New Text from: Blaine Anderson

Blaine: Please be alright too. I love you.

Blaine: Things are awful here. My family is dead I think. I miss you, please be ok. You're all I have left now.

Blaine: I miss you so much. Please be alive.

Blaine: Kurt, I'm going to Lima. I'll check at your house and McKinley. I love you. Please, please be alive.

Finn fell asleep at some point, with his head under Kurt's chin and his arms wrapped around himself. Kurt looked uncomfortable, but made no sign that he wanted to move from his place, he even hugged Finn closer, so Puck left him there, keeping an eye on them just in case.

The night wasn't even close to over by then. The eerie sound of the silence outside only accentuated the small gasps and moans coming from Quinn, Finn's quiet snores and the way that Rachel couldn't seem to stop trembling in her sleep.

He could see Hiram and Leroy trying to keep Quinn's temperature up, and the way that Santana didn't seem to let go of the girl's hand. He supposed that, now that Britt was gone, Quinn was the only one that was really tying Santana to the way her life was before all this mess happened. He could get the way that she was trying to keep tethered to it when everything was going to hell. The whole situation made him want to scream.

There was some noise from outside the doors, people talking in rushed voices and things hitting the floor. He was immediately on alert. After a few minutes of that, there was the distinctive explosion of gun fire. He felt Kurt slip into attention at his side straightaway, holding his gun closer to his body at the same time he tried to rouse Finn from sleep.

The doors opened, Coach Sylvester and Coach Beiste all but run inside, carrying that guy from the hockey team, Rick, on their arms. He had a bleeding cut just over his eyebrow and he looked about ready to faint or throw up all over himself, maybe both.

"We need someone out there right now. Those guys won't be enough if they can't fire a gun" Beiste said, looking around the gym for a place where they could put Rick.

Finn was awake now, and Kurt was getting up and walking outside. Without prompting Puck followed him out of the gym, trusting Finn to take care of the bags with supplies while everyone was busy. They wouldn't trust them to anyone else, and Finn was in no state to go out and help.

Outside things were starting to get a bit crazy. It was dark, and the guys had little to no light to check who was trying to attack them, but it was obvious that the explosion from the gun had carried off through the building. Puck only had to point his flashlight to the end of the hallways to see some eyes reflecting the light.

"Kurt" he said, nudging the guy and pointing straight ahead.

"It's too far, I can't aim at him from here" Kurt hissed.

Azimio and Shane were aiming their guns to the other side of the hallway, with Anthony pointing his rapidly dying flashlight at something at their feet.

It took Puck a while to recognize the guy on the ground but, even with his neck bent in an unnatural way, there was no way to mistake him. This was had been on the band, the blond with the guitar. They had been there for so long and Puck couldn't even remember his name. He could remember some of the songs that the guy said he knew by heart, but not his name. Did that make him a bad person?

"Puck, the flashlight" Kurt reminded him in a hurry. He turned back and pointed at the zombie again, this time it was closer. He was moving slowly, but that only until he got the light in his eyes again. After a second, the guy hid behind his arms, he turned back to them and run. As if used to the light. And… wouldn't that be a scary development.

Kurt only waited a couple seconds, enough for the guy to get a bit too close for Puck's liking, and shot.

It was only a couple of shoots, but they went straight through the zombie's forehead.

The guy fell on his back with a groan.

"Geez, boy, who knew you had all that hidden" Azimio whistled.

"Shut it" Kurt snapped, barely looking in their direction. Puck just snorted.

Some groans came from a door close to the guys; the hallway was silent enough to listen. And they were on alert in a second, moving Azimio and Shane out of the way, swapping sides.

"Rashad, stay and give us some light would you!" Puck asked, throwing his flashlight to the guy as he made sure his gun was loaded.

The zombies didn't wait for him to check, and before he had had even started to aim, the door opened and steps could be heard, along with groans and growls that shouldn't be coming from human bodies.

