A/N: Welcome to Poké Rangers Hoenn: Season 8 known as Poké Rangers Samurai. Now, I did this because of the fact that Haim Saban brought back the Power Rangers in 2011. I did this because I thought it would be cool. It's a whole new story, so you don't have to read the seasons before. If you want to, go ahead. If there are guest stars from previous seasons or any references, it will be explained. Alright, so let's get this show on the road.

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Poké Rangers Hoenn: Episode 335

Centuries ago in Hoenn, the Fallen have come over to the region, trying to take control of the region and the world as a whole. Luckily, trained samurai appeared using the power of element symbols passed down from generation to generation. Today, the Fallen return to finish its task. Luckily, five rangers have been chosen to use the power of fire, water, wind, earth, and lightning to take down them. They are known as the Poké Rangers Samurai.

A little kid, who was at least eight years old was walking through the streets of Lilycove. He was having a grand old time, not giving a care in the world. However, he was just playing in the street. He passed a parking garage, which was old and creaky. There were cracks all over the place. A red glow appeared from the cracks. The little child turned around as red Charmeleon like creatures came out of the cracks. They wore golden armor with red swords and black helmets. Some had bows in hand. The little child was screaming as they turned toward him.

"AHHH! Help Me!" he screamed.

Suddenly, a mini red Torkoal jumped up in the middle of nowhere and started smacking some of the Charmeleon-like foot soldiers on the ground, causing the kid to escape. The foot soldiers turned around as they saw people in black cloaks, and someone donned in red.

He had shiny red armor on his chest that went to his arms. He had black armor down toward his feet. The black lines with white surrounding them connected on the red armor, to make it look like he was wearing a samurai robe. He wore a golden belt with a circle on the front. On his left was a golden samurai symbol on the chest. He had a sword in his hand. It had a golden hilt with a silver blade. On the golden hilt was a black disk attached to it. His helmet resembled a Torkoal.

"Attention, Fallen Soldiers. I have been trained to destroy each and every one of you. I thought you guys would never come back to the surface," the red ranger said.

"What are you trying to say?" asked one of them.

"That, I, the Red Samurai Ranger, is going to finish you off. Once and for all, let's go!" he said.

Chapter 1: Challenge of the Samurai

Based on: Shinkenger #1: The Gallant Appearance of the Five Samurai

Power Rangers Samurai #19: Origins Part 1 (airing September 2011)

"Artillery Disk," he said, placing a black disk into the hilt of the Samurai Saber. He headed straight for the Fallen Soldiers, cutting each one with his saber. He then jumped up and cut across the chest of one and the chest of another. As more continued to come toward him, he grabbed the arm of the Fallen Soldier and threw him down, cutting him across the body. He then cut straight across the two soldiers, causing them to land on the ground. He then charged toward the docks, continuing to slice across the chests of the Fallen Soldiers. Each Fallen Soldier screamed as they landed on the ground. Some of them even landed in the water. Looking up, one went to charge with his saber. Quickly, Henry cut him across and then cut another one coming toward him. Turning around, he saw two jump out of the water. With his sword, he cut the two of them across, causing them to land on the ground. He then jumped up and flipped over, cutting the train of Fallen Soldiers heading toward him. He immediately removed the Artillery Disk, causing it to disappear.

He landed on the ground and pressed on his belt. A red disk with imprints of Torkoal was all over the disk as he placed the disk within the hilt of the Samurai Saber.

"Torkoal Disk!" he said, spinning the disk. Flames spurted out of his saber, "Samurai Saber, Flame Charge Cut!"

As he cut four of them, the Fallen Soldiers screamed as they were on fire. He then cut again, causing five of them to land in the water. After circling around with his sword, the Fallen Soldiers screamed as they landed on the ground. A massive explosion occurred as the Red Samurai Ranger put the saber back into his holster.

"Perfect," he said.

"Not bad, Henry," a voice said.

Henry, the Red Samurai Ranger turned around. He saw a woman with blonde hair and green eyes. She was wearing a black karate outfit with a brown belt around her waist. The Battle Arena symbol was on the back of the outfit. Henry turned around as a red aura surrounded him. Suddenly, his suit disappeared and fire was unleashed from Henry's body. Henry had golden hair that was spiked with blue, sapphire eyes. He was wearing khaki sports trousers with a blue and white t-shirt. Finally, he was wearing a red jumper as well. In his right hand was his Samurai Saber in hand.

