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"Well, you can't just get engaged after a huge proposal and expect all of us to just sit at home and not come over here to see you!" Lea said like it was an obvious answer.

Oh, shit.
Dealing with Lea is already enough to deal with, but now we they have to put up with the whole cast.
This was going to be a very long, nightmare of a week.

"Lea, you didn't. Please tell me you're joking right now," Chris softly said, in hopes that it would hide the fact that he was internally panicking. He glared at Lea, waiting for her to respond. "Lea?" he spoke again in an assertive tone, fishing for a response from her.

"No, why would I be kidding about this?" She replied as she tilted her head to the side, completely baffled why he had asked her. "Why are you so upset about it? We're all your frie-"

"BECAUSE LEA," Chris shouted as he stood up off the couch. "YOU CAN'T JUST INVITE ALL OF THEM INTO OUR HOUSE WITHOUT BOTHERING TO ASK US!" He ran his hand through his hair and let out an exasperated breath. All I wanted to do today was to spend the day alone with my now soon-to-be husband. Is that too much to ask? I mean, seriously! We JUST got engaged, you can't blame me!

"Chris, I did tell you!" Lea said in her defense.
"Oh, don't give me that bull!" Chris spat back at her.

They had completely forgot about Darren, who was sitting on the couch, opposite of the two bickering. Darren's eyes shot back and forth between the two of them, as if he were watching a tennis game. He looked absolutely terrified, to say the least. He didn't dare interject the cat fight, because they were a ticking time bomb waiting to go off at any given moment.

Darren hadn't really paid much attention to what they were saying, until he heard Lea say, "I DID INFORM YOU! GO ASK DARREN!" Chris' eyes shot over to Darren. Mother Fu-

"Dar, can I have a word with you?" Chris didn't give Darren anytime to answer before pulling him off the couch and leading him down the hall, towards their bedroom. They didn't say a word until they entered their bedroom and shut the door. Chris stood in front of the curly-haired hobbit and glared at him.

"Why the HELL didn't you inform me about all of this?"

"Well, how the hell was I supposed to know that she was gonna bring everyone?" Darren asked in confusion.

"Wait," Chris paused. "Didn't Lea tell you about all of this?"

Darren was about to answer him, when they heard a buzzing sound. It was coming from somewhere in their bed. They lifted up their pillows and found Darren's phone that was going off. Darren unlocked his phone and checked for any missed calls or messages.

You have 213 missed calls. You have 81 new voice messages. You have 152 new messages. You have 94 new emails.

Well that would explain a lot.

Incoming call from: Joey "Ricky" Richter

He looked over at Chris, who gestured for him to answer it.

Darren nervously pressed the green "Answer" button, and answered it shakily.

"Hey Joey! What's goin-"

"Look who decided to pick up his phone! Wow, it only took you about 53 times for you to answer it!" Before he answered, he heard people shouting in the background.


"Yeah, guys it's Darren. And unfortunately, no he is not dead." Joey shouted away from the phone. Then there was more shouting in the background.

"Oh, thank god!"
"What the hell took him so long?"
"Dammit, I thought for sure he was dead!"
"See, I told you he wasn't dead! Hand over the money, Joseph!"
"Hell no, Brian! You probably cheated!"
"How could I have possibly cheated?"
"I... don't really know. But I still don't trust you! Now, back off before I kick you in your b-hole, B-Hole!"

"So, I'm guessing everyone is over there?" Darren asked.

"Yep, everyone is here and they are all waiting to hear your excuse for why you DIDN'T F-ING CALL US!" Joey yelled.

"Woah Joey, way to use some balls!"
"Yeah, Darren! You better have a good excuse!"
"Well, we wouldn't be having this problem if you would just GIVE ME MY MONEY!"
"It's not your money! It's still mine!"
"It won't be yours after I KILL YOU, NOW HAND IT OVER!"

"WOULD YOU ALL SHUT UP!" Joey yelled at them.


