"Jim!" McCoy spoke sleepily.

Jim stirred in his bed, it was yet another academy morning, only this time, this was the end of year finals for the first year students. And, it was 4 in the morning.

Leonard, still half-asleep continuned to lean over the bed and shook Jim a little harder. "Jimmm!" He half-shouted while muttering under his breath that he was too old for this nonsense, but Jim still slept on.

"JIM!" McCoy shouted when his friend didn't respond for the second time.

Jim jumped from the bed and landed sprawled on the floor, rubbing his bottom due to the sudden impact it recieved moments ago.

"Morning too." Jim mumbled. "What time is it?" James asked McCoy sleepily.

"Time for you to get a watch dumb-ass. Now get off the damn floor and get ready! We have finals today, and I couldn't handle it if your sorry ass gets kicked out due to low test scores." Leonard threw an apple at Jim's head, bouncing off the top of the top of the scalp and rolling under James' bed. "Eat up!" McCoy grinned evilly. "Don't want girls to see a peekish Jim."

James T. Kirk scowled, for once, it was Leonard who was in a good mood and not Jim. Now, Jim knew how it felt when he annoyed McCoy 24/7. Biting back a cruel retort, Jim trudded to the bathroom. Before he entered, he noticed that McCoy's hair was slightly damp, and grinning. 'w...t...f?' Jim thought.

Two minutes later howling is heard from the bathroom. Turns out McCoy had used up all the hot water as well as the cool water. Leaving only the freezing cold water.

Jim came thundering out of the bathroom clad in only a white towel around his waist. McCoy wolf whistled and said "Well... Sleeping Beauty is finally awake! Too bad it wasn't the true kiss you were thinking of!" Then succumbed to intense laughter; doubling over and crying tears. 'This,' McCoy thought 'Is worth any possible bad scores!'

The end.