"Thank you," said Henry.

"Now, as a reward, why don't we go and have some tea at the Sakura Sasuke House?" asked Greta.

"Sure," said Henry, "I don't mind."

As they were walking away from the battle site, Greta sighed as she continued walking. Henry turned around, "What's up?"

Greta stopped walking. She turned toward Henry, "Henry, this could mean the Fallen are almost revived. We are going to need the other four samurai warriors that were chosen by the gym leaders ASAP."

"Uh…," said Henry, "I think its fine. If I can handle a small army like that, I can handle anything."

"You know, you are going to regret saying that," said Greta, "Especially, since you have to battle over a million soldiers. Also, I didn't spend over a million yen of gym insurance to have some tech-wiz help make the Samuraizers."

"I understand that. But, I always wanted to be a hero just like the comic books. I don't need four average samurai to help me. I can do it myself," said Henry.

Henry and Greta continued arguing throughout the whole trip to the Sakura-Sasuke House. However, down below the water, there was a red river. A red river that looked almost like blood with a black ship that was on the ocean, just sitting there, waiting for the opportune moment. The bloody river was known as the Sangre River, the river of blood that links to the surface.

"Mmm… the Sangre River," he said. A large Octillery with a pair of humanoid legs, dotted with suckers like those on his tenticles. He carried a pair of Remoraid guns, which can fire an array of different blasts, "It hasn't been able to rise in a while. We need to do that."

As he walked on the bloody rocks, the black ship was coming forward with the sounds of telepathic music. Inside, a female humanoid in the appearence of a Gothorita, but with curled ponytails that is inspired by Gothitelle's 'hair', with a white ribbon on top of her head was sitting in the ship, playing with the music with her gloves. She wore black arm-length gloves that are her primary weapons. She can infiltrate the world of the living with a human form, looking like a black-haired teenage girl wearing a Gothic Lolita outfit. She retains a few white ribbons and her gloves in this form.

In the room, the Octillery creature walked inside the ship, "Failynn, it's about time we woke up from this slumber."

She didn't say a word. The henchman looked around, "Where's Sangrexa, Ramnite and Romnite? Sangrexa was supposed to awake if the ship rose, right?'

"I don't know," said Failynn, "Why are you asking me, Kilocto?"

"Because," said Kilocto, "It doesn't make sense if the two of us are sitting together on the boat."

"Ramnite and Romnite are still sleeping," said a voice, "However, I'm here."

Kilocto turned around. A curtain was thrown backwards as Sangrexa showed his true form. He was a humanoid Gigalith with the head and colors of a Krookodile. He also had arms shaped like an Emboar's, but they are made out of stone like the rest of his body. Across his back, he wielded a pair of large broadswords, one red, and one black. On his chest he has the calligraphy symbol used to seal him away in ancient times. He also has 13 eyes spread across his body. The two on his head, with a thorn on his forehead, one on the back of each hand, one on each knee, and six spread around the symbol in a hexagon. His eyes are black with white pupils.

"Sangrexa…," he said.

"Shut your mouth," said Sangrexa, "Unless you want me to cut you to size."

Kilocto smiled as he looked at him, "Can someone give him sake?"

As Sangrexa sat down, the Fallen Soldier took out a red bowl and poured a bowl of sake. Sangrexa sipped the sake and smiled.

"Seems you have restored," said Kilocto.

Sangrexa laughed, "You have no idea how much trouble I had trying to restore myself, courtesy of the Samurai many years ago. Luckily for me, I killed all of the samurai before we had to lay waste here."

Kilocto scratched his head, "About that…"

Sangrexa looked up, "Yes?"

Kilocto sighed, "When the Fallen Soldiers attacked, it seemed that a Pokémon trainer is learning the ways of the Sasuke-Sakura Samurai technique."

The music stopped playing. Failynn looked up at Kilocto. Sangrexa then looked up at Kilocto.

"How?" asked Failynn.

"You mean… our first wave of invasion was a FAIL?" yelled Sangrexa, "How the HELL could you say such a thing? You better not be kidding."