Kurt started shooting almost immediately. Hitting creepers on their face or shoulders, but almost never missing. The same couldn't be said for Puck, who tried shooting them in the head but, fuck, it was difficult. At least these didn't seem to be limping any faster than usual, which was fine by him. They didn't need fast creepers.

The English teacher, one guy he didn't know, that guy from the cafeteria, that lady that waited at Breadsticks…

How had they even got there? Like, why did they think that going to the school was a good idea? Or why had they gravitated there when they were bitten? Did they even think?

"How many of these fuckers are going to pop up!" cried Azimio after a while, shooting on his side of the hallway too.

"How many did you kill during the day?" Puck asked.

"About fifteen?" Shane answered, uncertain.

"Well, that's looks like a lot for a day, but probably not enough… We must have shot about fifty yesterday at home" Kurt answered, and maybe Puck had a second of shock realizing that Kurt had said 'at home' as if it had been his own house, but that didn't mean that Puck stopped shooting. "And they come out during the dark, so we should be getting more or less the same numbers…"

"It's gonna be a looong night" Puck sang.

Kurt sniggered by his side as the guys groaned behind them.

It was a long night.

The zombies never walked alone, they were always in groups, and they were getting faster with each minute. When Finn and Rachel took over for Shane and Azimio, there were enough bodies around them to start pilling. And the boys looked green and tired. Kurt looked just as tired too.

"Hey, can you send Mike and Tina out too? We'd like to get some rest before sun's up and we need to clear the rest of the building" Puck said, sparing a last look at Kurt who seemed to be yawning too strongly to listen in to the conversation.

Shane just nodded.

A few minutes later Puck was dragging Kurt inside, to the place were Finn had left Kurt's bag and guns. Someone had thrown a couple blankets over them, maybe the ones that Rachel had been using before, but he could already tell that it was too cold for them to be any use.

They lost little time getting ready, taking off their coats to put them on top of the blankets so they could provide a bigger insolation while their bodies generated heat.

"Do you think it's safe?" Kurt asked in a whisper.

"What are you talking about?" Puck asked back, holding Kurt even closer to his chest. There was no resistance from him.

"Is it safe to sleep? Maybe we should try to sleep during the day, when there's less risk of someone falling asleep on their watch"

"Yeah, maybe, but we're dead on our feet. If we don't sleep now it's going to be us falling asleep while we shouldn't" Puck muttered against Kurt's hair.

"I'm so tired… but my brain can't stop working"

"Do I have to kiss you again?" Puck asked, not really sure if he was kidding or not.

"No, it's ok. Just hug me"

Morning came too soon for them.

There was a huge contrast on the way that the school showed itself during the morning compared to what they had seen the night before. Sure, the acrid smell of death was still all around them and there wasn't anything new to be seen inside the gym, but Kurt stirred in Puck's arms and he was actually able to see the way that his lashes started fighting sleep.

It was kinda cute.

A bit of 'adorable' in the middle of the hell they had been thrown in.

"Hey" Kurt whispered, crawling deeper into Puck's embrace. They hadn't separated at all during the night, they hadn't even moved, and it seemed that cold hadn't really hit them.

"We should probably get up, get something to eat" Puck wondered, not really wanting to. He threw the blankets over their heads, giving them a bit more privacy and some insolation from the cold that was biting their cheeks. With both their heads under the blankets, breath mingling between them, he wasn't sure he was up to face the world just yet.

"Don't wanna" Kurt pouted.

"Me neither" Puck laughed.

They had a few minutes like that, enjoying the warmth and feeling lazy for the first time in a while. Until Sue came and took their blankets from them, letting the cold hit them straight away.

"Wake up, lovebirds. There're zombies to kill before we can rest" she said, leaving their blankets a few feet from them over their bags, Kurt quickly got their coats to put them on.

"Did anything else happen during the night?" Kurt asked in the middle of a yawn.

