Nick and Jeff had a fight and this is the aftermath. Sorry I haven't posted in a while, and sorry that this is so short. If you bug me more I'll probably write you more usless drabbles in my free lessons.

"Hey," His voice was soft and timid as he entered the dark room. Jeff didn't look up from his position on his bed, the warm glow from the lamp illuminating one side of his face. The pages of the book crinkled beneath his tightening grip and the words that had previously captured his attention were now blurring into a mass of strange symbols. "Look, I just came to apologise for what I said." Nick kept his hand on the door knob, as if holding it brought security and comfort to him; he was clearly anxious.

"It's okay man; you were pissed off, I get it. I don't-" The blonde hesitated, trying to keep his tone neutral. "I don't care."

"Well I do!" Nick snapped. Jeff's carelessness was starting to anger him. That was the reason they'd fought in the first place. Jeff had been detached like he didn't care about Nick anymore, like their friendship didn't mean anything. It frustrated Nick; he felt like he'd done something wrong.

"Why?" That was all Jeff could bring himself to say. And whilst he sat ignorantly in the corner – eyes unmoving from his book – Nick let go of the door handle.

"I care because," Was he going to say it? Would he take a risk and put their friendship on the line? Nick could handle the pressure of keeping it a secret anymore; it was tearing them both apart. "I care, Jeff, because I love you."

Nick watched his tense expression fall – in time with the book that fell so easily from his grasp – and his brow furrowed in confusion.

"Don't." He wasn't brave enough to look Nick in the eyes; he knew if he did, even for a second, he'd let himself believe that Nick cared. "You don't get to just walk in here and pretend you care."

The brunette couldn't take it anymore, they went days without talking and now they were Jeff looked like he was going to break down any moment. He let the door fall shut behind him and slowly approached the boy who was now fiddling with his hands in his lap. Nick reached out to take Jeff's hands in his own, and for the first time in days Jeff actually looked at him.

"Jeff, I love you. And I'm sorry if that isn't what you want to hear, but I need you to know that I care about you too much to just sit around and watch you cry." Nick's hands felt warm and comforting, like they brought Jeff back down to reality. He felt happier than he had in week, just letting the feeling of Nick's thumb smoothing over the back of his knuckles wash over him.

As Jeff sat there, staring into Nick's eyes, he could tell he meant every word.

"I'm sorry I acted like a jerk, and I'm sorry I said I didn't care about you. I was just… scared." Nick's grip tightened as Jeff spoke. "I love you, but please, can things not change? I love being your best friend more than anything, I don't know if I could handle losing that."

"We can still be best friends. "Nick smiled reassuringly "We'll just have to be best friends that say 'I love you'."

Jeff smirked, "I could live with that."

Nick leaned in slowly, pressing his lips to Jeff's forehead. "I love you."

"I love you too."

"I really do love you." Nick sighed.

Jeff laughed at that, "I really love you too."

"I can't stop saying it." Nick's ecstatic grin crinkled the corner of his eyes, and made the dimples in his cheeks stand out.

"Neither can I." They leaned their foreheads together, just sitting with their fingers entwined for a while. It was so peaceful.

"I love you, Nicky."

"Love you too, Jeff."