"Unfortunately, I witnessed the teenager. He was able to… transform into those five elite samurai you annihilated," said Kilocto.

Sangrexa turned to him, "How?"

Kilocto shrugged, "I don't know, sir."

Suddenly, they turned around to hear plopping. They saw a monster that looked had the bottom half of a Venusaur and the top half was a humanoid Charmeleon with black claws and black teeth. It also had a golden helmet.

"Hey!" he said, "I just came to check on the great Sangrexa who is awake."

"Who are you?" asked Sangrexa.

"Fallen Commander Charmeus at your service," said Charmeus, looking at Sangrexa, "You look like you should've died."

Sangrexa stood up with anger, "Do YOU want to die?"

Kilocto, rolling his eyes turned toward Charmeus, "Do you know what you can do for me?"

Charmeus shrugged. Kilocto smiled, "Go attack the Hoenn Region while Sangrexa gets himself charged."

Charmeus laughed as he looked at Kilocto, "Sweet. I'll gather the Fallen Soldiers and start gathering screams. It's time to overflow this river."


The Sootopolis Gym was closed as two Pokémon were in the water: Pelipper and Marshtomp. The two of them were using water art as a trainer stood by putting his arms up, acting in the show. He has shoulder length black hair with blue eyes. He was fairly muscular as he was wearing only his light blue jeans and tennis shoes as he was performing the water arts. As he finished, the gym leader was observing him.

"Turner," said Juan, "May I see you?"

Turner turned around as he recalled both Pokémon into his Poké Balls. As he walked toward Juan, Juan took out a blue hexagon with a water symbol on it. Giving it to Turner, he looked at it. As Turner placed it in his pocket, he wore a blue and white striped shirt.

"You have trained to be a water trainer, a coordinator, and now achieving the rank of samurai," he said.

"I know," said Turner.

"Well, it's now time to put it to the test," said Juan. Turner looked at him. Juan nodded, "Turner, the Fallen has escaped and Flannery's pupil has already defeated the first wave, which means they are going to invade. You and the other samurai must be ready. Surely, they have trained enough just like you in order to defeat them."

Turner sighed as he looked at him. He was probably right.

Mossdeep Island…

Looking at her eight badges, all she kept doing was using a tiny saber, cutting down scarecrows around the Mossdeep Gym. She then reached her hand out, causing one to crush. She had shoulder-length light red hair, dark red eyes with pale skin. She also wore black metal frame glasses. She wore a pink shirt with purple tie and brown mini-skirt.

"Leona, good job," a voice said. Turning around, she saw Liza. Leona smiled a little bit as Liza gave her a pink circle with a psychic symbol on it, "You are ready to join the others."

Fortree City…

The male teen flipped backwards as he started cutting across twice. He then jumped up and landed on the ground. However, he dropped his sword on the ground and winced in pain. He committed a stupid action. He already acquired the square origami device that had a wind symbol on it, saying that he was able to be a samurai just like the other four. However, he decided to play a video game, smirking instead of training. He wore a green hat, black waistcoat and white shirt, blue jeans and green trimmed white sneakers.

"Winona already chose me… and now I am ready!" he said, playing a video game.

Mauville City…

A girl with pale skin, short silver blue hair and red eyes with bangs covering her left eye was listening to the sounds of the sabers as she went to attack. She jumped up and she
cut the plates that came from behind with a saber. She then bowed as she looked at Wattson, who gave her a triangle with a lightning symbol.

"You are ready," said Wattson, "Melody."

Melody nodded in response.

Meanwhile, in Lilycove City…

A group of teenagers were walking on the harbor. However, a red glow appeared as Charmeus and the Fallen Soldiers arrived. People started screaming as the invasion begun. Pokémon arrived to fight, but the Fallen Soldiers injured them and then started injuring the trainers.

Charmeus laughed, "Kill every human and kill every Pokémon. We need to overflow the river!"

On the other side at the Sasuke-Sakura House, Henry took out his pentagon shaped device with a fire symbol on it. It became a Torkoal. It smiled as it puffed smoke. Petting it, he then turned around as he saw Greta with a bow and arrow.

"What are you doing?" asked Henry.

Greta turned around, "You didn't hear the alarm? That was the sensor. The Fallen struck again and this time… a Fallen Commander is with them."

