I don't like this chapter. At all. I feel like I rushed it far too much and sort of copped out with the ending a bit. I just didn't want to go through - well, when you read you'll understand why I didn't want to type it all out, considering you've seen it all and the events played out just as they did on the show. I don't intend for this to be the end of the story - either another chapter, or just an epilogue, maybe. Perhaps a sequel story that I've been formulating plans about.

Enjoy, and don't hate me!

Helen stared out of the plane window, distracting herself with the clouds and water visible far below them. They were somewhere over the Atlantic, she'd discovered when she'd awakened from where she'd fallen asleep only minutes after their takeoff. The glass she had used to take medication was still on the small table before her, along with the shattered GPS chip from her cell phone, making certain she would be impossible to trace. Movement out of the corner of her eye caught her attention and she looked over to see Richard sitting across from her, looking at her expectantly.


"You never did tell me why you're running, Helen."

"It's safer for everyone this way." She replied simply, tiredness evident in her voice from where she'd just woken up. She was confident in her abilities to deal with Adam on her own - besides, the last thing Helen needed was him doing something else to the Sanctuary or anyone in it. Traveling abroad would lure him to her, hopefully, and she'd be free to dispose to him herself. Again. Perhaps this time he'd remain dead.

"Safer for you to get yourself killed." He muttered and Helen shot him a look.

"Thank you for at least doing this." Helen said after a long moment of silence and he nodded.

"Can I ask you something else?"

"You can, but I might not answer."

"When I first met you, your daughter wasn't any taller than my knee. You did a damned good job raising her with all the network nonsense you had to deal with, but I distinctly remember our conversations over having a permanent father figure around to watch over her. Now you have one for this kid, you're leaving him. Why?"

Helen studied him a long moment. He did have a point. Nikola was going to be a good father, Helen had faith in that. She would return, after Adam was dead and she was no longer frightened of simply being in her own home. But if something happened to her? Or far worse, demon spawn? She'd never forgive herself, and Nikola would probably hate her. He probably already did because of Helen disappearing as she had and ignoring the several times he'd already tried her cell phone.

"I'm the one Adam Worth is after, not him and not the rest of the Sanctuary. This is just something I have to deal with on my own." In the end, it had always been her and Adam. The cliffs, the abandoned warehouse - it'd always come down to them. They were equally matched in wits and strengths, but Adam had the advantage of going into blinding rages when he got angry, part of his split personality. Helen already had a bit of a plan in her mind on how she intended to bring him down.

"There's something else I need your help with." Helen said tentatively and he arched a brow at her. "I need you to help me find someone."

"Shouldn't be too hard." Richard shrugged. "Who?"

"John Druitt."

0 - 0 - 0

Nikola swirled the wine in his glass, glaring at it as he had been doing the past many hours, locked away in his lab. He hadn't left in three days, determined to find some way to track Helen down whether she liked it or not. This was not her decision to make on her own, and she knew it, yet she'd still simply disappeared. Henry had been trying everything in order to find her, but she'd disabled her GPS chip and anything else that could normally be used to find her location. Apparently she'd had the entire scheme planned out for quite a while.

Disgusted with things in general, Nikola's arm swept across his lab bench in a rage, sending all sorts of parts and inventions scattering across the floor with shrill noises, knocking everything away until there was nothing there but the smooth metal of the table. He even debated flinging it across the room, but why? Destroying his lab wouldn't help. Then again, neither would anything else.

A piece of paper that certainly hadn't been among his inventions before lay on top of the pile. He arched a brow, stooping to pick it up, prepared to scowl at whatever the HAP had left in his lab. He unfolded the parchment and scanned it once, blinking, before rereading it again. Without another moment's hesitation, he set his glass on the table and swept from the room.

Pressing the button for the lift repeatedly, willing it to come faster, he took it up to another floor, stalking down the obnoxiously long hallway, his mind running faster than it had in quite some time. He pushed open the door to their bedroom, pausing in the doorway.

And there she was, perched at her computer as if no time had passed. Helen smiled serenely.

"About time."

But this was not his Helen.

She wasn't pregnant, for one, and her hair looked a bit longer. She had that look in her eyes that told him she was hiding something, and behind that, it was as if more time had been hidden within the blue irises. She was positively radiant, it seemed, but for entirely different reasons that he couldn't place. His brow furrowed.

