Katsuya was looking in his locker for his mathematics book when he noticed a slip of paper it read:

To, Katsuya

I've noticed that your not like the others, your not annoying like I thought, or as bad at math as I thought, in fact, your probably better than me, but if you guess who I am, you'll hate me, so I will not tell you, but I WILL tell you that I'ma boy, not a crazy fan girl, goodluck guessing, and here's some money for lunch, cuz' I know your always hungry,
From, Your secret admirer

"What the heck?" There was a $100 bill in the envilope, Kaiba walked over, "Heh, who gave you that" "I dunno, but I have to find him..." "Why?" "Because I want to give back his money, I don't think he ment to put this much in here..."

Seto's pov -

He was dumbfounded, Katsuya gets $100 dollars, and wants to give it back? Gods, he was head over heals, he walked into his office and sighed, why did Katsuya have to hate him? He did something very un-seto-like, he burst into tears, his heart felt like it was bleeding, and all he could think of was his Katsuya, he grabbed a knife and cut himself, he was diing, and the cut took his mind off of things, after three or four more, he sighed, what was up with him?

Joeys Pov -_-_-_-_

He walked aroung the school, sighing, and opened his locker to find yes, another gift, this time it was a custom duel deck, with 20 monsters and 3 trap cards, hmm... curious. There was a note attached:

To, Katsuya

Have you figured out who I am yet? I'll reveal myself to you soon, but if you'd like to reply, place a note under your desk in arithmatics...

From, your secret admirer

Sighing, Katsuya sribbled a note ( it'll be in the next ch., yes, I'm making this a ch fic!) and put it in his bag, man, this was gonna be a looooooooong day...