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Previously on Poké Rangers Samurai…

The rangers meet Alice, the original Red Ranger and the ranger that mastered the Shiba Symbol. Henry, unknown about his true meaning, runs into Romnite. Dueling him, the other rangers convince him that he needs to come back to the team. Henry accepts at the perfect time. Sangrexa decides to create an attack. He absorbs Faylinn's body. When Alice uses the Shiba Symbol, Sangrexa was unaffeceted. As a result, Alice and Henry decide that they must destroy Sangrexa. So, as a result, they create a new disk to do so. Now, it's the final battle… half the Hoenn Region is flooded and Sangrexa is ready to go on a rampage.

The Samurai Rangers charged with their sabers as the Fallen Soldiers rushed toward them. Henry made the first cut as another 4,999 more needed to get slaughtered. As he turned around to slice another three of them, he threw one of them toward a pile and jumped up, He slashed them all at once as more started to come across the mountaintops. Alice, Jordan, and Leona slashed three of them on either side. They jumped over three more and cut them. They slashed more of them as they were coming down. Turner, Adam, and Melody started doing flips. They cut each one of them as a bloodbath was spewing. As more soldiers were being defeated, the river began to decrease in volume and inches.

In Slateport City, Kilocto looked overboard as he saw the flood coming down by the inch. He took out a golden telescope, looking to see the Samurai Rangers to fight. This telescope was able to see things far beyond what a normal telescope. Laughing, he turned to Sangrexa.

"It's obvious, isn't it?" asked Kilocto with a smile on his face. Sangrexa looked at him, "They fight and they don't care about their lives."

"That's a shame," said Sangrexa, "Humans, Pokémon: they are all selfish and I plan to wipe them out. I will not sit here and watch as this river goes down to the ground. The Samurai Rangers we'll pay! FULL SPEED AHEAD!"

Kilocto held on as the ship engines began to ignite.

Immediately, the ship began to go through Slateport City. It was cutting down trees as it cut through Verdanturf Town and Rustboro City, destroying trees and setting them on fire. The Samurai Rangers turned around as they saw the ship crash land on the mountains. Sangrexa jumped down from the ship and landed in front of Henry. He turned around, looking at the dead soldiers.

"About 1,000 dead thanks to you," said Sangrexa, "And now I'm going to stop you… permanently."

"We killed 1,000… how about 2,000,000 people… maybe more?" asked Henry, "You killed them. We have every right to defend what's rightfully ours and I will not let some demonic creature from the netherworld rise and take what's rightfully ours."

Sangrexa laughed as he took out his saber. He then raised it behind his back. He lifted his other hand and pointed at him, "This world isn't big enough for the two of us."

"Bring it on," said Henry.

Centuries ago in Hoenn, the Fallen have come over to the region, trying to take control of the region and the world as a whole. Luckily, trained samurai appeared using the power of element symbols passed down from generation to generation. Today, the Fallen return to finish its task. Luckily, six rangers have been chosen to use the power of fire, water, wind, earth, lightning, and light to take them down. They are known as the Poké Rangers Samurai.

(Poké Rangers Online logo appears with the two swords clashing behind them)

Clash, Clash, Clash, Clash, Clash, Slash

(The rangers take out the Samurai Sabers: first Red, then Blue, then Pink, then Green, then Yellow and then Gold with his Shadow Saber)

Clash, Clash, Clash, Clash, Slash

(The six Samurai Rangers raise their blades and then struck as the season logo appears)

Poké Rangers Samurai… Forever!

The past has now come back

(Fire symbols surround the Red Ranger. The Red Ranger looks up at the camera, revealing Henry. "Henry Morton- Red Samurai Ranger" created by Psyduck Ranger)

Evil has now attacked!