"Quinn is getting worse, and Rick might have started a fever" Sue answered when they got close enough to where the adults were giving out cereal bars and tea.

"Is everyone accounted for?" Puck asked suddenly, looking around. Something was wrong.

"Santana is taking care of Quinn; Tina, Mike, Finn and Rachel are sleeping. Coach Beiste and Hiram just went out there, with Shane and Rashad to stand guard while we eat. Azimio is taking care of Rick" Leroy recounted.

"Where's Lauren?" Puck asked.

"Maybe outside?" Kurt suggested. "You want to check?" Puck just nodded.

They got their things, food and weapons and got out of the gym. Puck didn't need to see around them to know that most of the people inside were either unconscious or too worried to sleep. It did made him think about how the hell were they going to go about clearing up the building if half the people was out of commission.

On the hallway, sitting on some fancy chairs that hadn't been there when they were at watch, were Beiste and Hiram, Rashad and Shane seemed to be barely more awake than them, but they were still fighting sleep.

Lauren was sitting on a desk, leaning on a wall.

"Hey, girl, how are you?" Puck asked, sitting on the desk next to her.

"Ansty" she said with a weird smile. "And hungry, but I dunno if it's the Cheerio food we're eating or… you know…" she shrugged.

Puck just nudged her shoulder, and got a bit of a smile in return.

"What are our plans for today, Coach?" Kurt asked Beiste, leaning on the wall next to her.

"There shouldn't be any zombies in this hallway, because don't seem the kind to win a hurdle race. So we clear up this floor and check the upper floor" she suggested, hands on her pockets and a bat firmly in her hand.

"Is there even enough people for that?" Shane asked.

"Well, there'll have to be. We can't leave the gym unprotected, if this is where we're going to be sleeping and taking care of the sick people. So we'll have to divide, maybe in threes or fours, so that each group can take care of a wing of the building". The hallway in front of the gym was barely lit in the early hours of dawn but it was better than the languid darkness inside. The calm all around them was easy to mistake as peace, it was the smell of the corpses around them what kept them grounded.

"What are we going to do with all these creepers?" Lauren asked to those around her. "They smell really bad"

"We could try and bury them, or burn them" Puck shrugged

"What if it carries through the ashes in the air, Puckerman? I ain't risking breathing them in, man" Azimio complained.

"Maybe we could use them as bait. Leave them far from here and hope the rest of them decide to eat them rather than us" suggested Hiram.

"We could do a corpse wall like they did on 300" suggested Puck as a joke. The faces around him implied they weren't going to laugh about it anytime soon... except for Kurt who had an interested look on his eyes.

"That isn't a bad idea. We already know these guys aren't exactly climbers. And Ottawa's barricaded bridges were a clever idea"

"Yeah, we could barricade the streets around school and keep them out, at least it'll give us more time to deal with the creepers inside the school without having to worry about new ones" Puck added, smirking when he noticed the considering looks he was receiving now.

"Any car we find on the parking lot would be useful too" Kurt supplied.

"Where do you guys get all this knowledge about zombies?" Beiste complained. "We weren't prepped for this when I was at school"

"Lots of violent video games would be my guess". Hiram stage whispered to her.

"So what? We're just going to hole out in here until what? We get too hungry to keep on living? 'Cause we're going to run out of food at some point and cannibalism isn't something I'd like to try" Azimio complained, looking pained.

"Guess that depends... we could always gather a group and ransack a grocery store" Puck shrugged. "It's what we did about medical supplies after all"

"Dunno man, I'm pretty sure Wal-Mart and K-mart were in flames before I came here" Azimio supplied, while looking bored.

"Well, you can go looking for another place then. You're the one complaining about food after all" Puck got on his feet, Kurt going to stand beside him in a second.

"Maybe we could start splitting teams? And making sure that Puck and Azimio are really far from each other?" Beiste suggested.

"As if I'd want to be with his bunch on men in tights, are you guys gonna sing the zombies to death?"

