They'd never been apart before. Or, if they were, they were meters away. And suddenly, the meters became miles. And now they were sworn to give their life to a king/steward whether they liked it or not.

Merry was falling for a human, and Pippin was terrified of the impending battle. They needed each other so badly. They needed to tell the other that it was alright, they were going to be fine. Fine.

Pip was watching. Of course he was seeing Merry, the smallest of the lot. But he didn't want to believe the orc's sword catching Merry by surprise. Death was here.

Pippin yelled, and almost jumped off the battlement, restrained only by Gandalf.

He watched, sobbing, as more orcs stuck their swords in Merry. They'd obviously been told to look for the short ones.

This wasn't happening. But it was. It couldn't be, but it could be.

Pippin's world had ended. He didn't care about Frodo and Sam, and the ring.

All he cared about was the tiny body, down so far on the battlefield.

The end had come. The miles became infinite.

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