I have no idea what I am doing but here goes….. In my story Linc doesn't go to prison, I still have uses for him mwahahahaha!

My name is Elizabeth Pond. I get in trouble a lot, so my stupid foster parents are sending me to the stupid desert in Nevada. This is a death sentence for a pale girl like me I'll stick out like a sore thumb, you know what I hate thumbs anyway.

So anyway I'm to find Grace Forster at the airport this really piss's me off because how's the blind girl gonna find anybody. That's right I'm blind. I have a freaking Seeing Eye dog the whole 9 yards. I hate my life. But on the bright side I'm a freak too, I am totally mental and can hear animal's thoughts and speak to them. So there you go, feel free to institutionalize me it's nothing new.

It took 45 minutes for them to approve my dog and we missed my plane. I figured at that point I was headed home but no the torture continues. On the plane I was next to some stinky little kid who asked his mom every five minutes why I had a dog and he couldn't bring his.

So we just landed I have no idea how to get off the plane.

*How do we get off* I willed the thoughts to my best friend and sole companion Rescue, I saved him from an animal shelter now we take care of each other.

*This way* I heard Rescue growl at someone who squeaked and jumped out of the way.

*I need to get my bag first silly Rescy* I teased with affection. Wow does that make me sound like a marshmallow or what. I reached above my head for the compartment blindly (pun intended).

"Here let me grab that." I kind flight attendant grabs my bag and puts the strap over my shoulder.

"Thanks." I tell her, I'm trying not to sound rude but I hate it when people help me because it makes me feel helpless and useless.

*Lead on Rescue* I say playfully. On to the baggage thing how I the name off hell is the blind kid supposed to find her bag? Lucky for me Rescue my wonder dog saves the day and finds it for me, whoopedy freaking doo.

I kind of start wondering around this Grace lady was supposed to be looking for me, with the dog. So I guess I never explained why I am exactly going to Nevada so I am one of those kids who can't stay out of trouble. I'd like to say I was like a brick, but really I'm an emotional, when some loud mouth starts dissin' on me or my dog I punch the kid out. Done end of story. I got in one really bad fight and broke a kid's nose and knocked 8 of her teeth out and had hell to pay for it. So they sent me to the HARP to become an angel child ugh.

"Um dear are you Elizabeth?" An elderly sounding woman asks.

"Yea, just call me Eli though." I replied I hate the name Elizabeth it's something you name an old woman or an elderly cat you don't much care for.

"Well Eli say hello to Brooke and Kayla they are going to be the girls you're going to be in the HARP with, aren't you excited." She ranted in a friendly way.

"Oh yes can't you see I'm brimming with excitement?" I said in the flattest tone possible. "So who's Brooke And who's Kayla?"

"That's Brooke." Said a snobby sounding cheerleader type there was obvious disgust in the girls tone that made me bristle this was the exact type girl I hated.

We had a crazy boring talk about things that didn't interest anyone but Brooke who seemed nice and gentle not the type girl who would be in the bad crowd. I heard her ohhhhing and ahhhhing at everything.

We got in the car and the bland conversation matched the landscape. According to Rescue all there was, was sagebrush and dirt, with some mountains off to the side.

Grace said this was just a day to hang out and get used to out surroundings. She told us about our counselors how Jake, Samantha, and Jennifer were in school so we had some replacement teacher/counselors they were some of jakes brothers. She told us most of his brothers were done with school and 2-3 weren't going to college. Their names were Quinn, Bryan, and Adam. They were all 18+. It's amazing how much I've learned about complete strangers I don't care about.

I felt a slowing in the car and assumed we were turning, until we rolled to a stop.

"Oh dear, it seems my car has broken down. I hope the boys drive by….. Well I guess us r walking the rest of the way girls, grab all of your bags and let's go." Grace was walking away before she was finished talking.

If you think driving through the desert would be boring try walking through it, I was close to tears of boredom at this point. Lucky for us Brynna was on her way to look for us as soon as we didn't show up in time. She was in a van we all loaded into apparently she was in charge of the HARP program and delighted to see us.

By now all I want is to be at the stupid Ranch and for these annoying old people to shut up for 20 minutes so I could hear myself think again.

So I have a confession to make I was listening to them talk for a reason, you see my uncle lived in Nevada and had a ranch, so he had bought me a mustang for the HARP then I was going to live with him. So I was listening to any mention so far nothing. We slowed and again I assumed we were turning this time I was right.

We all heard the high pitched sound of an animal in a great fury or pain.

"What is that?" Brooke asks.

"That is one of you girls horse, Linc dropped him off earlier or well Jeb did. Hello I'm Dallas the ranch foreman if you need any help you can come to me or one of the other hands." Apparently that was Dallas he sounded older and I imagined him with a few gray hairs. But before a second had passed I was back to being focused on the horse.

~What is wrong my friend?~ I sent to the horse.

~Release my puny human! I miss my mares and colts give them back!~ The young stallion demanded.

~If we can be friends and trust each other we will work out a deal, were your mares caught like you?~ I asked gently

~No, they are free.~ he responded.

~For the time being I will be your herd I will prove that you can trust me and I will trust you. If you come when I call you can go where you please.~

I snapped back to reality in time for introductions.

"….. And this is Quinn, Nate and Bryan. Boys this is Eli, Kayla and Brooke. You girls will be sleeping in the bunk house." Grace led us to the bunk house.

"This is where were sleeping?" I happened to feel a bed and sat down.