"You sure you wanna talk like that to the dudes that actually know how to use a gun?" Puck asked while closing in on him. Beiste's arm kept him from going further, just as much as Kurt's hand on the back of his jacket.

"You guys want to cool it off. Nerves are already flying off the handle, and we don't want any stress related fights, we've more than enough with the zombies" Coach ordered, keeping an eye on Azimio.

Puck shrugged her arm off while Azimio just made a face and walked inside.

"Can you guys look out here for a while, I'll tell everyone else the plan for today" Coach started, walking inside close behind the guy. Shane stood up after her and told Hiram he was going to get Leroy to come out.

Kurt put a hand on Puck's shoulder and motioned him closer to the desks again. Lauren knocked her shoulder against him with a smile, and pulled a fist to bump. He did with a self-deprecating smile.

"At least we can count on Finn to keep the guns and ammo with him, right?" Kurt tried with an unsure grimace.

"We should put it inside a locker when we secure the main hallway on the main building" Puck supplied.

"We should put a little ammo in a lot of lockers, that way we could always find some if we ran out of it in a hurry" Lauren was smiling, even if she looked really pale and sick. "You know, like those zombie games, you always can find ammo in the weirdest place and it gets you out of a hurry"

"If only this were a game" Kurt sighs.

"If this was a game I'd be like… a super cute, size 2, blond girl with a gun, and Mohawk over there would be part of some police department, or cuter" Lauren laughed.

"I could totally rock some aviators"

"There're no open gay characters on zombie apocalypse games, right?" Kurt asked.

"There's a crossdresser in Code: Verónica, but I think it was the bad guy. Never played that game, to be honest" Lauren shrugged.

"Well, I guess you're ground breaking in every instance" Puck nudged Kurt with an elbow before throwing an arm around him and holding him close.

Silence came after a few seconds, the cold of the morning coming even stronger now that dawn was on them. On the other side of the wall, that separated them from the school, they could hear the slow sounds of the zombies going around, looking for food they were not going to get, to soothe a hunger that would never really stop.

The sky was higher on the sky now, reflecting on the snow they could see from there, bringing light to the corpses on the ground, and faces to the kills made during the night.

"Is that Miss P?" Lauren asked, pointing ahead to a red head that was tucked under some stranger's arm.

"Yeah…" Puck nodded.

"We should probably move her before Coach Beiste comes back" Lauren suggested, getting on her feet to do so without any other prompting.

"We'll back you up," Kurt commented, making sure that Puck was with him "just in case any of those isn't really dead".

"Can never be too sure" Puck commented.

"I'll watch over you guys from here, ok?" Hiram laughed, grinning when the door opened and Leroy came out of the gym.

Near the snow, under the outside hallway of the second floor, the bodies of the night's before kills were laying around, some closer to the gym than the others, but most of them close enough for them to notice the faces.

Miss Pillsbury was missing half her face, and three of the fingers of her left hand. There were tears on her clothes and a lot of dirt on her knees. Blood was everywhere on her skin, and the only thing Kurt could think was that it was better this way, she wasn't fit to live in a world like the one they were trying to survive in. There was no way she could've handled it.

It was better this way.

Lauren lifted her easily, draping her body across her shoulder in just one movement.

"Where do I put her?" She asked, making sure she was secure. There weren't any signs of life coming from Miss P at least.

"Dumpster maybe? At least until we get start on the barricades. This is more about hiding her than anything" Puck supplied.

"Yeah, poor Beiste had more than enough with Mr. Schuester yesterday" Lauren agreed.

The sound of the dumpster lid falling over the corpse was maybe too final when everything was as quiet as it was right then. There was echo and there were no other sounds that could mask it as it carried through the school. The three of them looked over to the gym; just to make sure that neither Beiste of Sue were out there, watching them.

"Is it cruel that I can totally see her freaking out about being in a dumpster?" Puck asked.

