Painful Reality.

Sakura grabbed Karin and pulled her to the side sending both of them to the ground before a large piece of the ceiling fell where Karin had been standing. Karin looked at Sakura breathing in sharply. "Thanks," Sakura only nodded before pulling the red head to her feet. The two girls took off down another corridor before the door that lead to the room came into view. A large grin spread across Sakura's face.

The two girls flung opened the door to find it completely empty, for that Sakura was thankful. She searched the room for the decayed hand and sighed in relief when it came into view. Karin stood at the door way her eyes closed. Sakura grabbed ahold of the ring that had rightfully belonged to her for some time. She smiled as it easily came off of the hand.

She turned and faced Karin who visible shivered. "He's gone, Orochimaru-sama is dead." She said. Sakura's eyes widened. So Sasuke was still able to take him down while he was able to fight. It amazed her to think that he had come to have so much power.

"Hurry!" Sakura yelled grabbing Karin and pulling her through the door before the door way collapsed. "We don't have much time," Karin nodded and the two took down the hallway. Karin in front leading them through the maze that she had memorized.

Sakura looked down at the ring that sat in her hand. She stared at it for a moment before slipping it over her little left finger. It instantly shrunk to fit to her perfectly. She smiled before looking back up. She gasped to see Sasuke standing waiting for them. "Hurry!" he yelled. Sakura's eyes widened when she saw the blood that was leaking from his eyes.

She hardly had any time to think as she followed after the two. She was at a disadvantage not knowing her way about the underground cavern. She sighed in relief when she saw the outer world coming into view. Her smile instantly let when she was knocked to the ground by a falling bolder. "Sakura!" she looked up shocked to see Karin running back for her.

Sasuke turned around and pushed Karin to leave. The red head glanced back once more before running a head. Sakura gasped in pain as Sasuke forcefully picked her up. Sakura let out a scream seeing the walls around them start to fall.

No. It couldn't end like this. She had come so far for her life to be over now. She clinched her eyes shut and waited for the end but instead she was welcomed by a wetness and cold. She gasped. Her back was in the mud of the outside world. She opened her eyes to meet Sasuke's sharingan eyes that still had blood falling from them.

"You're safe, we're safe…" he slumped forward and landed on her. She looked at Karin who sat on her knees completely shocked that they had lived. Sakura slowly sat up and pushed Sasuke to the side. It was then that she felt it. Felt him. He was here. She looked up quickly searching the woods for slight of him. Anything, anything at all.

She gasped when six distinct splashes caused her to look up. Her mouth hung opened squatting next to her was Shizune who was quickly looking over her vitals. Naruto sat on the other side of Sasuke looking him over. Standing behind Naruto was Kakashi who was staring into her green eyes. She looked behind her to find Anko standing behind Karin along with Sai. And then standing completely shell shocked staring at the closed in cave was Jiraya.

She let out a shaky breath as Shizune moved to Sasuke who was in far worse for wear. She looked back up to meet Kakashi's mismatched eyes. And she felt it. A pang in her chest. His eyes said it all. She looked away from the group and into the surrounding trees.

There he was. She stood up quickly and began running. He was barely 300 feet away. He was so close. She could feel him, see him, smell him. His sharingan eye stared back at her. It was then she knew that he couldn't deny what was growing inside her. What he had helped made. He could see it. Her or him. Their child. Tears spilled from her eyes as she reached out towards him.

She froze was warm arms wrapped around her midsection. She did everything she could to be rid from them and move to him. She trashed about but whoever was holding her was not giving up so easily. "Let me go! Let me go!" she screamed. "Itachi!" she screamed his name. His figure disappeared into hundreds of crows and all she wanted was to be a part of that. Be with him. "I love you! I love you!" she screamed. She felt to her knees.

Silence. She had never realized it could be so loud. So over bearing. So… cold. She turned and found Kakashi staring at her. She looked past him to find Sasuke coming too. She looked back at Kakashi who was moving toward her.

"Get away from her!" she heard Sasuke yell. She looked back at him, his face had horror written all over it. She looked back up at Kakashi only to meet his sharingan eyes before everything went dark.

Sasuke watched as she slumped forward but Kakashi grabbed her before she could hit the cold wet ground. "What did you do to her? Answer me! ANSWER ME!" Sasuke yelled, his sharingan blaring at Kakashi. Kakashi turned and faced the young Uchiha with his own eye.

The two glared at each other for what seemed like eons. Kakashi took off his traveling cloak befoe wrapping Sakura in it. He carried her bidel style from the clearing. He remained quite as he made his way back toward Konoha. Sasuke slumped forward from a quick hit by Anko. "Naruto, carry him," Naruto sighed defeated as he picked up his best friend and followed after Kakashi.

Jiraya looked away from the rubles and to the Karin who still had tears falling from her eyes. "What happened here?" he asked.

"Sa-Sasuke-kun killed Orochimaru-sama," she whispered. His eyes widened shocked.

"Get up, lets go." Anko said, glaring at the red head. Karin stood quickly and made a move to follow to the purple haired room. She closed her eyes and searched for the chakra that belonged to Itachi. Her eyes widened slight. He was following them!

Kakashi glared ahead. He couldn't even bring himself to look back or even look down at the pinkette who laid in his arm. The girl he was done nothing but search for, for months was now in his arms and he couldn't look at her. Her words rang in his head just as clearly as her disrupted chakra. She was pregnant… and….

"Itachi!" she screamed his name. His figure disappeared into hundreds of crows and all she wanted was to be a part of that. Be with him. "I love you! I love you!" she screamed. She felt to her knees.

Kakashi swallowed hard. He looked down at her. She was just as beautiful as ever. Her rosy lips, her long lashes, her pink hair vibrant and longer than he had last seen her. His eyes traveled down her body until it landed on her hand. There. On her left pinky finger sat what he had been terrified to see. An Akastuki ring.


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