(Henry stands in the middle. Next, the Blue Ranger looks up at the camera, revealing Turner. "Turner Wolfe- Blue Samurai Ranger" created by NashWalker)

Symbol Powers awaken and now are fighting back

(Turner stands to the left of Henry. Next, the Pink Ranger looks up at the camera, revealing Leona. "Leona Evans- Pink Samurai Ranger" created by SSJ2PikaFlash)

Living by the sword

(Leona stands to the far right of Henry. Next, the Green Ranger looks up at the camera, revealing Jordan. "Jordan Singer- Green Samurai Ranger" created by Blue Bongo)

Dying by the sword

(Jordan stands in between Henry and Leona. The Yellow Ranger looks up at the camera, revealing Melody. "Melody Kirkland- Yellow Samurai Ranger" created by MakiZanaX13)

The rules of the samurai now come into play

Melody stands next to Turner. Finally, the Gold Ranger looks up at the camera, revealing Adam. "Adam Lecter- Gold Samurai Ranger" created by ReD rIvInG rAvEn)

(Adam stands next to Leona. The six rangers stand on the Sangre River as Sangrexa, Kilocto, Faylinn, Ramnite and Romnite stand together)

Let's Samuraize and fight together! (Samuraize)

(The rangers start making streaks of light with their Samuraizers, transforming into Poké Rangers. Henry takes out the Super Samuraizer and transforms into Super Samurai Mode)

The Fateful War is here… it's time to fight!

(Adam appears in Metallic Mode; Henry appears with the Salamence Battlizer)

Pink flowers start fluttering… with the power of Samurai

(Five-way split screen of the rangers using the Super Samurai Mode)

Fight with the code and save to protect!

(Henry spins the saber disk. The thirteen Origami Zords appear)

Clash, Clash, Clash, Slash, Slash! Victory will be ours!

(The Samurai Zords combined together to form the Samurai Ultrazord)

Time to follow the path of the warrior

(As the rangers walk toward the Sasuke-Sakura House, holographic images of the Samurai Rangers appear as they start swinging)

Rangers Together…

(The six rangers look at the camera one by one)

Samurai Forever!

(The samurai stand on top of the Shiba House with their Samurai Sabers doing a team pose. Based on "Samurai Sentai Shinkenger" © 2009-2010 by Toei and "Power Rangers Samurai © 2011-2012" by Saban. Do not own both series)

Poké Rangers Samurai Forever! Advance!

(© 2011-2012 Blaze Productions)

Final Chapter: Samurai Forever

Based on:

Samurai Sentai Shinkenger Final Act: Samurai Sentai Eternally

Power Rangers Super Samurai #20: Samurai Forever

Sangrexa stood there happily as his Fallen Soldiers appeared in front of him. Henry decided that he had no choice. He took out the Fire Symbol Power Disk that Alice and Henry made together. Placing it on the Super Samuraizer, he transformed into Super Samurai Mode. Alice, Leona, and Melody stood in front while Turner and Jordan stood in the back with Adam behind them.

"Alright," whispered Henry, looking at the other rangers, "My job is to pierce Sangrexa's wound."

"Say what?" asked Turner.

"Alice and I already discussed it," said Henry.

Alice nodded in agreement with Henry, "It's easy! Just remember, that this is a one shot deal."

Henry nodded in response. He then looked at the battlefield. The Fallen Soldiers started charging forward. Henry raised his saber, signaling the attack. The Samurai Rangers charged through slicing the Fallen Soldiers, making a clear path for Henry. Henry cut a few of the creatures as he continued walking toward Sangrexa. As Adam cut from behind, he noticed a couple of Fang Warriors releasing firebombs. Transforming into Metallic Mode, he cut the fire bombs in half. He then released metallic beams from his saber, destroying the Fang Warriors. Turner and Jordan took out their Hydro Bow and Feather Fan, shooting the Fallen Soldiers on either side. Alice, Melody, and Leona jumped up as they took out their Samurai Disks.

"Samurai Sabers, Princess Dance Slash!"

A blast of fire, psychic and lightning came out, making a vortex. The Fallen Soldiers fell within the vortex, destroying the Fallen Soldiers. Sangrexa's anger intensified as the Samurai Rangers landed on the ground. Alice turned toward Henry, who was charging toward Sangrexa. Sangrexa released a red beam from his saber. The girls ducked as Jordan and Turner became shields for Henry. As they took the hit, they landed on the ground as Henry charged through with his saber. He spun the disk as flames came out of his saber toward the tip of the blade. He then lunged forward as Sangrexa was impaled with the blade. He laughed, seeing sparks fly. He grabbed the saber and pushed it toward Henry. Henry yelled as he landed on the ground. Sangrexa watched as his white chest cavity had a deep red line full of blood. It was dripping slowly as he looked at him.

