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"Late, bloody late again!" I muttered to myself as I pulled on another sock and tried to do up my skirt at the same time, only to realise that this wouldn't work as I fell into a heap on the dormitory floor and landed on my cat Opal.

"Bugger, I'm really sorry!" I said, swiftly picking her up and giving her a cuddle.

Just as quickly as I'd picked her up, I gently plopped her down again before scuttling off into the bathroom.

I splashed the water over my face and brushed my teeth before running back to my trunk and rummaging around for my books.

"Why didn't anyone wake me up?" I angrily said, chucking books into my bag.

"Friday, it's Friday! Two weeks into term and I'm still running late despite the fact I promised Minnie that I wouldn't be, bugger!" I quickly pulled my bag onto my shoulder, cursing everything as I walked out the door. Professor McGonagall was no longer Professor McGonagall to the boys and I, she would forever be Minnie in our hearts even if she looked like she wanted to hex us out of the classroom every time we said it.

"Talking to yourself again, Nat?" Sirius called from the bottom of the stairs.

"Yes, it's perfectly healthy," I said as I ran down the stairs before missing a step, tripping and knocking Sirius down as I landed on top of him.

"Bloody hell!" Sirius pushed me off him rather roughly and clutching his side as he winced in pain.

"Thanks for that," He groaned as he got up.

"Why aren't you in class?"

"Why are you in uniform?"

"It's Friday…"

"Actually, it's Saturday. You're such a hippogriff!"

"That is the crappiest insult you've ever come up with Siri-pops, be a bit more inventive next time." I laughed, patting his arm patronisingly.

"Go get changing then, James and I have a surprise! " Sirius pulled me up from the floor and pushed me lightly towards the staircase.

"Hey! Don't call me Siri-pops!" He added after a minute of processing.

I laughed and hurried back up, nearly going into the wrong dormitory on the way. You'd have thought that they would have a tag on the door letting you know which room belongs to which year but obviously not. I found myself rummaging through my trunk again, pulling out a faded old top that Lily had lent me and some things that muggles called 'Jeans' which I received as a present from Mrs Potter as a welcoming present.

"NATALIA, HURRY UP!" I heard Sirius call from the bottom of the stairs.

"Wait!" I called back, pulling the jeans up and buttoning them. My hair was messy from the fall on my way down the stairs previously so I quickly grabbed a hair bobble from my trunk and tied it up.

"I'm on my way down!" I thundered down the stairs this time, much to the annoyance of a sixth year in the corner who loudly commented on her views of me. I stuck my tongue out at her before following Sirius out the common room.

James was propped up against the wall outside the portrait waiting for us. "Take your time then."

"Our pleasure," Sirius and I said together, rolling our eyes at James annoyed expression.

"So where are we going?" I asked, following them down the ever changing staircases. The staircases made it so easy to get lost and where just one of the reasons that I was late to all my classes.

"Natalia," I heard a deep voice from across the corridor we had ended up in.

"Alexander," I nodded curtly.

"I am sorry things ended up this way," He began.

"No, you're not actually," I spoke quickly so he couldn't interrupt. "You're not sorry about losing me as a family member; you never really liked me any way. You didn't show me any kindness when I was your sister so I don't expect it now. You're sorry that you can't use me to help yourself anymore. So if you'll please excuse me,"

"Henry misses you, Natalia." Alexander spoke again, this time using something he knew would get to me.

"Well tell him I love him and that I hope I might see him sometime soon," I told him before nudging Sirius and James in the side causing them to send me confused glances.

"You know Mother and Father will find a way to bring you back, don't you?"

"They disowned me, I'm not longer theirs to control."

"Mother asked me to give you this," He handed me two envelopes, one that looked like a howler similar to the one Sirius had received the other week at breakfast and the other had my mother's elegant handwriting across the front.

"Thank you," I put them into the pocket of my jeans and waved goodbye to him, leaving him standing there as I dragged Sirius and James behind me as far away from him as possible.

