It was like any ordinary day in Arlen. Dale, Hank, Lucky, Bill, and Bomhauer were standing by the side of the road chatting amongst themselves until they saw a peculiar yellow sponge peeking out from across the street with his partner-in-crime, Patrick.

"RRRUUUUNN!" Dale screamed when SpongeBob pulled out a shotgun and shot Lucky in the heart then everyone in the neighborhood ran away but everyone was killed except for Dale, Kahn, and Bobby and they ran away seeing the proud town of Arlen blow up before their eyes.

10 long months later

It has been ten months since the King of the Hill cast was killed except for the 3 that escaped in time and they have became part of the Toons For Peace Commission (TFPC) and surprisingly SpongeBob never showed up at the meetings because he said they weren't grown-up enough and that just made them angrier at him. Soon they told some Japanese cartoons that SpongeBob killed many people and coming from Japan and being teen males they didn't care or give a dang about some yellow sponge. Then a few days later, Dale found a stockpile of surveillance footage that showed SpongeBob killing other cartoons and then he found a video of SpongeBob that featured SpongeBob saying.

"Hello, friend. If you found this video, the truth is revealed that I killed the king of the hill cast and that if you're watching this, you know too much," Then he shot the camera causing it to go to fuzz.

Shocked at the video, Dale grabbed the DVD and ran to the president of Toon World, Felix the cat (Who like everyone else would be better off without the sponge.) And Dale told him about the video and showed it to him.

"WOW!" Felix said shocked at the video. "Well now we can kill the cast of SpongeBob for killing so many people and I can get on TV again!" He said then he called some of the best fighters in the industry to kill SpongeBob.

Not much of a story so far; the next chapter will be random cartoon and anime killers going on a rampage! So yay and you can tell now that I'm clearly not Gipdac.