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Not A Traitor

Sirius arose to the sound of the birds outside his window. "Bloody birds" he muttered under his breath. He'd made a habit of speaking to himself since he'd been in that wretched prison. That's when all his thoughts came rushing back to him.

Sirius Black was many things but he was not a traitor. He would've done anything to protect James and Lily; he'd have even given up his own life before Lord Voldemort could've touched them. He would have duelled till his wand was snapped into two pieces. He'd do anything to get his Prongsie, his best friend and his only real brother back. He would even do anything to get back Lils, he had realised he took all the times she got him out of trouble for granted.

He'd get rid of his dull, dreary, empty house which he didn't want anyway because it brought back the horrible memories of his early dreaded childhood, all of his money and everything he owned if he could just spend one day back at Hogwarts with the Marauders when they were all safe, content and happy. When nothing mattered like when they pulled their fantastic, ridiculous pranks as well as making Snivellus hang upside down, pulling his pants down and just generally being a complete twat and a jerk to all the Slytherins who in all honesty really did deserve everything they got therefore making the Marauders behaviour excusable… but most of all Sirius missed his late night chats with James which only happened once Peter had gone into a deep sleep letting the saliva in his mouth drool down the side of his face whilst letting out loud snores and when Remus had got well and truly into his latest edition to his already very full bookshelf. They'd stay up eating their selection of Chocolate Frogs and the however many other packets of endless sweets that James mum sent them every week without fail simply for no reason other than because she loved the boys to pieces and wanted to be the best mother to both of them.

This was a good thing because in reality Sirius would never have got that from his own mother. His own mother would've died of laughter if he had merely suggested that she send anything to him but when it came to his perfect younger brother Regulus it was an entirely different story. He had hated how every morning at the Great Hall when the owl post came he would see the family bird sweep in and drop a stack of beautifully wrapped and packaged sweets and cakes onto the Slytherin table reminding him of how much his parents loathed him. Mr and Mrs Potters love made up for his failures of parents though. Sirius thought about these times so often he was sure that he could taste the flavour of the sweets in his mouth, almost hear the sounds of the crackling, bright fire and smell the essence of Hogwarts which was impossible to describe almost as hard as describing the taste of water. He was so sure that he thought perhaps Azkaban had really made him insane or demented. His life wasn't filled with the joy and warmth it used to be. His deep grey eyes which had flecks of light blue in them no longer twinkled like they used to. His eyes didn't even light up when Harry and the Weasley twins spoke about pranking ideas which was the Marauders specialty. His bark of a laugh and his smirk of a smile weren't heard nor seen anymore. It was more obvious when he tried to loosen up and interact with people because everything he did felt forced. Hell, even getting out of bed felt like a chore but he had to do it.

"For Harry, That's why you have to do it Sirius!" Molly Weasley began to say, uncannily in time with Sirius's thoughts.

"You're meant to be his Godfather and all you've done is mope about the house like some lost soul!" screeched Molly Weasley.

"If you'd been locked up in Azkaban for 12 years then maybe you would know how I feel!" Sirius yelled back, feeling his temperature rising.

"That is no excuse for you to sit around this darned house and do nothing and you know it Sirius! If I'd gotten out of Azkaban alive I'd be doing everything to try and get things back to normal again… well as normal as they could be at least. Where as you don't do anything! It's like you're not even there! The only people you say more than a grunt is Harry and Remus!" she shouted back at him.

Sirius had reached boiling point now, his voice intense and low "How dare you talk to me like that!" His eyes glinted dangerously.

"How would you feel knowing that because you suggested that someone else was used as secret keeper that your best friends were dead and gone?" he spat.

"That's the point!" Molly Weasley replied, her voice also low and intense "You can't change anything Sirius. Even if you wanted to, you know for a fact that no amount of magic will bring either of them back! Incase you hadn't noticed Sirius not everything is about you, there's a W.A.R. going on!" she said as she continued on her rant.

Sirius reached for his wand in his pocket, his anger wouldn't be able to be conveyed through any words.

"Don't think about raising your wand at me Sirius Black!" Molly warned and with that Sirius turned on his heel and began breaking everything within his sight or reach.

By now his dearest mother Walburga back had started to screech obscenities from her portrait on the wall.