"So much for an imposter," said Sangrexa.

Henry gasped. He then turned to see the disk crumble on the ground. The rangers turned around as Sangrexa charged all of his power. A black aura surrounded him as he released a humongous black beam toward the rangers. The rangers flew backwards. As the beam disappeared, the rangers landed on the ground. Sangrexa then released three red bolts from his body. Explosions surrounded the Samurai Rangers. Henry and the others smacked their heads to the ground. Auras of energy surrounded them as their suits disappeared. Watching them lay on the ground, Sangrexa turned to them, "There's no point in killing you… I'll let the Sangre River consume you. Have a nice life."

He walked away, as Henry carefully got up. Helping Alice, the other rangers also got up slowly. Alice turned to Henry in response. Henry looked at Alice, seeing the hopeless come out of him. Alice shook his head.

"We can make another one," said Alice, "It's okay."

Henry looked at her, "Really? You are going to make another disk?"

Alice nodded in response, "Yes. I know it took a lot out of me, but we can do it."

"No, you can't!"

Alice turned around as she saw Flannery and Greta rush over toward the team. Flannery looked at her, "Are you insane?"

Alice looked at her, "Yes. I am. I am insane so much, that I would give up my life to save this planet."

Flannery looked at her in response. Henry nodded, turning to Flannery and Alice, "That's right. Poké Rangers never give up. We keep making plans till we know which one works. We don't give up."

The rangers turned around as they saw the Fallen Soldiers come up toward them. As one went to attack Flannery, Greta jumped up and kicked the Fallen Soldier in the face. She took out a staff, which was concealed in her karate suit. She cut each one of them in the stomach by stabbing them. They exploded into flames. Flannery looked at Greta in response. She then noticed more coming toward her. The Samurai Rangers took out their Samurai Sabers and their disks. Energy from their swords materialized as they raised their sabers.

"Samurai Sabers, Heptagon Slash!"

The seven slashes appeared, forming a Heptagon. The Fallen Soldiers exploded instantly. As they exploded, Flannery watched as the rangers stood together with Henry placing his saber behind him. Flannery nodded in response.

"Okay," said Alice, "I actually have an idea. I'm going to need not just you, but the others. We need to combine all of our symbol power into one disk."

Henry nodded. Alice took out a black disk from her pocket. The rangers spun their disks as they released the energy from their Samurai Sabers. Adam struck with his Shadow Blade as the disk began to glow bright black and gold with the six Origami imprinted on the disk. It was black and gold. Next, Alice used her symbol power and the disk went from being black to red. As Alice went to grab the disk, she landed on the ground. The others went to pick her up. As she carefully got up, she gave the disk to Henry. She even took out a white disk that had the number "2" on it.

"What's this disk?" asked Henry.

"Well, the first disk is our Samurai Shiba Seal Disk… using our symbol power, we can heavily damage Sangrexa. The other disk is the Double Disk," said Alice, "You can duplicate any weapon."

Henry nodded in response, "Well, let's go."

Alice smiled as she looked at him, "Have fun. I'm going to rest."

Leona turned to Alice, "You can't go with us?"

"No," said Alice, "I have little to no symbol power left. I got to recharge."

The rangers stood silently. Alice sighed as she looked at the rangers. Henry nodded as he stretched out his hand, "I want to thank you."

Alice smiled as she shook hands with him, "Now, go. Destroy Sangrexa before this region and the world gets destroyed."

Greta nodded as she looked at the team. She hung up the cell phone and turned to the other rangers, "Rangers, Sangrexa is in Rustboro City. We don't have too much time."

Henry nodded as he turned to the rangers, "Let's go!"

The rangers nodded as they started running toward Rustboro City.


People were screaming as Sangrexa was walking down the streets of Rustboro City with the Fallen Soldiers in front of him. The chase began and people were getting wounded or killed as they were running throughout the whole city. Sangrexa smiled as he slowly continued moving. He stopped and turned around. He heard footsteps. Noticing the rangers, he raised his hand causing the Fallen Soldiers to stop attacking.

