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It was another perfect day at the Palm Woods. James Diamond was chilling by the pool as usual.

"JAAAAAMEEEEEES!"Carlos Garcia cried.

"What do you want,Carlos?"James asked.

"Tori Smith is in the Palm Woods!"Carlos said.

"WHAT?"James screamed.

"Yeah,she's talking with Kendall!"Carlos said.


Kendall was talking with a beautiful girl. The girl had brunette hair with purple streaks,blue eyes and pale skin.

"Yeah!I know!my friends are totally like that!"Kendall said,between laughs.

The girl laughed.

"Victoria,where are you from?"Kendall asked.

"I'm from Miami."Victoria replied.

"Cool."Kendall said."I'm from Minnesota."
"Kendall Knight!Who's this...OMG YOU'RE TORI SMITH!"Jo screamed.

"And you're Jo Taylor!"Victoria said.

"Tori!let's go!"A girl said.

"Where are you guys staying?"Kendall asked.

"2K!"The girl said.

"What's her name?"Kendall asked Victoria.

"Cassidy Daniels."Victoria answered."You can call her Cassie."

Cassie was tan skinned,black hair and brown eyes.

Logan walked out of the elevator.

"Hey guys,what's going on?"He asked.

"Tori Smith is here."Kendall replied.

"The singer?"Logan asked.

"Yep."Victoria said,pointing herself.

The next day...

"Tori!WAKE UP!"Cassie screamed.

"Stupid wolf!I was dreaming with Cristiano Ronaldo!"Victoria said.

"Don't even dare to call me wolf in the normie world again."Cassie replied.

Victoria nodded.

"I won't."She said.

"Then wake up,wizard!"Cassie said

Victoria rolled her eyes and went to the bathroom.

"Remember that after the studio,you're going to school."Cassie said.

"Okay!but now...GET OUT OF MY ROOM!"Victoria screamed.

Cassie ran out of Victoria's room.


"SING!"Gustavo Rocque screamed at Big Time Rush.

Kelly sighed.

"Good morning!"Victoria said.

"Ms. Smith!"Gustavo screamed."Give me just a few minutes to kick these dogs away!"

"Hey Kendall!Hey Logan!"Victoria said.

"Oh hey Vicky!"Kendall said.

"You know her?"Kelly asked.

"No,I meet her yesterday at the Palm Woods."Kendall said.

James smiled at Victoria.

"I'm James Diamond."He said.

"I'm Victoria Smith."She replied.

"I guess you dogs already met Tori."Gustavo screamed.

Carlos nodded.

"Carlos!"Victoria cried and hugged him.

"When did you meet her?"James asked.

"Yesterday when she was at the lobby."Carlos replied.

James rolled his eyes.

After recording a few songs,Victoria went to her school with Cassie.

"Open the portal!"Victoria cried.

"Waiiiiit!"Cassie said.

"We're late for school!"Victoria said.

Cassie opened the portal.

"There!"She said,pointing the portal.

"You don't have to be rude."Victoria mumbled.

Victoria walked throught portal and Cassie followed her.

"Tori!"A boy said.

"Heath!"Victoria said.

Heath had yellow skin,sunrise eyes and red hair.

"How's it going,Burns?"Cassie said.

"Fine!what about you,Daniels?"Heath asked.

"Good."Cassie replied.

"Tori Smith?"A boy(with snake hair)asked.

"Yep!"Victoria said.

"Deuce Gorgon!"A mummy girl screamed.

"Oh hey Cleo."Victoria smiled.

"Victoria?"Cleo asked and hugged her.

Victoria pulled away from the hug. Heath kissed Victoria.

"Welcome back to Monster High."Deuce said.

Back at the Palm Woods…

"What are you doing?"Carlos asked,poking James' arm.

"Waiting for Victoria."James said.

"Did you ask her to hang out?"Kendall asked.

"Not yet."James said.

"She's at school."Mr. Bitters said.

"What?"The boys asked.

"She went to her school."Mr. Bitters replied."She will be back at 6pm."

"Guys!The new school starts in 10 minutes!"Logan cried.

James rolled his eyes.

They went upstairs. Logan opened the portal.

"OMG green lights!"Carlos cried and ran into the portal.

Logan smacked his own forehead. Kendall sighed and walked into the portal.

"James?"Logan said.

James rolled his eyes and walked into the portal. Logan then ran into the portal.