Sirius didn't want to put up with her anymore so began to make this crash louder than he had before. The shelves collapsed with the flick of his wand and the 'noble house of black' china crashed onto the ground. He ripped the curtains from their hangings and lit them up in flames with another flash. He then laid eyes upon a picture of his family. It was from when he was 8 years old and his younger brother Regulus was 6 because they were only roughly two years apart the brothers were rather close and it emanated from the picture. The family altogether looked regal and definitely very important which was the way Orion and Walburga Black wanted to be seen. Better than everyone else. Pureblood. With one last glance at the photo Sirius slipped back into the memory.

28th February 1967

"Sirius Orion Black come down here this instant!" Sirius heard his mother yell.

"Come on Reg, we better go downstairs quickly considering it sounds like Mothers about to get into one of her moods." Sirius told his younger brother who looked fearful but seeing as it was usually only Sirius that Mummy and Daddy picked on he didn't appear to be phased by this.

"SIRIUS AND REGULUS!" they heard their mother bellow once more. The two boys knew what would happen if they didn't get a move on so they quickly ran down the stairs.

"Stop running you're making the lights shake!" They heard their mother say. Sirius rolled his eyes. For a boy of only eight years old he often had too much to say and would usually get threatened by his parents because of this so he limited it to facial gestures that he would only do once his parents backs were turned like they were now. It appeared the reason that Walburga had ordered the boys to dress up nicely and 'properly' was because today would one of the famous Black family photo shoots in which the best photo that was taken would be put onto the Black family Christmas card. Orion Black was dressed in a freshly pressed midnight blue suit completed with diamond cufflinks where as Walburga Black was dressed in a satin black gown which contrasted with her pale features and bright blue eyes which had grey flecks in – the same as Sirius's eyes. The young boys were both dressed in crease free black suits with crisp white shirts underneath however because neither was old enough nor had a high position in the family they did not wear a tie with the Black family crest like their father did.

"If we have the two parents at the back and the boys at the front please Mr and Mrs Black" said the photographer who was blatantly getting annoyed by the two boys who every time a picture was taken began to do something inappropriate or laugh.

Well in Sirius's case it was more of a bark than a laugh which appeared to get on the photographers nerves more than anything else the boys did. "Please will you just smile and wave at the camera!" exclaimed the man, his voice rising and becoming slightly strained.

At this point Sirius had realised that he'd angered his mother. His eyes went wide as he saw the glare that his mothers face was currently portraying. His mother whispered something in his father's ear and Sirius could feel his fathers anger.

Suddenly he felt someone grab a handful of his shoulder length hair and pull him backwards.

"What are you-" Sirius began to yelp only to be see his father pull out his wand and mutter "Silencio!"

He was then pulled into a room he knew as his fathers study. He always knew he was in serious –no pun intended- trouble when this happened. He was then thrown across the room by his father.

"How dare you act as if you are the scum of the streets! Do you know who that is? That is the photograph who takes all the highest pureblood familys pictures. He's also a known gossiper and now because of you and your lack of good behaviour I don't doubt he shall be telling other pureblood familys of how you have acted! I can't believe you'd show the behavioural traits of a mudblood or a muggle underneath our roof! Now you will pay for what you've done!" roared Orion Black. "CRUCIO!" he cried.

Instantly Sirius body went rigid with pain. He tried to hold in his screams of the torture he was experiencing. It felt as if his bones were being broken over and over, It felt as if every part of his body was on fire and he'd never be able to put it out. At one point he thought his head was going to explode. He didn't know if he could endure this for much longer.

"Just kill me now and have done with it." he repeated over and over in his mind. Who knew such words would truly be meant by a boy as young as 8? It was as if he would never be happy again and all he could see was darkness ahead of him. He thought it'd never end and that he'd go crazy but finally after what seemed like eternity his father finally released him from the spell that bound him with agony and suffering.

"It serves you right. Now you go out there and you behave like a true son of the Black family. You understand?" said Orion.

"I said do you understand boy?" he spat. Sirius just nodded still being unable to speak from the silencing charm.

As Sirius dragged himself back to reality he felt a tear leak from his eye. He hadn't cried in so long. He hadn't cried since James and Lily died. He hadn't cried since Natalia had disappeared and with that Sirius crumpled to the floor and let out heart wrenching sobs.

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