One day a beautiful 15 year old girl named Beauty was taking a long walk outside her house because it was a beautiful day; Beauty had short hot pink hair with sapphire blue eyes and was wearing a pretty pink and white dress. After her walk she was a little tired and decided to take a nap under a big tree that was in hers and her brother, Soften backyard. Beauty was sound asleep in till she heard a noise. Beauty woke up and saw a strange rabbit, it wasn't like any rabbit she'd seen before, it was blue and the body looked like it was made from jelly. Beauty wanted to see the rabbit up close because it was mostly hiding in some bushes. Beauty got up trying to get a close look but it ran away, Beauty chased after it.

"Wait" Beauty said.

But the rabbit didn't stop; it kept going and looking back at Beauty like he wanted her to follow him. Then the rabbit stopped and looked at Beauty before going into a big strange hole by an old oak tree. Beauty looked down the big strange hole; it looked like it was really deep. Then Beauty slipped in to the hole, screaming.

"AAHHHH HELP" Beauty screamed down the hole.

After a few minutes Beauty hit the ground and found herself that she's not home. She was in a big forest with a gray castle in the horizon.

"Where am I?" asked Beauty, getting up and looking around.

"Soften, big brother, blue rabbit" Beauty said worried "Is anyone here"

(Going to the castle)

A young man at the age of 17 with white spiky hair with red eyes, wearing black and grey prince clothing. He was standing on his baloney watching his forest, when he saw the young girl, Beauty walking into the poisonous Venus flytrap garden, they weren't like normal Venus flytrap; they are big, they eat meat, there vines are poisonous and they disguise them into harmless flowers so they can get there pray without being noticed.

"What is that girl doing?" He said in an angry voice.

"Is there something wrong prince Heppokomaru" said a short orange soldier came behind him.

"No Donpatch, it just someone going into the Venus flytrap garden again" Heppokomaru said.

"Really again" Donpatch said climbing up to see. "What sir she doesn't look like she's around here."

Heppokomaru just ignored him and kept looking at her walking in to the garden.

"Sir we should go help her, she's not from here."

The prince just keeps looking at her, not saying a word.

"Um, I'll go get the others to get her" Donpatch said before walking away, and then he was stopped.

"No, I'll get her" said Heppokomaru.

"Okay, sir" said Donpatch walking away.

Heppokomaru then jumped out of his baloney and started to run to the garden.

(To Beauty)

"Now I'm lost" said Beauty walking in a garden if what she thinks is flowers.

"AHH" Beauty tripped on a vine that grabbed her ankle.

"OW, let go" trying to get the vine off of her but it won't come off.

After a few minutes of trying to get the vine off, she started to lose conciseness but before she pasted out a dark figure came to her and got the vine off, but she passed out from the poison before she saw his face.

(Hours later and at the castle)

Beauty woke up in a bed in a small room and sees two people there waiting for her to wake up. Both of the wear a soldier uniform, one of them was Donpatch and the other one was a tall, tan man with an yellow afro and looks like he works out in the gym a lot, his name was Bobobo.

"Uh, where am I?" asked Beauty.

"Oh good, your wake and you're in the castle" said Bobobo.

"The castle, did you guy's save me?" Beauty asked.

"No, we didn't save you or helped you heal. It was our prince, prince Heppokomaru." Donpatch said.

"The prince saved me, will I should go thank him" Beauty said trying to get up but got stopped by Bobobo and Donpatch.

"No, don't get up" said Donpatch

"The prince said to keep you here in till that ankle is healed or the poison will spread through your body faster" said Bobobo.

"Oh, um ok, can the prince come here so I can thank him" said Beauty.

"Oh yeah, he did say tell him when you woke up. I'll go tell him." said Donpatch.

Don patch left to get prince Heppokomaru, he told him and they go up to the room Beauty's in.

"Hello" Heppokomaru said

"Hello" Beauty said with a little blushing

Heppokomaru looked at Bobobo and Donpatch and said "Leave, I wish to talk to her alone."

"Yes, sir" said Bobobo and Donpatch, and they leave.

"What is your name" asked Heppokomaru

"Beauty, my name is Beauty, prince" said Beauty

"Well Beauty I can tell you're not from around here, are you?" asked Heppokomaru

"No, I'm not"

"How did you get here?"

"I followed a strange blue rabbit down a hole and I ended up here"

"A blue rabbit, it has to be Jelly Jiggler"


"You'll see"

Heppokomaru went to open the door and whistled loudly and five people came; three of them were soldiers, one was the blue rabbit name Jelly Jiggler and the last was a sorceress with light purple hair in a ponytail wearing a dark purple and black robe her name was Aura Dreams. (A/N: yes, my OC is in this fanfiction) The two of the soldiers was Bobobo and Donpatch and the third was a young man with short spiky blonde hair and was really handsome his name was Hetanko.

"Yes, sir" they all said at the same time.

Heppokomaru then walk up to Jelly Jiggler and held him by the ears with a mad look on the prince's face.

"Yes, prince" Jelly said.

"Beauty said that you made her come here" Heppokomaru said

"Hehe um ya" Jelly said with a sweatdrop

"So as your punishment you're going to take care of her, anything she wants you get it, got it" Heppokomaru said letting go of his ears, dropping him on the floor.

"Yes, sir" Jelly said running in beauty's room.

"The rest of you go I'll be in my room" Heppokomaru left and everyone else left too.

"Is he always act like this?" asked Beauty to Jelly'

"Most of the time but he's caring deep inside, real deep" said Jelly.

"Oh" Beauty yawned and was about to fall asleep.

Beauty closed her sapphire eyes a drifted off to dream land.

End Chapter 1