Henry shook his head, "Uh-huh and what's with the bow?"

Greta looked at him, "You know?"

Henry looked at the bow and then at Greta, "Greta, no. I can handle this myself."

Greta then pushed him to the side, "As leader of this house, I say you are going to have people help you. You will not be able to do this alone."

Before Henry could say anything, Greta released the four arrows. She then turned toward the house. As she entered the house, she walked toward the room where Henry would sit. She opened the backrest and pulled out a black box.

"It's time," she said, "To harness the mastery of the samurai. Take the Samuraizers."

Opening the box, Henry was amazed to see five red cell phones. Taking them, he walked over toward the entrance.

"I got to get there somehow," said Henry. He took out his Samuraizer, "Samuraizer!"

He then began to draw a symbol: 馬

Instantly, a ghost like Rapidash appeared from his Samuraizer. Getting on it, the Rapidash nodded as it flew across the Sasuke-Sakura House toward the city.


Looking up at the sky, Turner watched as the arrow smacked straight into the stage as he was doing the last bit of the performance. The audience clapped as he returned both Pokémon. Bowing to his performance, he picked up the arrow that smacked into the stage and returned backstage. As he got to the back, he opened up a piece of paper that was attached to it.

"You are summoned."

Turner looked at Juan, who was sitting there. He nodded as he rushed out of the Sootopolis Gym, heading out of the city.

Next, Leona was looking in the mirror, smiling as she was looking at herself when suddenly an arrow came across her mirror. She sighed as she looked at the arrow pierce her make-up mirror. She removed the piece of paper and read the same notice.

"Great," said Leona.

While that was happening, Jordan was eating lunch. Enjoying his food, he watched as the arrow went into his food. Jordan, freaking out, let go of the food and it landed on the ground. However, nothing was spilled. Jordan noticed the piece of paper and opened the sheet.

"Alright," said Jordan with excitement, "This is it!"

Finally, Melody was relaxing outside, looking at the sky. She then turned to see an arrow land right next to her. She looked at the arrow and opened the paper that was attached to it. Melody grabbed her backpack and she started walking and eventually running toward a black Hummer with a golden Samurai symbol on it. As she walked inside, the driver turned around and started driving east toward Lilycove City.

Meanwhile, things were getting worse…

People were screaming as they were being slaughtered by the Fallen Soldiers. The Pokémon also, who were fighting back were getting hit by the swords as well as being attacked by the bowmen. Charmeus laughed as he took out two double bladed swords. He cut fifteen cars immediately. Turning around, they all exploded. Anyone who was in them was killed instantly.

"Yes, the river should start rising," he said.

Driving across, the driver stopped to see Turner running toward the hummer, knocking on the door.

"I am here to serve as a warrior, master!" yelled Turner.

Melody, who was in the car, opened the door. She looked at him as she was walking down the stairs, "Um… I am not a master to anything. I am just a warrior just like you."

Turner nodded, "Oh, so you got the same note as I did?"

Melody nodded, "Yep."

She sighed as she went to turn away from Turner. Before Turner could say anything, Leona was walking in with her five pieces of luggage, chewing bubble gum, while wearing clip-on sunglasses.

"What the hell is this?" she asked, "I was getting my makeup done and this arrow with a little message broke my mirror!"

"I don't know," said Turner, "Nor do I care about makeup?"

"Excuse me," she said, taking off her clip-on sunglasses, "They were expensive."

"Oh no," said Jordan. He was walking down the street to meet the other three warriors, "You guys are my comrades for battle? Why?"

"Then you must be the leader," said Turner.

"No, I am not," said Jordan, "Nor do I care."

"As a samurai, you have to care," said Turner.

"Yeah, well, when I see the action then that's when I will," said Jordan.

"You will soon enough," a voice said. The four samurai turned to Henry. He jumped off the horse that engulfed into flames. He looked at the rangers, "I am the leader of this team… and you have two options. You can go back and live a normal life or prepare for the biggest war you'll ever have and die trying to save it. It's your choice. There's no pressure… yes or no."

Turner turned around, "We've been training for a good year. I will."

Leona nodded, "Yeah. I will. As long as I don't ruin my hair, I will."