"Everybody look out, we got a bad ass over here!"
"Yeah, and I got a great ass over here!"
"No you don't, Jaime! Everyone knows that my ass is superior to all other asses."
"Hell no, Dylan! I have the best ass here!"
"Yeah, I'll have to agree with Joseph. He does have the best ass."
"Aw, well thanks, Brian!"
"Well, it's true! Your ass is the best one TO KICK! GIVE ME MY MONEY!"

"Joe, would you stop it!"
"But Joey, he's trying to kill me!"
"I don't give a fat, flying TURD! Joe, give me my phone!"

"Darren! Come save me! They're all plotting to kill me! Come back to us, Darren! PLEA-"

"I swear to god, Joe! If my phone is broken you're going to pay for a new one!"

"Sorry Joey, he won't be able to. Because I'm getting my money first, or he'll be too dead for him to give it to you!"
"No! You're not getting MY MONEY, BRIAN!"

"Are you still there?" Joey said, out of breath.

"Yeah, I'm still here. Having a party over there?"

"Well, if you consider immature adults acting like they are two, than yes we are haing a party."

"Sounds like...fun?"

"No, not at all."

"Hah! Well, I can only assume why you are calling because of last night." Darren said, sitting down on the bed next to Chris.

"No, I'm calling about a friend of mine who hasn't called me to tell me anything important lately. He is about the size of a hobbit and looks kind of like a puppy. Have you seen him?"

"Look Joey, I'm sorry. If it makes you feel any better I hadn't told anyone just in case things, you know..." Chris hugged him from behind and nuzzled into his neck. "Uh, backfired..." Darren took Chris' left hand that was latched around his waist and held it in his, twisting the ring around his finger and admiring it.

"Come on, Dar! Why the hell would you possibly think it would backfire!"

"I don't know...I mean, there was always that small thought in the back of my head that maybe he would say-"

"NO! I'm 100% sure that the man would say yes if you had given him a ring pop!"

Chris smiled when he heard Joey say that to Darren. I already told him I would.

Darren laughed, and looked down at Chris. "I'm pretty sure he would, too."

"Aw, you two are going to be together forever! I'm 110% sure of it."

"Heheh, I'm 169% sure of it! Hahaha"
"Joe, if you don't shut up I'm going to shut you up myself by shoving my FIST IN YOUR FACE!"
"Nice try, Lauren, but you can't punch me. You're too short!"
"Oh yeah? Well I'm short enough to kick you in your crotch!"
"WOAH! OKAY, OKAY! SORRY! Jesus, everyone is trying to kill me today!... Heheh, 169%"

"You need some help over there, Rick?"

"Nope, my good looks are all the help I need."

"You suck!"

"Hey Joey, go kick Joseph for me."

"My Pleasure, Dar."

"Joey, what are you doing? Get away! I've done nothing to deserve this treatment! AHHH OWWW!"

"So, when can we come see you two?"

"Uhhhh..." Darren looked over to Chris, who was shaking his head and gesturing his hand back and forth by his neck. "Umm... How about next week?" Chris' eyes widened and he made a huge 'X' with his arms while he mouthed 'NO' to Darren.

"Next week sounds perfect!"

"Jeez, you all don't have to yell at me at the same time..."

"I'll book the flight and hotel and I guess we'll see you next week!"

"Awesome! See you then, Joey." Chris glared at him and mouthed 'You are so dead!'



"What the hell were you thinking, Dar!"

"Look, I'm sorry! I haven't seen them in months and all of the cast will probably be gone by then!" Darren pulled Chris close and held his hips. "Come on, it won't be that long."

Dammit, the puppy eyes work every time! "I know," Chris sighed, as he leaned closer to Darren and rested his head on his chest. Two can play this game. "But it's a long time without any time to be by ourselves."

Dammit, he's using the puppy eyes! That's usually my trick. "Well, maybe there is some time right now befo-"


Dammit I forgot about Lea! And if only we were...