Out of request, here's the Epilogue.

They didn't pay too much mind. They were, after all, in New York City, and had seen stranger things. They figured their minds were playing tricks on them. Probably from the all-nighters that had pulled last night, or maybe it was bad weed, it could be that they had just gotten over a bad cold. Either way, they didn't comment on the crawling hand in the middle of the sidewalk, and continued on their way.

The sunlight was dull, giving off a faint glow on the hand, but the human eye wouldn't notice it. The hand continued to inch it's way across the sidewalk, trying to crawl faster, but it's speed wasn't in it's hands, but in it's legs, which was in California and Wisconsin.

So the hand continued on it's way, day and night, until it reached an empty alleyway between two run-down buildings. It crawled faster as it's skin began to tingle. It stopped at a dumpster and, somewhere, where the head was, it smiled. It stayed still beside the other limb.

Intricate webs shot out from the hand and the arm. They spun and twirled until the strings pulled together quickly, and attached. There was no evidence that the hand and the arm were once disconnected.

Without anyone noticing, the arm continued it's journey to find the next part.

I left leeway for a sequel, but when it comes to sequels, I'm so darn lazy. And not as many people read the sequels anyhow.

Hope you guys liked it! Maybe you'll read some more of my stories, and future fiction. :)