"Natalia!" I heard him call from behind me, his footsteps quickening behind us.

"Hurry up, hurry up!" Sirius and James broke into a jog behind me as they tried to keep up. These boys seriously needed to work on their running skills.

"NATALIA!" My brother roared from behind me.

"What?" I spun round as he stopped in front of me with James and Sirius watching from the sides, ready to pull him off me if he tried to harm me.

"Please try and come back. I begging you, you don't know what they're going to do to me."

"I can't, Alexander. You and I both know that. They can't do anything worse to you than what they were going to do to me. You'll be fine."

"You don't understand," He pleaded.

"What don't I understand?" I snapped at him.

"They're going to make me join him, I don't want to. Please Natalia, I don't want to die yet."

"So you're willing to put me in your place? To let me marry that vile creature?" I looked him dead in the eye as I spoke, spitting the words out.

He cowered, saying nothing at all much to my disgust.

"So you would let me marry him?" I asked.

"Please Natalia, I'm begging you," He grovelled, tears forming in his eyes.

I smirked, letting out a cold laugh. "I'm a first year if you hadn't forgotten, Alex. Please just go, you can get out of this on your own, perhaps you could even follow in my footsteps."

"Fine!" He shouted as he punched the wall beside him, his knuckles bleeding at the hit. "I don't need you, I'll be fine on my own! You wait till the day I come and get you Natalia! I'm going to bring you down, kicking and screaming till you're fighting for your life. I'll be the one to steal your last breaths."

He lunged forward, whacking me on my shoulder and knocking me violently to the ground before kicking me in the stomach. I didn't move, waiting for his rampage to end.

Sirius and James pulled him off me. For first years they were much stronger than they looked and Alexander wasn't expecting it, he fell to the floor with a clunk.

"Stay – away- from- her," Sirius said, face to face with Alexander.

Despite the fact that Alexander was older than him, he was almost as tall as him and gave Alex a bit of a shock.

"GET THE FUCK OFF ME!" He shrugged off the two boys and took one last look at me before fleeing from the scene.

"Why do we always manage to get into strange situations?" asked James as he rubbed his shoulder where Alexander had head butted him.

We began to laugh, helping each other up and continuing on to the place that James and Sirius were taking me.

"It's right here!" Sirius exclaimed, pointing towards a painting of a delicious looking bowl of fruit.

I laughed at his absurdity, not thinking anything of it. "Sirius, it's a bowl of fruit."

"Yes but look what it does!" He rushed towards the painting, reaching up and began to tickle the pear in the fruit bowl and to my surprise it began to squirm and giggle rather loudly, earning an sshing from the painting of an unfriendly looking old women.

The portraits door swung open much like the fat ladies portrait and inside was a beautifully large stone room with a ridiculously high ceiling. In the middle of the room there was 5 tables laid out like the ones in the Great Hall. They were filled with food which was most likely for dinner.

Suddenly a small elf appeared behind me, tapping me on the shoulder with a squeaking voice.

"Winky!" I cried, picking her up and nearly giving her a heart attack.

"Please miss, put Winky down. Winky is afraid of heights, miss. Winky doesn't like being up high. Winky loves the ground. The ground is good to Winky, please put Winky down!"

I gently put her back on the floor, apologising for picking her up in the first place.

"Don't apologise to me, miss! " Winky squeaked.

I gazed around the room, taking in my surroundings. "So what is this place?"

Winky squealed, jumping up and down with excitement. James and Sirius just looked bewildered at her strange behaviour.

"Miss, this is the kitchens! " Winky pulled on my hand, leading the boys and me to a separate cosy room. Inside was a set of table and chairs. The table was laid out neatly with a slice of raspberry tart on each of the three plates.

"Raspberry tart?" I cried, running towards the plate.

"Your favourite, of course!" Sirius smirked, laughing at me as I didn't bother with the cutlery and began to pick at it with my fingers.

"Wait… how did you find out?"

"Just a well educated guess, I 'spose."