"Yes, it is. But I think we can all see that" Kurt answered with a grin.

"Let's get back"

"Ok, so, each will pair will take a stick and those with the short one will have to go inside the school and those with the large one will take the bodies outside-" Rachel began, holding a bunch of coffee stirrers in her hands. Sue just took all of them and threw them across the gym.

"That's nonsense. The big, weightlifting or burly boys will carry the bodies to the barricades. The rest of the men, the not so burly, and the women, will take care of the school. And the frail little ones with guns will take care of the sick people" she ordered, pointing at people with each of her descriptions.

So far she divided every pair they had already decided on.

"I'm not leaving Rachel alone" Finn started, after Sue decided that Kurt and Rachel had to tend to the sick people.

"We're not splitting" Kurt and Puck said at the same time.

"Tough luck" Sue began.


"No, you will listen to me. You will do as you're ordered and you'll do it with a smile on your face. The faster we get those bodies outside the school grounds, and protect ourselves from external dangers, the better. If you guys hurry on the barricades, then you can go back to your boyfriends slash girlfriends sooner" Sue began, not bothering in hearing excuses. "Remember there'll be more bodies to get outside as soon as the school is cleared, so it's not like your job will be done just like that".

Kurt and Puck exchanged a look. It was clear that there was no way around it, no while Sue was lording over the group, and neither felt the extreme need to change that situation.

"Shouldn't the strong people be inside, fighting the bad guys?" Beiste asked.

"No need, that's what Porcelain got all those nice shiny guns for, right?" Sue answered, not even glancing at Kurt to see a confirmation. That made him think about where to hide a couple shotguns immediately, there was no way he was going to give everyone a gun and hope for the best.

"I know nothing about sick people" Kurt commented. "When my dad was sick the only thing I could do for him was cook healthy stuff, and Quinn doesn't look like she'll get better with a soup. But I have really good aim, I'd be a lot more useful clearing the building" he added.

"I have no problem taking care of Quinn on my own" Rachel butted in.

"Yeah, no, a zombie will come inside and you'll shit yourself" Santana complained. "I'll stay with you and watch your butts. Lady lips can take my place inside the school".

"Ok, so, that's it? Gym is manned by Rachel and Santana; Brad and Tina can watch out on the Gym hallway; Sizes, Shannon, Adams, Rashad, Puckerman, and Tinsley can take care of the barricades. The rest of us go inside the School. Mike, Leroy and I will take the second floor; Hiram, Hudson and Porcelain can take the first floor. We'll leave the auditorium and the courtyard to the last" Sue said, making sure that everyone listened. "Now, get prepared we're leaving in 10".

Puck made his way to Kurt side almost immediately, whispering under his breath. "We need to hide some guns".

"I was thinking the same thing" Kurt whispered back. "We should take the shotguns, one each, and hide some guns on ourselves before we distribute the rest".

"Think we could do it before they get here asking for them?" Puck asked.

"We'll have to. Maybe while we get our things? Hide them inside your jacket; I know it has inside pockets. Mine doesn't, but I can put them in my waistband for now" Kurt suggested, walking Puck over to where they had left their things that morning.

The bags were there, just like they had been, completely untouched, under the blankets. They made fast work of their plans, trying to be as subtle as possible. They jumped about a foot when they felt the hands on their shoulders.

"We were just counting how many guns we had to give around" Kurt answered without prompting.

"I don't care. Hiram told me you placed a body inside a dumpster" Sue began. "Was it Emma?"

"Yeah, it was her" Puck answered, looking at the Coach, somewhat surprised.

"It was me who killed her during the night. I didn't want Shannon to have to do it, so… Anyway, is there any way, Puckerman, for you to make sure that that body gets as far from the school grounds as possible? I don't want Shannon finding her on chance".


"Ok, that's it. Don't hide too many guns, you won't be able to walk without them going off and shooting your gonads" she commented, before going away.