Saturday 3rd of September.
Calories: 7768 - (v. bad) not my fault, Amanda had a sleepover, with a buffet!
Cigarettes: 21.
Alcohol units: 12+.
Weight: .. (ok).
Times of daydreaming about Lawrence: 52.

Dear diary,

John and other people come up to me all the time and ask, 'Are you and Lawrence dating?'
I say, 'Nope, but I wish.' I have a crush on Lawrence and he knows.
My crush on Lawrence is a 'school boy crush. The time we spent in the bathroom together…
I could not look at him without being fascinated, because he lit up my world.
My mom told him one time, and I was mortified.
I'm twenty-eight, and having a crush on a forty year old doctor?
My mom told me, she told him.
It was on our lunch break. And she was walking outside, and said,
'Adam talks about you all the time. He has the biggest crush on you.'
Lawrence had a hay day with it. He would pick on me all the time.
He would pick me up hug me & say, 'do you love this part?
Are you savoring this moment, Adam? Do you want to marry me?'