"Alright, we asked Lily what you thought about desserts and she said you mentioned something about there not being enough raspberry tart at the feast."

"Which is weird because there was definitely enough, it just disappeared very quickly…" piped up James.

"Wait, did you eat all that pie?" James looked at me suspiciously.

"Who, me?"

"No, Nat. Not you, the other person behind you who I'm talking to," sarcasm dripping on James' words.

I spun around jokingly, surprised to see a figure stood there.

"A lovely surprise finding you here, Mr Potter, Mr Black and of course Miss Vega," In front of me was Professor Dumbledore himself. He looked weary, holding a bottle of butter beer in his hand.

"I see you've found the kitchens?"

All three of us nodded politely, still in awe of the headmaster. He seemed to be becoming a frequent appearance in our lives. He smiled at us pleasantly before nodding and exiting the room, butter beer in hand.

"Well, that was strange…" Sirius said.

"Certainly was, wasn't it?" James agreed, attempting to coax one of the house elves into giving him another piece of tart.

"I don't understand though…"

"Understand what?"

"How did you guys find this place? I mean we haven't been here very long and you've already found an exciting new place."

"We just wondered, you were still asleep so we went on a walk," Sirius grinned.

"You found this place without me?" I began to fake cry, wiping imaginary tears from my eyes.

James and Sirius laughed it off.

"Do you think anyone else knows about here?" Sirius asked.

"Probably, we can't be the only ones can we?" James took another bite of his slice of tart. The house elf had finally agreed without little more coaxing. They certainly were much more eager than the house elves we had back at home.

"I don't know. Maybe we should make something, so we can find out?" I said thoughtfully as I attempted to grab a bite of James' tart.

"We're not that good at magic, Nat." Sirius spoke wisely, imitating various professors that we'd met in the last week or so.

"Fine, I see you point."

After a tense ten minute silence, it all seemed to click into place.

"Why can't we just write on the table?"

"DAMAGING THE SCHOOL PROPERTY?" Sirius squealed in a high pitch voice which sounded miraculously like Lily's.

"Yes, something simple. Tick if you've been here?"

"Tick if you've been here… tick if you've been here…" Both the boys repeated eventually decided that it was indeed a good idea.

"Got a quill? Or maybe just a sharp object," I asked them both.

"As a matter of fact, I do!" James laughed, pulling out a quill from his pocket.

"Ever prepared Mr Potter, 5 points to Gryffindor!"

"Do you think that if we say that, we'll get more points" Sirius looked at us seriously, earning himself a slap on the arm.

"No, of course not you numpty!" I laughed, poking fun at him.

"Probably because I didn't read Hogwarts: A History," He scoffed.

"Stop being mean to Lily, Sirius. I know you don't get along with her but there's no need for rude jabs." I frowned and crossed my arms haughtily.

"Oh well I'm sorry," He snapped back.

"You're such a troll, Siri-wiry." I laughed, James joining in with me.

"Alright, alright. I'll be nice to her."

James and I both raised our eyebrows at him, earning ourselves a sigh.

"Ish." He said.

"What are we going to do about Alexander?" I said abruptly.

"Nothing, I guess."

"But James, we have to do something."

"It'll be fine, sis."


"Yes, sis. We're practically family anyway."

"We've got to do something. I want to get him back." I said, jokily rubbing my hands together with an evil glint in my eye.

"Fine, a small prank."

I huffed, narrowing my eyes.

"A big prank, we'll go all out!" Sirius barked a laugh, who knows what was running through his head at that moment?

"We'll need the others in on it too."

"The others?"

"Remus and Peter," Sirius smiled, heading towards the door with James and I in tow. I quickly thanked the elves for everything they'd done, waving them goodbye before joining in the conversation again.

"I believe we have a practical joke to organise."

"Where were Remus and Pete anyway?"

"The opted not to come Nat. Something about homework…" Sirius mumbled, traipsing along.

"Well then, it's also time to corrupt them." I giggled, following Sirius and James along another endless corridor.