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Sam pov.
Me and Jake ran a playful race down the stairs. I was laughing hard by the bottom and my dad gave us a funny look. His eyes went to me then Jake a few times.

"Dad I have something to tell you." It came out as a whisper instead of loud like I had been hoping for.

"What hun?" His eyes were still calculating the closeness of me and Jake.

"Me and Jake have been good friends for a long time, and uh." I looked to Jake for help he met my eyes and rubbed the back of his neck.

"Mr. Forster, I asked your daughter to be my girlfriend and she said yes." He puffed out in a hurry. He look positioned to almost make a run for it. Weird.

I watched my dad for some sort of reaction. He just kinda stared at us both.

"I knew it was coming," He searched the kitchen and didn't meet my eyes. "Take care of her boy." He shook Jakes hand then scooted up the stairs faster than I had ever seen him do.

I met Jakes eyes and let out a breath I had been holding. We were still alive.

Eli pov.
Me and Quinn headed out like we always did at the beginning of the day to search for Moon.

"Where could he be?" I groaned. A frown plastered to my face.

"Could be anywhere, you never know with horses." Suddenly the sounds of leather moving smoothly between Quinns legs turned choppy. "What in the name of…?" His words dropped off and he urged his horse to a faster pace.

I pushed my horse and gave him his head so we could follow.

"Hello there Mr. Slocum, would you like some help with that?"

"Your one of those Shoshone boys aren't you?" The tone in his voice was rude; he showed no respect for Quinn and totally ignored me. For that I was glad, as guilty as I felt for feeling it I didn't want my uncle to meet me for the first time around someone he hated even if it was Quinn.

"Sir, do you need some help getting yourself out of that bush and on your way home?" Quinn sounded tense and troubled. He must be so uncomfortable around Linc.

"Well if that wouldn't be finer than a new cowboy hat for Christmas." He drawled lamely. Who did this guy think he was? What was he playing at?

After a struggle it seemed that Quinn got Linc unstuck and on his way. Our tracking of Moon could continue.

"How do you like your uncle?" Quinn asked reining his horse in closer to mine.

"He was mean to you like you said. I'm sorry he's like that." My frown deepened. "Why didn't you introduce me or anything?"

"Did you want me to?" He sounded surprised. "I figured you would want to meet him face to face when you weren't around me, so you could make a good impression." He confessed. Feeling guilty I replied

"Well you're my real friend, I have half a mind to go back and force him to notice me!"

"Hey now we both know that you don't really want that, come on let's find that horse of yours." With a huge sigh I agreed and we continued to ride trail after trail. Quinn and me were looking in every place where he had seen my horse previously, with no luck.

"Wait I know! He was a stallion he must have had mares right?" I asked.

"Well maybe, there were bachelor bands, males that roamed together until one found mares. But it's possible he could have had a few. That stud had a good head on his neck. He might have been smart enough to find a few ladies."

"Well of course he did he was a beautiful boy what girl wouldn't want to be with such a nice boy?" I asked him. He laughed at me.

"Okay, okay he was a very nice horse okay? We can keep looking for him, but we need to turn back soon. Let's go look up this trail I've seen some lone mares wandering over this way."

The ground under my horse was rock now; I could feel stones shifting under Jeeps steady barefoot hooves. He had been unsuited for hours upon hours of hard riding like ranch life required, so Wyatt had allowed me to borrow his dependable ride for the next couple days tell he felt better.

"You know what?" I spoke to Jeep. "Why don't I just keep you instead of that stinky range brat anyway?" I giggled to myself. And why not? Because he was more than just a horse to me, he was a friend. I didn't make friends very often and I could use any I could find.

"Did I just hear you call a mustang a 'Range brat'?" Quinn laughed.

"Just because I'm mad at my little horsey for running away." I laughed back.

"I know you are but we are going to get him back so why be upset?" He slowed his horse to keep back with mine and took my hand. I sighed quietly our hands fit together perfectly.

"I know I shouldn't be upset, but what if we don't find him soon? He could be gone forever couldn't he?"

"Bryanna would get the BLM involved way before then. You will have him back soon no matter what." He comforted me.

"I guess you are right, it's just hard to lose someone. I'm worried about him getting hurt or something."

"I think we need to talk about something. It's really important." He looked deep into my eyes.

And I could see him. I could see everything, what was happening? But I was back to staring at him and that beautiful mouth moving.

"You won't want to know this but I love you, so you need to hear this. Eli you're not really here and we both know it. You mean the world to me so this wont- it can't be goodbye so find me. Remind me how I feel, and come back to me. But for now Eli, wake up and open your eyes." I gapped at him. "Well close your eyes here and open them where you really are. Don't be selfish Eli your mother has been waiting for you for a very long time. So go baby."

He leaned over to me and pressed his lips to mine. My eyes automatically closed with his kiss.

And I opened my eyes for the first time since the accident with my sister and father, to my mother and a hospital room.

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