Kitty Starfire and her Foxy Toy
Naruto x Starfire

Author's Note

I was requested to do a version of Cat Starfire so here it is. The FallenOne 19 has the links.



Story Start

Starfire had went into heat and Naruto was the only person who could help her. Well it was more or less him being the closet male then the only one who could help her. A few weeks had passed since the Titans last tangled with Mumbo and Starfire was still part cat. The only conclusion they could come to was the fact that Mumbo's magic had an odd effect on Starfire's alien biology.

Despite the threat of repeated beatings all Mumbo told them was that his magic always wore off eventually and they would have to wait. Two months, two long agonizing months for Starfire because of the thirty percent jump in her fanboys with an obsessive cat-girl fetish she found herself having new and odd sensations. Throughout the weeks she found herself becoming increasingly friendly towards Beast Boy and Naruto. Though with the former picking up on it and avoiding her like the plague and the fact that Naruto was more of a natural alpha the Tamarenean felt herself being drawn towards him.

As the weeks passed Starfire find herself becoming increasingly aroused and spending more and more time relieving herself of the hot tension that would build up in her genital. Sometimes she found herself unable to stop herself from rubbing up against Naruto in an intimate matter. She even found herself spraying the walls of her room with a strong scented fluid with orgasms whose impressive squirts were alien even to her.

Finding it too much to bare she pleaded with Naruto to help her scratch the itch before it became too much to bare and crop up at an opportune time say during a mission. So Naruto obliged his team mate and friend as they found themselves in her room. His arms around her as she softly kissed him on the lips. She was grinding her body furiously against him as they dropped onto the bed. Starfire, rather impatient vaporized Naruto's clothing much to his protest and told him she would pay for a new outfit later. Doing the same with her outfit which she had fifty versions of she trailed down his abdomen with sensuous kisses as she mounted his legs. Her nails raked across his bare chest as she trailed down his body until she set her eyes on her price.

Naruto intently watched as Starfire lowered her warm mouth over his cock. Naruto couldn't help but groan at the sensation as Starfire's body felt warm and radiant. Her mouth on his cock felt like an inferno as she bobbed up and down, sub-cumming to sensations that were coursing through his body. She brought her mouth almost completely off, sucking on the very tip before sitting back. Though unfortunately for Naruto he wasn't brought to climax as Starfire's heat demanded her to be mated as soon as possible. He watched as she got into a mating position, head down, forelegs bent, with her rear raised up in the air and her legs threaded rhythmically. Telling her to wait a moment he shushined away only to return a few moments later with a condom which he placed on his rock hard cock.

Starfire let out a squeal as Naruto placed a series of kisses along the back of her neck and back as he moved behind her. His harden crock rubbing against her rear made her whimper in need as the heat from her moist cavern grew and small globs or orange-white liquids trailed down her leg. ''Please...'' she pleaded and let out a gasp as a quarter inch of Naruto's cock plunged into her and began spreading her folds. ''OH X'HAL! D-DEEPER!'' She let out a grunt and gripped the sheets as Naruto continued to push his kunai into her pouch.

Putting both hands on her ass and occasionally stroking her tail Naruto quickly moved to a kneeling position and with his hands on her thigh completely pushed himself in. Pulling out a few inches he thrust back in with powerful and deep strokes leaving Starfire screaming for more.

Not content to just laying there Starfire floated up and dug her fingers into the wall making a whole. She could feel Naruto stop, obviously stunned by what she was doing, but write now all she wanted was release. ''Don't stop! Please! Mate me!'' she pleaded as she pushed back against Naruto causing him to groan.

Starfire continued her cries as Naruto reacted and slammed back into her with another power thrust, pain and pleasure coursed through her body as his teeth raked down her body as Naruto's claws dug into her large and pert ass cheeks before switching to massaging her thigh and going back. All this possible thanks to Starfire hooking her legs behind Naruto's legs to draw him in as deep as possible. Her pants became heavier as her team mate continued domination her body with powerful thrusts resulting in her wanton cry and her fluids staining his cock with each thrust making large goeey smacking sounds echoing through the room.

With her head hung down the moans increases and her nipples harden. With one hand still dug into the wall Starfire removed one of them and began rubbing her frontal clit. With Naruto's cock already brushing against her clit she took to stimulating the other one so she could feel the sensation of sweet release. A particular jolt of pleasure resulted of Starfire sending them flying back as she momentarily lost control of her strength resulting of them falling on the ground, Starfire mounting Naruto reverse cowgirl style with his cock still buried in her.

Though the two lovers did not let them detour them as they continued their fucking. Naruto grabbing and groping, often laying gentle kisses on Starfire's ears with the latter moaning and twisting. Their bodies rubbing against each other as pants and cries filled the room. Soon they moved into something called the Bassett Hound. Starfire got on all fours as Naruto held her bottom with her rear pushed back and his knees on the side of her buttocks. Thanks to Starfire's her natural endurance and strength the position that would be uncomfortable for a normal human position allowed Naruto to ravage her without stop.

''That's it! So close!'' Starfire breathed as Naruto's pole was being squeezed by her clenching folds. Biting her bottom lip her body continued convulsing as her tail wrapped around his torso holding him close.

''Damn Star! Oh god your pussy fills so good! I'm about to cum!'' he said as he continued going in and out of her slick folds. She was just so hot and tight he had already explode inside of her three times and his cock was sore as hell. He could only go one more time before he felt like he would pass out. Naruto's hands moved up to her glorious tips and began massaging them. Starfire was an incredibly busty young woman with incredulously enough still seemed to be the reason more people found her attractive over her exotic alien skin or the fact she was a super hero.

Naruto's efforts doubled as he felt himself coming to his edge. His fingers rubbing against her harden nipples as Starfire let out another gasp. Mumbling about how close she was as well.

''Naruto! Naruto! Naruto!'' she chanted as she continued grinding against him as she lost control and they floated a few feet off the ground. The surprise resulted in Naruto letting out a gasp and losing focus, growling as ecstasy flowed through him and his cock released his seed into the condom as more of Starfire's golden orange liquid squirted from him and splashed onto his cock. The tightness of Starfire's walls rubbing against Naruto's condom clad cock until the material was shredded resulting in his seed spilling inside of her. Though both were to consumed, letting out screams of passion as their bodies robotic-ally trembled and moved as they writhe until their bodies were too sore to move.

Completely spent Naruto pulled his aching cock out of Starfire. He was too spent to even move and he couldn't help but be embarrassed when Stafire picked 'him' up and placed him on the bed, joining him as she laid in front of them so they were in a spooning position.

''That was...enjoyable.'' she said as a grin formed on her face.

'''re telling me.''

''Maybe later on you care to wash my back? I feel quite sticky.'' she said as Naruto's face began to form into a grin of it's own.

''You got it Star.'' he said as he moved to kiss her cheek as the both of them laid there and drift off to sleep.

Chapter End

Since Bunny Raven begins at the beginning I thought it would be interesting to star this version at the midway point of sorts. Anyway I hope you all enjoyed this chapter, but seriously, is anyone else going to do Naruto x Starfire? I want to read this pairing and not have it be done by me thank you!