" Psh, thank you Captain Obvious." Kayla sneered I knew she was trying to impress whichever boy she thought was cute.

"You're welcome Lieutenant Sarcasm." I replied I heard chuckling behind me.

"Yes you all will sleep in here oh by the way your dog can't be in here so one of the others will help you get around. with Jen or Sam tonight and maybe both tomorrow, Jen is busy today on her ranch but she will stay with you tomorrow. Now each of you put away your stuff I'll go start dinner boys' help the girls unpack and introduce them to their horses." With that grace was gone. I was a bit insulted and so was Rescue but I sent him outside.

"So what landed you here Brooke?" Kayla asked. I assumed she was as curios as me as to how the good girl could end up in any sort of trouble.

"My dad used to drink, and my mom did drugs, the treated me like trash never cared for me as a kid. Never taught me about Jesus or took me to church. One night in a drunken rage my dad used a gun on my mom and then took his life. I just lay behind the couch for 3 days. I was only 6 I didn't know what to do they never taught me to use the phone. My neighbor heard the gun shots and after 3 days of no one leaving the house she reported it to the police." Brooke paused. "I got really depressed after that and, attempted suicide 12 or so times. I tried drowning myself in the bathtub, hanging myself, I even tried jumping off the roof. I had nothing to live for, but I'm getting better. Why are you here?"

" I dealt drugs for my boyfriend. The douche bag dumped me when I got caught and started again with a blonde bimbo who happened to be my best friend. So I took my pain out of her face I put her in the hospital. They sued me for all I was worth then my boyfriend oops ex-boyfriend came back and raped me. and here I am." Kayla said she seemed to want a change in topic so she turned it over to me. "What about you Eli, you seem so innocent?"

"My dad raped my little sister then killed her so I hit him with a chair. He got mad, my sister was only 7 and I was 9, the doctors say they don't understand it but he threw me down, and started beating me like he never had. I was a bloody mess and if my dog Peaches I had before this one hadn't attached him I wouldn't be here. She tore his thought out, and they put her down. My mom was at work and came home to the house surrounded by cops I was the only one there with Peaches. No one listened to me when I said I couldn't see, they took me to the hospital but it was too late. Now I'm permanently blind. But my mom was devastated she had lost a daughter and husband. I didn't understand why my dad went crazy to this day I don't but-" I gulped down the lump in my thought this was the hardest part to talk about. "My mom went into depression and never recovered she tried to commit suicide every day for 6 months, until one day I went to the bathroom I was gone for 2 minutes, 2 minutes and she had slit her wrists the last thing she said was 'I will always be with you, in my closet is your Rescue' she kissed my head." I smiled sadly " And my mom's final gift was this dog I named him Rescue."

"That's not even the end, I was so messed up there was this boy at school who cornered my friend and me when we were 12 and tried to lift her skirt. I thought of my sister and lost it I broke his nose and gave him a black eye. I did the same thing to every kid who messed with me or my friends. The end." I said.

All of us girls seemed to forget about the guys until one of them spoke up.

"That sounds horrible, how did you three survive." The question was obviously rhetorical but deserved a sarcastic comment.

"Let's unpack I want to meet my horse." Brooke said. So there it went each boy came around and helped us each out.

"Hi, my names Bryan." A friendly deep voice said off to my right.

"Hello Bryan you sound tall." I replied in a friendly way. I heard deep chuckling.

"Let me see your hand." I held to out and he stretched it above my head about a foot. "This is the top of my head." I am crazy tall for a girl and stand at 5'8" meaning Bryan was 6'8" or 9"

"Wow you're a giant wanna help me unpack, you don't need to worry all my unmentionables are in my duffel so I'll unpack that." With that we both set to work we talked casually about our parents/ foster parents. He told me tons of stories about his brothers and how when his brother Quinn was three he had peed on Santa clause. I just about died laughing. And the time jakes pony ate his lunch. And how Sam had come over to their house and suckered Nate into a video game war and won forcing Nate to be her horse for a week. He confessed Sam was only 10 and had probably been allowed to win but it was hilarious. I couldn't help myself I ran over to Brooke who was being helped by Nate and asked if he wanted to have a video competition and loser had to be the others horse. He stood shocked for a minute before he said-

"Your on, I've practiced since I lost to Sammy."

"Really your gonna take advantage of the blind girl….. I'll have to have someone play for me I think I'll ask Sam" I responded only slightly worried. Soon only Kayla was still unpacking with Quinn.

"Can me and Brooke go meet our horses?" I asked.

"Well actually you have to wait for Quinn; he's the only one your horse hasn't tried to kill yet." Bryan laughed.

"Nice." I muttered to myself.

"Bye." Said Bryan "I have to take Brooke to meet her horse talk over what video game you want to play."

"Fine." I said crossly. "I have to figure out what video game Sam is best at."

Nate laughed. "Good luck kid your gonna lose."

"Are you done yet?" I asked Kayla.

"No me and Quinn are having a great time." Kayla responded in a flirty tone directed at Quinn, at least I hoped it was directed at Quinn.

"Oh, well Quinn is it more fun than that time you peed on Santa clause?" I giggled. I felt a hand on my arm as Quinn dragged me into the spacious bathroom still giggling.

"Who told yo- BRYAN!" I heard Quinn starting to pace.

"Hey lets go see my horse!" I said. "And you can tell me all sorts of funny things about Bryan." I said starting to drag him back through the main room. "Bye folks I'm going to meet my horse, I'm taking the only kid my horse likes." At this point we were at the entrance of the corral.