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The trial ended early in the evening. The ride home was horribly silent. The trial tired them out. The boys really didn't have anything to worry about, but when put under so much pressure, there was no way to stay calm. The judge was a real hard ass too. She sat looking down on the entire court room and her voice boomed against the walls of the stuffy court room. Wayne-Wayne sat on the other side of the room, with his stooges, and sent the four of them death glares. Wally's eyes were such a dull color, they were almost gray. If eyes are the windows to the soul, they didn't want to look further into that window. And on top of every other unpleasant thing in that court room, the thought of the jury deciding Wally and his band of bozos was innocent lingered in their minds.

Anyone put on the spot to speak could easily keep their emotions at bay long enough to say their side of the story. Some people yelled angrily, and others cried, but Kendall was the only one to completely break down. None of them had ever seen anyone break down as bad as Kendall did. He cried so hard he couldn't form words to say. The judge told him to calm down but Kendall couldn't hear. He laid his head down and cried in spite of himself. It was embarrassing. Sadly he couldn't help himself. After a few minutes Kendall was asked it sit down and the trail continued.

Now on their way home, everyone was silent. It didn't feel like a very fitting time to talk about anything. Kendall was sitting in the passenger's seat with his face turned from all of them. It was the last thing they ever expected. But then again, they didn't expect anything that had happened to them in the past few weeks. They never thought someone they hardly knew would hate them so much. They didn't think that someone would become an enemy after only a few days and one decision. It was the return of an enemy they didn't know they had.

When the family arrived home Mr. Knight went to get dinner started while the kids went their respective ways. Logan chose to watch some TV in the living room, James and Carlos went to their room, and Katie to hers, and Kendall locked himself in his room which left the apartment in an uneasy silence.

At dinner it was still silent. A few words were exchanged but there wasn't any effort to make a conversation. That is until Mrs. Knight spoke up.

"Tell me how you're all feeling," she said. She was very forward, but still very kind.

There was a long pause before James said, "Horrible,"

"And scared," Carlos added.

"There's no need to be," Mrs. Knight said "We can put this behind us and move on. Everything is going to be okay now."

"But what about Wally?" Logan said

"He's getting what's coming to him, that's what" Katie spat bitterly "That's what he gets for messing with my brothers!"

"Katie, don't say that. Wally is just going where he belongs."

"With all due respect, Mama Knight, but is that much better?" James asked.

"I suppose not," Mrs. Knight said "He'll be in our prayers though,"

"Not mine," Logan scoffed.

"Or mine," Carlos added

"He could use them," Mrs. Knight said.

"Well, Logan could use his arm!" Carlos shouted.

"Yeah! Why do you want to be so forgiving towards him after all he's put us through?" James said.

"He's still a person," Mrs. Knight insisted.

"He's the devil," Kendall suddenly said through his teeth. It was the first thing he said for hours. He glared angrily at Mrs. Knight. "Stop acting like you're on Wally's side, Mom. He could've killed us, and you still want us to forgive him. Why should I forgive anyone who threatens my family?"

Mrs. Knight sighed "Kendall, I understand that you feel angry, but you can show some compassion. He-"

"He deserves to die!" Kendall shouted.

"Don't say that," Mrs. Knight warned gently. "You shouldn't let hate consume you, or you'll be just like Wally. You boys have every right to be mad at him, but understand that he's still a person. I want all of us to be able to move on from this."

"That's easier said than done, Mom," Kendall scoffed. He angrily stood up from his spot at the table and excused himself. Soon he disappeared into his room where he stayed for the rest of the night. Another short silence fell upon the rest of the family. Kendall's behavior added to the edginess.

Mrs. Knight knew her son wasn't as cruel as he was acting. Kendall wasn't usually one to hold a grudge, he was just very emotional. It was expected from a teenage boy put under so much stress. There really wasn't much Mrs. Knight could do now. They would all just have to accept things and move on, even if it scared them or broke their hearts.

The death penalty could be very scary for anyone.

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