"May I help you?" asked Sangrexa, "I told you to wait until the Sangre River consumes you."

"We're impatient," said Adam, giving him a smirk.

Henry smiled at Adam and then turned to Sangrexa, "General Sangrexa of the Fallen, your attempts to have conquered this planet have failed miserably. Like the other Poké Rangers in the past, we will defeat you. Your reign ends here!"

"Bring it on," said Sangrexa, looking at Henry.

"Red Samurai Ranger, Henry Morton, ready!"

"Blue Samurai Ranger, Turner Wolfe, ready!"

"Pink Samurai Ranger, Leona Evans, ready!"

"Green Samurai Ranger, Jordan Singer, ready!"

"Yellow Samurai Ranger, Melody Kirkland, ready!"

"Gold Samurai Ranger, Adam Lecter, ready!"

"Poké Rangers Samurai! Rangers Together, Samurai Forever!"

Sangrexa rolled his eyes as the Fallen Soldiers surrounded him. He turned toward the other rangers in response, "If you think you can defeat me… I want to see you try. Kill them!"

Henry raised his blade to the sky, signaling a charge. The rangers screamed as they rushed toward the Fallen. Henry cut three of them in the stomach and then jumped two of them. He cut two of them straight downward. Turner cut two of them in the stomach. Leona blocked one and then cut the creature. She turned around and cut the other one in the stomach. Jordan landed on the ground and cut four of them that surrounded him. Melody flipped forward and cut two of them in the stomach. She stabbed one of the in the stomach and then pushed the saber upward. Releasing the saber, the Fallen Soldier fell. Next, Adam turned around and spun, cutting all the Fallen Soldiers. The six rangers turned together as they took out their morphers.

"Like you can stop me," he said.

"Let's Samuraize!" yelled the rangers.

"iSamuraizer, Elite Power!" yelled Adam.

Transforming into their ranger suits, the rangers began to make pieces of symbol power.

"Symbol Power, Bind!"

The rangers released symbols. As Sangrexa was caught with the symbols, 結 (bind) appeared on Sangrexa's stomach. Sangrexa screamed as he then noticed Henry charging through, with not one, but TWO Fire Machetes. As he swung across, Sangrexa yelled as he was slashed twice across the chest and across the stomach. Henry then lunged forward and cut him across the body. As sparks flew out, he then noticed Turner with his Samurai Saber. As he stabbed him into the place where Henry previously wounded him, he spun the Samurai Shiba Disk. A stream of energy came out, hitting Sangrexa's wound. Pulling out, Sangrexa screamed as sparks flew out of his body. The rangers looked at Turner as Sangrexa started backing out.


He released a black wave of energy, which caused the rangers to morph out of their uniforms. They landed on the ground as buildings began to explode. Sangrexa yelled as he landed on the ground. An explosion occurred. The Samurai Rangers stood there in amazement as they looked at each other with smiles.

"We did it!" said Adam.

"That was simple," said Jordan.

"Too easy," said Turner, looking at Jordan.

Suddenly, the earth began to shake. As the rangers landed on the ground, they noticed a black vortex materializing from Sangrexa's body. The rangers looked up as Sangrexa enlarged.

"I forgot he had a second life," said Jordan.

Henry turned to the other rangers, "Let's do it."

Adam nodded, "Let's morph."

Henry shook his head, "Forget it. We don't have the time."

He took out the Super Samuraizer and took out the Ultrazord Disk, "Summon, all Origami!"

The rangers materialized from the ground toward their six main Origami as well as the other Origami that were coming behind them.

"Alright, guys. Now or never," said Henry.

"Mega Samurai Gattai!"