Jordan sighed, "Do we have a choice?"

Melody nodded. Henry nodded as he snapped his fingers. The doors opened up. The rangers hopped into the Black Hummer and they drove off into the battle site.

"Here," said Henry, taking out packages of kimonos, "We're wearing these."

"WHAT?" asked Leona and Jordan.

Ten minutes later…

"Perfect," said Charmeus, releasing flames from his saber. The flames started burning people as well as killing them. He then turned toward a little Togepi. As he went to cut, Togepi started screaming. However, he heard a car stop above them. Looking up the stairs, he gasped as he saw white flags with the golden samurai symbol, "It can't be."

He then watched as the banner disappeared to reveal the samurai from left to right: Leona, Jordan, Henry, Turner, and Melody. They were also wearing kimonos: one pink, one green, one red, one blue, and one yellow. Henry turned toward the creature, "That's enough."

"No… are you?" asked Charmeus, "The next generation of the Elite Samurai?"

Henry nodded, "We're not just any samurai, we are Poké Rangers Samurai."

The samurai nodded as they took out their Samuraizers, "Samuraizers!"

Stretching them out, the Samuraizers automatically turned into red pens with black brushes that are tipped. They then brought the Samuraizers across toward their left shoulder, "Let's Samuraize!"

Immediately, they began drawing Japanese symbols: 火 (Fire) 水 (Water) 心 (Mind) 風 (Wind) 雷 (Thunder). They then brushed the symbols to the other side causing the symbols to face them and pressed a button on their phones.

Instantly, a red background surrounded Henry. Next, fire symbols surrounded Henry as his ranger suit appeared. A stream of fire appeared on his left side, revealing his Samurai Saber. Next the fire symbol appeared on his face as his helmet appeared last.

Next, a blue background surrounded Turner. Water symbols appeared and surrounded Turner, revealing his ranger suit, which was the blue version of Henry's ranger suit. A stream of water appeared at his left side, revealing his Samurai Saber. Next the water symbol appeared on his face as his helmet appeared. It was shaped like a Kingdra's head.

Third, a pink background surrounded Leona. Mind symbols appeared, surrounding Leona. Leona was dressed in a ranger suit, which was pink. It also had a skirt. A stream of cosmic energy appeared at her left side, revealing a Samurai Saber. Next, the mind symbol appeared on her face, revealing her helmet. It was a Solrock-based helmet.

Then, a green background surrounded Jordan. Wind symbols appeared, surrounding Jordan. Jordan was dressed in a green ranger suit, which was similar to Turner and Henry's. A stream of green wind appeared at his left side, revealing a Samurai Saber. Next, the wind symbol appeared on his face, revealing his helmet. It was a Tropius helmet.

Finally, a yellow background surrounded Melody. Thunder symbols appeared surrounding Melody. Melody was dressed in a yellow ranger suit with a skirt similar to Leona's. A thunderbolt came down the left side, revealing her Samurai Saber. Next, the thunder symbol appeared on her face, revealing a helmet. It was a Manectric helmet.

"Artillery Disk, set!"

Placing the black disk into the hilt of the sabers, the rangers struck their poses.

"Red Samurai Ranger, ready!"

"Blue Samurai Ranger, ready!"

"Pink Samurai Ranger, ready!"

"Green Samurai Ranger, ready!"

"Yellow Samurai Ranger, ready!"

"Poké Rangers Samurai!" yelled Henry, "Rangers Together…"

The rangers did a little envelop of their swords and struck a final pose, "Samurai Forever."

"Oh, spare me. Fallen Soldiers, attack!" he yelled.

