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Crashman X

Chapter 1: Reawakening

"...Systems fully charged. Systems are rebooting."

I awoke in a small chamber. I tried to remember how I ended up here, but my memory circuits weren't charged yet. I saw a window. I would walk up to it, but I was hooked up to the wall to charge. I could barely see out of it, I saw two figures fighting, but they both looked like silhouettes.

One had what looked like a Gatling gun on his back, and the other was of humanoid shape. I could see the Gatling gun guy shooting at the normal guy when suddenly; the normal guy flashed and ran away. Worse, when he flashed, I could see his face.


The flash meant he had used time stopper to freeze time. Luckily, I was immune to it, and apparently, so was Mr. Gatling gun. He shot Flashman multiple times, and I could see it was starting to get to him. I wanted to help, but like I said, I was stuck to a wall.

"Flashman!" I yelled, but he couldn't hear me. I knew I had to do something, but I didn't know what. That's when I saw it; our friendly neighborhood Gatling gun guy grabbed Flash man, and fired at his torso area. He flew back and broke through the door.

I had to do something or I would be Swiss cheese like Flashman. Gatling gun dude was coming, and I couldn't exactly hide. My systems were still damaged, so I couldn't move anything but my head. My head! I had an idea! I closed my eyes and hung my head low.

He entered. I peeked a little bit to see what he looked like. He looked like a purple knight with, of course, a Gatling gun on his back. "Gwahahahaha!" He said. "You weren't much of an opponent."

"Hehe" Flashman chuckled. "I wasn't aiming to fight. I told you!"

"And that turned out so well for you, didn't it?"

"Use all the sarcasm you like, Vile, that still doesn't change anything. Do you know where my brothers are?

"Don't know." The guy known as Vile turned to me. "This one of them?"

Flashman attempted to look up. "Urgh, I can't move my head at all."

Vile laughed. "Whatever. Doesn't matter. I'm done here. Since you're the only one here, there's no one left to fight. See ya." Suddenly, he jumped in the air a little and teleported away.

As if in a chain reaction, my body was finally mobile again. I dropped to the ground. Luckily, my feet were able to land. I immediately ran over to Flashman. "Dude, you alright?"

"Hehehe." Flashman laughed. "Crashman, I never thought I'd see you again. How's it going, buddy?"

"What happened? Where's Wily? And Bass? And the others?"

"You don't remember? Wily's new creation. It went crazy and killed him, and some of the robot masters."

"Who! Who was it!" I was furious, if you couldn't tell for some reason.

"I can't say much. I'm almost out of power, but Z is the deadliest letter."

At that he shut down. But suddenly, the wall opened up to reveal a pod. I placed Flashman in it, and then he was chained to the wall charging.

"Don't worry man." I said. "I'll find our brothers."

I exited through the doors and realized where I was. I was in what was skull compound. The shells of Mettals and the shields of Sniper Joes littered the floor. Even the skeleton of the Mecha Dragon was no more than scrap metal. Memories of my days here flooded my mind like an overflowing glass of water. I don't know what has been going on; I don't know how things will turn out. But I know one thing. I had two goals.

The first was to find my brothers.

The second was my original purpose: destroy Megaman. No matter where I am or what time it was. The problem was I didn't even know if Megaman was alive anymore. But I know one person that might answer my questions about all that has happened.

I have to find that Vile guy.

I am Crashman. The thirteenth robot master. I am the wielder of the Crash bomb.

And I will be the one to find my brothers.