One evening Kendall Knight, James Diamond, Logan Mitchel, and Carlos Garcia were all sitting on the couch together. It was just an average evening where they're all sitting on the couch watching the news. The only difference tonight was that Carlos had woken up earlier that day with the flu. He was constantly coughing, and sneezing, wheezing and moaning about how much his body ached. Logan kept telling him that if he'd just take some medicine he'd be better but he wouldn't listen. Carlos rested his head in James's lap, his eyes slowly starting to slip shut but he was still forcing himself to stay awake.

Kendall liked the news. He liked hearing about all the things going on in the world as well as the sports. On that night the news was doing a special news report on one of the Ziggle Zaggles. Apparently the blue Ziggle Zaggle was caught with some illegal drugs. Kendall chuckled "Who would've thought that Wayne-Wayne would be the last Ziggle Zaggle to not get arrested and replaced." He said when the commercials came on and he muted the TV.

"I have to say I'm surprised. Almost every actor on those kiddie shows turn out to be drug addicts or alcoholics of some sort." Logan said.

"That's not true," Carlos said tiredly.

"Of course not," James said quietly.

"Do you guys think Wayne-Wayne will do something illegal sooner or later?" Kendall asked.

"Who knows? Maybe he'll just go with the Ziggle Zaggles until his contract expires." Logan said.

Kendall laughed again "If he does do something illegal he'll probably come after us. Almost everyone we've made enemies of always try to kill us, or kidnap us, or something crazy. It's like a ridiculous streak we have." He said.

"Remember when Hawk tried to kidnap us. I bet he's planning his escape from prison now with his prison buddies." Logan said.

"And when Vampirah wanted to get their revenge on us? They're probably having tons of fun in the insane asylum." James said.

"It's kinda scary that so many people wanna come after us though. What if they come here someday?" Carlos spoke up.

Kendall just chuckled. "People are crazy," he said then unmuted the TV. The next news story only backed up his 'people are crazy' statement.

Fifteen minutes later the news ended and Kendall was channel surfing and tuning out Logan demands to turn to the Doctor Network. A loud yawn came from Carlos "'M tired," he murmured.

"Then go to bed," Kendall said.

"Someone carry me," he said.

"Fine," James said. He got up from the couch and bent over and picked Carlos up into his arms. "Aren't you just adorable," he teased, as if Carlos was a little kid.

"Shut up," Carlos said tiredly then they disappeared into the other room.

"I'm going to bed too," Logan said and got up. "Night,"

"Night," Kendall said back. Kendall watched TV for another hour or so then decided he was tired. He turned off the TV and went to his room. He quietly went in because he didn't want to wake up Logan. Kendall got onto his bed and slipped under the covers and fell asleep in minutes

That night, all was not well at the PalmWoods. Someone and his four goons were lurking around the shadows of the PalmWoods, looking for apartment 2J. They so badly wanted revenge on the four boys sleeping soundly in their beds. They wanted to take everything from them, their money, their prized possessions, their fame, and possibly their lives. "2J is right here Boss," one of the goons said.

"Good, then pick the lock." The 'boss' said. His goon picked the lock and they were in the room in a matter of minutes. The five of them all walked in and three of the four goons each pulled out large sacks. All of them slowly crept into the two back bed rooms.

In the first bed room laid a small sleeping figure and a tall sleeping figure on the other side of the room. As one goon walked over to slip the figure on the far side of the room into a sack, he knocked over a waste basket type thing. It made a loud crash sound on the floor. Lucky for him none of the sleeping boys woke up. Sacks were carefully slipped over heads and tied up at the top to keep their heads from poking out. The body, in one sack, was easily tossed over one goon's shoulder and the other body, in the other sack, started to move around and squirm. "Wha…?" the boy in the sack asked, tired and confused.

"Shut up!" the goon holding the sack said and hit the sack on the hardwood floor. The body stopped moving and was tossed over his shoulder. They went into the other room and saw another pair of sleeping bodies. Only the body closest to the bed was slipped into the last sack.

"Boss, we're one bag short. We need a fourth one to get all four of them." A goon said.

"No, I've planned this. We only need the three we already have. This one will be used later." He told his goon, as he eyed the last body in his bed. "This one is going to be our key guy to this whole plan. If we can just get out of here without getting caught, it's all downhill from here boys." He said. He signaled for them to get their butts out of the apartment and they all filed out, leaving the front door open.

They went down the flight of stairs and ran quickly through the lobby, still trying not to get caught by anyone. They kept their hoods up. One goon opened the front doors in the lobby and out in the parking lot where a black van was parked. A goon opened the back doors and the three sleeping bodies were tossed in the back. Everyone got into the big black van and the driver drove off quickly before getting caught.

A/N: NEW STORY EVERY BODY! Yay! I'm super excited for this because I'm IN LOVE with this idea. It just randomly came to my mind one night when I was trying to fall asleep. It's gonna be super awesome. Just so you guys know, no matter how many times one guy comforts another guy or they have a heart to heart moment, just remember THERE IS NO SLASH IN THIS! All friendship here.

It's only rated T for some language. You guys know me ^_^ I'm not going to use a ton of curse words just some.