"It is me." Helen said, apparently reading his mind. Had she developed that in the past few days while she'd been gone. "In a sense. Just different than what you remember." She continued, standing. He stepped further into the room and shut the door. Without another word, he embraced this Helen anyway, pulling her into his arms. She fit perfectly, as always, and clung to him like a lifeline. She buried her face in the crook of his neck as he held her.

"You've been gone four days." He muttered into her hair. "You have explaining to do."

"I have more explaining to do than you think. For you it might have been four days." Helen said, lifting her head to look at him, silently willing him to understand. "For me it's been 113 years."

Confusion marred his face as he studied her. She merely stood there, patiently waiting for him to accept what she'd just said, likely so she could launch into an explanation about it.

"They've messed with your head again, haven't they?" Nikola inquired, bringing his hands up to rest on either side of her face. "Come on. We'll get you to the infirmary and -." She silenced him abruptly with a kiss. Not a normal kiss, either, but one he could practically feel emotion pouring out of her at every move of her lips against his. Almost immediately he kissed her back earnestly, her lips parting to allow him further access. Her hands wrapped up and around his neck, clinging to him as she continued to kiss him. He could feel it then, the need, the longing, and he knew without a doubt she had to have been telling the truth.

But 113 years? It didn't make any sense. That wasn't possible in any way, shape, or form.

Was it?

"I'll explain everything, I promise." Helen whispered when she pulled away to catch her breath. His forehead pressed against hers.

"Then start explaining." He muttered. She gave a soft laugh, reaching for his hands.

"Adam," She began, pulling away to sit on the edge of the bed. Nikola remained rooted to the spot, watching her. "He wasn't as idle as we thought. When I left here, I sought him out, with John's help - and before you say anything, it was utterly necessary." Helen said before Nikola had even opened his mouth to protest at it. He closed it and listened as she continued. "And we found him. In what was left of Hollow Earth."

"What was left?"

"Adam had destroyed it with the Praxian device he'd rebuilt. He intended to go back in time with it and save his daughter - after he'd taken ours. When he opened the portal, I went with him. I stopped him from screwing up the future and have lived the past 113 years trying to interfere with my 'other self' as it were. It was quite difficult, knowing I couldn't do things like stop the war and save Ashley."

Nikola blinked.

"That is . . . a very vague recap. I wanted details, Helen."

"In time, Nikola. I'm far too tired to tell the entire thing tonight." She shook her head.

"And the baby?" He inquired, as if suddenly remembering the situation that had gotten them into this mess in the first place. Helen smiled.

"Clearly I had to do something. I took the idea from the one we'd come up with for Ashley's embryo - except our daughter was far too developed to remove, so I had to freeze my womb for quite some time. And let me tell you - being pregnant for that amount of time is utterly horrific." Helen said, chuckling. "She was born nearly a month ago, and is safe and healthy and utterly perfect. I kept the name Sophia; I hope you don't mind."

"Not at all. Where is she?"

"In a wonderful place." If possible, Helen's smile grew brighter. "I wasn't idle those years. Tomorrow morning, I'll show you - I need a bit of help putting the final touches on it, anyway. But you must understand, Nikola, that no one else is to know. Not Will, nor Henry - no one." Helen grew serious a moment. "I've been planning this move for a while now and I can't chance anything messing it up, especially the way things are progressing now."

He nodded again. His mind was foggy as he tried to compute all of this information spilling forward from Helen, who was telling him as if this were any normal sort of conversation. She'd gone back in time for 113 years for Christ's sake. How was he to accept that? And their daughter? His mind was starting to overload. Helen seemed to sense this, for she reached forward, catching his hands again.

"We don't have to worry about it tonight. Everything will make sense in the morning and you'll understand. For tonight, I just want to stay here - with you. I haven't seen you in quite some time, after all." She gave a meager smile. Nikola shook his head at her.

"Sometimes I wonder how I put up with you, woman." He muttered and it earned him a bit of a laugh from her. He bent down to capture her lips in another kiss, pressing her back against the bed. She responded almost immediately, body arching up against his. He heard her heels hit the ground as she sat up on her elbows, kissing him back with a ferocity he'd never seen from her before. It was surreal, and part of him wondered if he'd wake up in the morning with her still missing. After all, his brain did have a tendency to come up odd sort of things to cope - time travel could be one of them, invented to cope with Helen disappearing on him.

"Stop thinking." Helen whispered, lips near his earlobe as she trailed kisses along his neck, nibbling at the skin there. All coherent thoughts flew out the window then as Helen showed him just how much she'd missed him in 113 years.