The Fallen Soldiers started rushing toward them. Henry and the others used their Samurai Sabers to the full extent. Henry cut three of them all at once. He then jumped up and slashed three more. Next to him, Turner kept slashing back and forth, cutting the Fallen Soldiers. He raised his sword up to block one of their swords. He kicked him in the stomach and cut across his body. He then turned around and cut two more in response to that attack. Right after that, Melody pushed one of the Fallen Soldiers and cut across the chest cavity. She flipped and slashed another in the stomach. She cut another one in the face. Next, Jordan was cutting more that were coming toward him. He tripped and fell. He looked up and rolled across, blocking one of the Fallen Soldier's weapons with the Samurai Saber. He kicked him and cut him in the stomach. He then jumped up and slashed two more in the stomach. Then, Leona jumped up and started slaughtering the Fallen Soldiers with her Samurai Saber. She then cut across them in five ways. She stabbed one of the Fallen Soldiers in the stomach. She then cut him down. After that, Henry kept cutting the Fallen Soldiers in the stomach. After defeating the Fallen Soldiers, he noticed Fallen Soldiers with red bows and arrows. Pulling back, they released tons of arrows. Instantly, Henry started cutting them one by one. He then caught one and broke it in half with his foot. He watched as Turner flipped backwards and cut one of them in the chest. Soon, the other Samurai Rangers met up with each other.

"This is crazy," said Turner.

"You're telling me," said Jordan, "There's too many Fallen Soldiers."

"Well, let's do what we can," said Turner, "After all, we have to protect the leader."

Henry chuckled, "Protect yourself, Artillery Disk, activate!"

Spinning the black disk on the blade, he stretched his saber out. Instantly, a massive red machete materialized out of his saber. It also had fire like designs with the Heat Badge symbol on it.

"Fire Machete!"

He took out a red disk with Torkoal designs, "Torkoal Disk, set!"

The rangers were amazed by the size of the saber. However, Henry swung it around. The rangers hit the ground as the Fallen Soldiers were cut immediately by the powerful weapon. Charging in, he headed toward the Fallen and cut almost everyone that surrounded him.

"So," said Turner, "Two can play at that game. Artillery Disk, activate!"

Spinning the disk, Turner stretched out his saber. His Samurai Saber transformed into a blue bow with the Rain Badge symbol in the middle of the bow.

"Hydro Bow!"

He took out a blue disk with Kingdra designs, "Kingdra Disk, set!"

He turned toward the Fallen Soldiers who were coming toward him. Like a string shot, he pulled the string that was attached to the middle of the bow. Releasing the string, rain like pellets came out as the Fallen Soldiers were pierced by the attack.

As Leona turned around, she was impressed, "Nice."

She cut two of them in the face and then three more in the stomach, "Artillery Disk, activate!"

Spinning the disk, Leona stretched out her Samurai Saber. It was a pink circle with silver edge blades that were curved along the edges of the circle. The Mind Badge symbol was on the top of the plate.

"Mind Slicer!"

She took out a pink disk with Solrock designs, "Solrock Disk, set!"

She ran away, turning around. As the Fallen Soldiers started running toward her, the Mind Slicer started glowing with cosmic energy. Releasing the disk, the disk began to glow bright pink as the Fallen Soldiers were cut one by one. The Mind Slicer came back to Leona like a Frisbee.

"That's how we do it!" said Leona.

Jordan laughed as he cut two of them in the face, "Oh, really? Then, you need to see this!"

He stretched out his Samurai Saber and spun the disk, "Artillery Disk, activate!"

Stretching out his Samurai Saber, his saber turned into a green automatic fan in the shape of gun. It had a Feather Badge symbol on it and it had wind like designs, "Feather Fan!"

He took out a green disk and placed it on the weapon. It had Tropius like designs, "Tropius Disk Set!"

Instantly, Jordan stretched the Feather Fan toward the Fallen Soldiers. Pulling the trigger, a green wave of wind came out of his weapon. The Fallen Soldiers screamed as they were being attacked by the wind like attack. Jordan laughed as he looked at the others, "Awesome, huh?"

Melody shook her head as she cut the Fallen Soldiers in the stomach. She then saw more coming toward her.

"Artillery Disk, set!"

Stretching out her Samurai Saber, it turned into a yellow lightning rod with the Dynamo Badge on top of the rod. It also had black lightning designs with a place holder for the disk.

"Shocker Spear!"

She placed the yellow disk in the place holder. It contained Manectric like designs, "Manectric Disk Set!"

She then stretched out her weapon. Thunderbolts came out of it as the Fallen Soldiers fell down, exploding in response. With that said, Charmeus screamed as he released flames. Holding his Fire Machete, Henry was deflecting the flames. He then swung his sword and stabbed the monster in the chest. He then supercharged as he headed straight toward a pole. He then was cut in the stomach. A red glow surrounded Charmeus as he exploded into a million pieces.