The back of the Walrein Zord opened up in half, providing an opening and two holding places on either side. The Kingdra and Tropius Zord were still folded into legs. They connected to the Aggron Zord. The Duslcops Zord formed the armor surrounding the Aggron. As its arms shrunk, the Solrock and Manectric folded into arms and placed on either side. The Torkoal Zord connected to the back of the Aggron Zord, forming a shell. The Crawdaunt Zord laid down on the Heracross, Persian, and Relicanth as they formed the Samurai Battle Cruiser. The four zords connected to the back of the Torkoal. The legs of the Persian connected to either side of the Solrock and Manectric arms. After that, the Salamence broke into pieces as it formed the face armor with the Walrein Zord. The wings connected to the two platforms that surrounded the Ultrazord as well as the body and tail connecting to the bottom of it. A loud roar appeared as the rangers stood in the cockpit. The cockpit was black with spotlights shining on them in their own ranger color. However, they were not wearing their uniforms.

"Samurai Ultrazord, we are united!"

As the Samurai Ultrazord moved slowly toward Sangrexa, Sangrexa released a golden bolt of energy. The Samurai Ultrazord was hit on the right side, causing the rangers to land on the ground. Henry and the others got back up, placing the hands on their sabers.

"Become as big as you want," said Sangrexa, "You can't defeat me!"

He began to charge a red bolt of energy from his feet and arms. He then created a wave motion, which caused him to make a red bolt of energy. Immediately, he released the red wave of energy. The Samurai Ultrazord started flying from the bolt of energy. The Samurai Ultrazord crushed one of the tall buildings. The Samurai Ultrazord fell to the ground as the building debris covered it.

Inside the cockpit, the back had some flames coming out of it as Turner carefully got up from the ground.

"Great," said Turner, "Well, I knew it was going to be tough… but not this way."

"His second life is so dangerous," said Melody, looking at the others, "Guys, are armor is depleted down to 20 percent. Another attack like this and we could be destroyed."

"Confirmed," said Leona, looking at Henry, "We might not be able to withstand another attack."

"Do we have a choice?" asked Adam, reaching for his saber, "Let's kill this b-."

"WAIT!" yelled Henry, looking at Adam. Adam released his grip and Henry stood there silently, "Don't use Symbol Power. Save it all… until we get very close. Then with one strike, we kill Sangrexa with it."

Jordan looked at him, "So, if we miss it's all over?"

Henry turned toward Jordan, "That's why we get closer, so we don't miss. If we have to go in with only one Origami, then that's what we need to do. It's a suicide mission, but we really don't have a choice."

Adam nodded, "Agreed."

"Let's do it," said Turner.

"I'm ready to give up my life," said Leona.

"Okay," said Jordan.

"The quicker we get this done, the earlier we can celebrate!" said Melody.

The rangers placed their hands on their sabers. The Samurai Ultrazord began to rise from the ground. The Samurai Ultrazord started moving toward Sangrexa. Sangrexa, expecting this was going to happen was grinning from ear to ear.

"Don't think you can kill me!" he yelled, releasing a blue bolt. As the Samurai Ultrazord continued walking, the Samurai Ultrazord was then struck to the point of where the Walrein, Salamence, Crawdaunt, Aggron and the Dusclops were removed from the Megazord configuration, revealing the Battlewing Megazord. Flames came out of the Megazord cockpit as the rangers continued on moving toward Sangrexa. As he kept swinging red beams of energy with his saber, the Battlewing Megazord was dangerously hit. He then released a blue energy bolt, which released the Heracross, Relicanth, and Persian Zords. The Samurai Megazord continued walking toward Sangrexa.

"Why can't you guys just give up?" he yelled.

"We're Poké Rangers," said Henry, "We never give up!"

Continuing their march, Sangrexa released a red beam from his saber. The Samurai Shield exploded as the rangers continued fighting. Henry sighed as he looked at the rangers and the cockpit. The cockpit was now all in flames. There were burns and bruises on everybody as Henry turned to the others.

"Let me just tell you guys now," said Henry, "I had fun fighting with you guys."

Jordan looked at Henry. He smiled as he looked at him, "Now's really not a good time for emotional drama."

Turner looked at him, "He has a point though. I had fun serving with you."

"Same," said Melody, smiling.

"I am so happy that the six of us can finally work together to defeat this guy. I sense we can overcome anything if we are together," said Leona.

Adam nodded, "I should thank you for allowing me to fight with you."

Jordan rolled his eyes, "Enough tears. Let's go!"

