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(Two days later)

Beauty woke up with a fever; she was coughing, her head was really worm and she felt weak. Aura Dreams came to check on her and found out that a little of the poison had gone through her body, so Aura gave Beauty some potions to get the fever down but it will take a day to go away.(ME: uh oh!) Now Beauty is in her bed sleeping so the potion would work through the body, then Jelly Jiggler came in.

"Is she going to be okay?" Jelly said

"Yeah she'll be fine; she just has to be here one more day." Aura said

"But the king will be here and what if he finds out there's a human here." Said Jelly

"I know but we should tell the prince about this and he will be mad." Said Aura

"Yeah" Jelly said nervously.

Jelly and Aura walk to the prince's room.

"Um… prince Heppokomaru I have some bad news." said Aura

"What is it this time" said Heppokomaru in an angry voice

"Um… tell him Jelly" Aura said pushing the blue rabbit to the prince

"HEY!" Jelly yelled at Aura "Um well you see Beauty got a fever from the poison and she has to stay here for another day"

Heppokomaru yelled and really angry "WHAT! Do you know what my father will do to her, she'll get killed and worst of all if he finds out that I'm in love with her then he'll do the something he did all those years ago. GRRR, how will this get any worse?"

Just then a paper airplane flew in to the window and hit Heppokomaru on the head.

"What the hell"

Heppokomaru opened it and read what's in the paper airplane. It said;

Dear son,

I'm coming a little early than expected, so I'll be here in




Then the door bell rang.

"DAMN IT, it just did" Heppokomaru said in a annoyed voice

One of the soldiers came to the door and behind the door was a middle aged man that kind of looks like Heppokomaru but his hair is a little shorter than his sons and his eyes are more blood red than the prince's eyes. He wear a red, black and gray king clothing's with a cape and crown and all that crap. Everyone except Beauty came to the main door to see the King but the only one not happy was the prince.

"Welcome back King Zankokuna" said Bobobo (A/N: ENYONE THAT CAN FIND OUT WHAT HIS NAME MEANS IN JAPANESE THE YOU GET A PIECE OF PIE :D. I know my friend Phoenixlight13 knows it so don't give it away.)

"Good to be back" King Zankokuna said, and then he looks at his son.

"Son" he said

"Father" said Heppokomaru

They stared at each other for a couple seconds in till Zankokuna smelled something that he hasn't smelled in a long time.

"Do I smell a human here?"

"Yeah so…"

The King followed the human smell and walked up to Beauty's room and Heppokomaru chased after him.

(In Beauty's room)

Beauty woke up from her nap feeling better than she did before and she remembered that Aura said that when the fever is gone then she can walk again. Beauty was happy and got up to tell the prince but when she got to the door she heard yelling and began to listen to the conversation on the other end of the door.

(Out the door)

"What is a human doing here?" said Zankokuna in an angry tone

"She got poisoned by the Venus flytraps so I had to help her." said Heppokomaru

"You know humans are not allowed here."

"I know but she could have died if I didn't do anything."

"Then why didn't you let her, what do you see in that human anyway?"

Heppokomaru just stood there looking way not saying. Then the King noticed a little blush on his cheek.

"You love this girl don't you?"

"No, I don't, I barely even know her. I don't love her." Heppokomaru lying and trying to hid his blush

After Beauty heard him saying that he didn't love her, she began to cry and then she jumped out of the room she was in and she ran really fast, heartbroken. Heppokomaru had really good hearing and he heard crying in Beauty's room. Heppokomaru when in to her room to see she ran away, he thought that she was listening to them and heard him saying he didn't love her. He felt guilty and went to go find her forgetting his father was with him.

Heppokomaru called out "Beauty"

He kept calling her name and running trying to find her, in till he got to the end of the forest but he didn't know that Beauty was hiding behind a tree because she didn't know how to get home.

"Beauty, I'm sorry," said Heppokomaru out of breath from the run.

Then out of nowhere King Zenkokuna appeared behind the prince.

"So you do love this girl don't you." Said the king


Beauty gasped from behind the tree listening to them.

"So what if I am in love with a human, you fell in love with a human in till you killed her" Said Heppokomaru "All you wanted me is to be unloved so I told you that I wasn't so you wouldn't kill her and you know what you can have the dumb throne. I don't care about this kingdom and all of this crap, all I care about is Beauty and once I go in to the human world I will be a human and I don't care if I have to look everywhere around the human world to find the one I love, I will do it."

Zenkokuna laughed a little and said "you wouldn't last five minutes in the human world."

"Watch me, oh and before I go." Heppokomaru ran as fast as a flash step and stabbed is father in the stomach making the King bleed but he was not dead. "That's for killing my mother, you bastard."

Heppokomaru turned around and saw Beauty. Heppokomaru was happy that she didn't go and hugged her.

"Beauty!" Heppokomaru said hugging her

"Do you mean that, you really love me and all the things you said." Beauty said

"Yes I do Beauty" still hugging her

Beauty then kissed him passionately on the lip and Heppokomaru returned the kiss, then after a minute they broke apart to get some air and Beauty said

"I love you too"

And they lived happily ever after.


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