"Nice!" said Jordan, "We did it."

"Cool," said Leona, "I need a shower and my hair needs to be done."

"It's not over yet," said Turner.

"What do you mean?" asked Jordan.

Henry sighed, "That was just the first life."

Instantly, the rangers looked up. A huge beast arose from the corpse and he was releasing Flamethrowers and Solarbeams.

"How do we defeat something like that?" asked Jordan.

"Uh…," said Turner, taking out a hexagon device, "Origami Zords, duh. Don't you pay attention?"

Jordan shrugged, "Well…"

"Now's not the time," said Henry, taking out his pentagon shaped like device, "Torkoal Origami Zord!"

He placed the pentagon device on the ground and took out his Samuraizer. He created an enlarge symbol: 超 on the origami. Instantly, the Torkoal popped out of the Origami as Henry infused with it. Inside, the cockpit was all red with a pentagon on top of the wall. A red light appeared as Henry appeared. He placed the Samurai Saber into the holster and put the Artillery Disk in the hilt.

"We're doing this," said Turner. The other rangers nodded as they took out their origami.

"Kingdra Origami Zord!"

"Solrock Origami Zord!"

"Tropius Origami Zord!"

"Manectric Origami Zord!"

Placing their origami on the ground, they created the same symbol. As they materialized into their zords, each cockpit was in their own ranger color. Turner, however had a hexagon on the wall. Leona had a circle on the wall while Jordan had a square with Melody finally having a triangle on the wall. They also took their Samurai Sabers and placed it on the holster.

"Let's do this," said Henry.

As they started moving toward the creature, Charemus shot flames at the zords.

"Alright, Take Down!" yelled Henry.

Torkoal charged and jumped up. Leaping up, Charemus was cut by Torkoal's attack. Charemus yelled as he landed on the ground.

"Don't be a show off," said Turner, "Melody, you ready?"

Melody nodded as she activated the Manectric Zord. The Kingdra Origami Zord released a Hydro Pump attack, wetting Charemus. Charemus then turned around as Melody released a Thunderbolt attack. Charemus yelled as he was electrocuted. Next, Solrock and Tropius came into play.

"Leaf Storm!" yelled Jordan.

"Psyshock!" yelled Leona.

Waves of cosmic energy came out with a cluster of leaves, combining into one. Charemus yelled as he was attacked by the attack. He then turned to see Kingdra tackle the beast.

"Dragon Rage!" yelled Turner.

Instantly, a blue flame came out of Kingdra, hitting Charemus. He then turned around as he saw the Torkoal, waiting to strike. Henry took out his sword and spun the disk.

"Torkoal, Overheat Strike!"

Suddenly, flames surrounded Torkoal as it leapt in the air, turning into a ball of fire. When Henry lunged forward, the Origami Zord cut into Charemus's body. Landing on the ground, Charemus screamed as he landed on the ground, exploding. The Origami Zords roared as they looked at the flames. Henry placed the saber into the holster.

"Victory is ours… and this chapter comes to a close," said Henry.

Five minutes later…

"We did it," said Leona.

"That's going a little too far?" asked Jordan.

The five samurai were sitting off the dock of Lilycove City. Greta smiled as she was walking toward the rangers in response to their good job.

"Good job, that was splendid," said Greta, "Rangers, sorry for no introductions. We can do so when we get to the Sasuke-Sakura House."

"Sasuke…," said Turner.

"Sakura?" asked Leona.

"Yep," said Greta, "Your main HQ to be exact. Come, follow me."

As the rangers walked away, Henry sighed as he looked at them. Turner and Melody walked quietly behind. Leona and Jordan looked at each other, shrugged and then walked behind them.

At last, the samurai gather together to fight a threat that could last a long time. What kinds of battles await the samurai rangers? Poké Rangers Samurai Chapter 1 ends here!

Chapter 2 Preview:

Henry: Jordan, grow up and actually learn to use your symbol power.

Jordan: I think we have more problems to worry about.

Turner: It's okay. Henry's got this.

Henry: Samurai Megazord Formation!

Chapter 2: Fantastic Samurai Gattai

Rangers: Samurai Megazord, we are united!

A/N: Not bad for the season premiere, eh? Well, the next chapter is coming soon. :D