The rangers nodded as they struck their hands toward their sabers. As they reached Sangrexa, Sangrexa stabbed the Samurai Megazord in the stomach. Immediately, the Samurai Rangers took out their sabers and spun the disks. Sangrexa looked at them as they saw the Great Samurai Saber charge golden energy.

"Great Samurai Saber, Samurai Shiba Cut!"

As they struck down, the Great Samurai Saber cut vertically down Sangrexa's body. Sangrexa yelled as red bolts were coming out of his body. Explosions appeared all over the place as he stumbled backwards. He then stretched out his red hands catching the Samurai Megazord.


The rangers looked at him as Sangrexa started walking closer to the Samurai Megazord.

"Just because you defeated me, doesn't mean that there will be more. The Sangre River is still open," he yelled. Immediately, he landed on the Samurai Megazord. A mushroom cloud explosion appeared. Immediately, the Sangre River began to sink. The raging river began to head toward Lilycove City within seconds. Kilocto yelled as he headed back into the boat.

"I'm not going to die," he said, "I'll stay in my little corner!"

As the river began to sink into the depths of Lilycove City, the region was nothing but a region full of rock, courtesy of the Sangre River burning everything. Immediately, a green aura came from the sky as the Hoenn Region began to glow. The buildings and trees were rebuilt and revived.

Outside, Greta was running toward the city. However, she runs into the Hoenn League Gym Leaders and Elite Four.

"Have you seen Henry?" asked Flannery.

"I don't know," said Greta, "I saw them fight Sangrexa and then they… they…"

"Are still alive!?"

Greta looked up. She smiled as she saw the Samurai Rangers walking aimlessly toward the rangers. As they landed on the ground, the Hoenn League rushed toward them. Henry looked up as he saw the Gym Leaders.

"We did it!" said Henry.

"I'm so proud of you," said Greta, "Congratulations on a job well done!"

The Samurai Rangers gathered together in a group hug as they all were excited that Sangrexa was destroyed. The Gym Leaders and the Elite Four walked toward them. Steven walked toward them as he gave them six golden badges with Poké Balls on them.

"I present you with the Hoenn Champion Medals. Not because of the fact that you guys have never challenged us, except for Adam, but this shows that you guys are our defenders of the Hoenn Region, just like the other rangers," said Steven.

"Thanks," said Henry, looking at Steven, turning to Greta, "Let's celebrate!"

The next day…

"Ah," said Melody, packing all of her stuff. As she sealed her suitcase, she was lifting her suitcase toward the throne room. Placing the suitcase down, Jordan had his backpack on his body as he looked at Melody. He then went to hug Melody. Melody sighed as she wrapped his arms around her.

"So, what are you going to do now?" asked Jordan, "I am going to miss you."

"I guess go back to Mauville and be a very nice host to the Mauville Gym?" asked Melody.

Jordan looked at her, "Why don't you come with me to Unova?"

Melody looked at him, "Really, Jordan… you want me to go with you?"

Jordan nodded as he looked at her, "Why not?"

Melody smiled as she looked at Jordan in response, "I would love to go!"

"Hey, why don't we travel together?" asked Adam, walking toward them, "I can't wait to go too!"

"Sweet!" said Jordan, shaking his hand. Jordan heard the sound of footsteps coming from behind. They turned around as they saw Henry and Alice walking outside. He shrugged as he looked at the others.

"Okay, I'm going to find the source of the Sangre River and seal it," said Alice, "That way, we don't have to deal with them again."

Henry nodded, "Okay."

Alice smiled as she looked at him, "By the way, thank you for all the work you did."

Henry shrugged, "I don't know. I should thank you."

Alice looked at Henry and then nodded to herself, "True. But, you did most of the work."

Henry winked at her and started laughing. As Alice laughed, she turned around, starting to walk away. Henry sighed as he walked into the house, where they saw Leona and Turner with their bags packed. Henry smiled.

"So, what's going on?" asked Henry.

The rangers turned around in response.

"Well," said Jordan, "Melody and Adam are going with me to Unova so we can compete in the Unova League together."

"I'm going to audition in Sinnoh for a contest," said Leona, "And also a place on Jubilife TV."

"I'm going to be judging in So You Think You Can Dance with Pokémon," said Turner, looking at Henry, "My first show airs in a month so I got to get rolling."

Henry smiled as he looked at them, "It seems you guys have your lives planned out."

Leona looked at him, "What about you?"

Henry shrugged, "I guess chill. Maybe I will go out to Kanto and take on their Elite Four… I haven't decided."

Adam sighed as he looked at him, "You should go with us to Unova."

Henry smiled, "Thanks. But, I promised someone that I would hang out in Kanto."

Adam chuckled as he looked at the rangers. Henry sighed as he looked at them, "So, I guess this is it."

Adam nodded as he looked at them, "Well, guys… it's been real. Henry, thank you for everything. Jordan, Melody… I'll be in the car."

Melody and Jordan nodded. Melody walked over toward Henry and hugged him tightly. She turned toward Henry in response, "Thank you for everything."

Melody grabbed her suitcase and started walking out the door. Jordan smiled as he looked at Henry, he punched him in the arm and looked at him.

"You know," said Jordan, "I hope we can duel again in the future. Hopefully, I can still surpass you."

"It would be awesome if you did," said Henry, pushing him back, "Have fun in Unova."

Jordan smiled as he turned around, walking away from the team. Leona sighed as she walked toward Henry. She hugged him tightly. Henry looked at her as she continued to hug even tighter.

"Henry, I want to thank you. But, remember, don't let your guard down. If anything happens, I will make sure I get there as quickly as possible," said Leona, pushing her glasses back. Henry nodded as she grabbed her suitcase. Tears started forming from her eyes as she started walking away.

Finally, Turner stood there as he bowed in front of Henry and shook his hand, "Henry, good luck in everything. I really want to hang out sometime. Maybe we can talk after the competition."

"Of course," said Henry. He smiled as he saw Turner walk out the door. Henry sighed as he sat down and looked at the throne room. He realized how empty it was. He turned around as Greta walked toward him.

"So," said Greta, looking at Henry, "They left."

Henry nodded as he looked at them. Greta smiled as she pet his hair. Henry grumbled as he got up from where he used to sit. He walked over toward the backpack and grabbed his belongings. He turned toward Greta, "Thank you."

Greta smiled, "Your welcome. Shouldn't you get ready to go to Kanto?"

"Yeah," said Henry, looking at Greta. Greta nodded as she turned to Henry, "After you go to the Sky Pillar…"

"I know, I know… time for me to step down from my ranger duties," said Henry, smiling.

He laughed, walking out the door. Greta sighed as she looked at him and then at the floor, "Thank you, Poké Rangers Samurai."

The rangers were now finally finished with the Fallen. With the villains destroyed, the rangers can finally go on with their lives. Henry, however, has one more thing he needs to do…

Henry was walking up toward the Sky Pillar. Standing, he noticed six golden torches. Five were already lit with red energy. One, however, was waiting for him. It was a gold torch with a fire symbol on it with two swords on either side. Taking the torch, he touched the torch next to it, which released the flames.

"I, Henry Morton, Red Samurai Ranger, step down today as an active ranger," said Henry.

Placing the torch to where it was, the six flames began to glow brightly as the sun began to set. Henry knelt down as he was illuminated in red light. He knew this was the end to the chapter and a beginning of a new chapter.

Poké Rangers Samurai Chapter 51 and the Mighty Morphin' Poké Rangers Season 8 section have finally come to a close… for a new adventure of new rangers.



Greg: Invoke! Poké Rangers…

Rangers: Heaven Force!

Blaze: Join the rangers as they use invocations to save the Hoenn Region.

Rangers: Protecting the world is an angel's duty. Unleash, Heaven Power!

Chapter 1:

Greg: Hoenn… what a wonderful region!

Mathius: What's going on?

Aria: We can't get to the Rayquazian Kingdom!

Cloud: Guys… what's that?

?: We are the Warstar Empire. Surrender, for the Earth is ours.

Rich: Should we?

Troy: It's our only shot.

Greg: Rangers, let's go!

Poké Rangers Heaven Force Chapter 1: Heaven Force, Descend Part 1

?: Rayquazians, defending the world? This is going to be interesting.

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