Hotsauce was writing another Fanfic featuring himself having sex with Sweetie Belle.

He could'nt stand it so he started masturbating furiously, he was about to jizz when a vortex appered through his computer.

He was curious until he saw Sweetie Belle, Sweetie Belle landed on his desk.

They looked at each other in a blank stare, Hot Sauce was getting horny and part of him told him to have some fun with her. Sweetie Belle smiled and introduced herself, Hotsauce gave her the creepiest face she has ever seen.

She started getting nervous, Hot Sauce backs her in a corner with his junk hanging out.

He then heard a familiar voice, a voice he never likes hearing, he turns his back to see Rarity with a pissed off look on her face.

What are you doing to my little sister? Rarity asked,

Nothing, I was just welcoming her, Hot Sauce said,

Bullcrap Rarity screamed,

I know what your going to do, you touch my little sister, I will muder you, Rarity said

Hotsauce laughed, what are you going to do? Your just a retarded slut with no personality Hotsauce said

Then he looked to see that Rarity looks like she is going to murder someone.

Hotsauce then runs out of his room while Rarity gives chase.

He runs down the road with Rarity closing in.

you think I'm a slut huh? well? will a slut do this? Rarity asked

As Rarity threw a knife at him almost missing him, he keeps running until Rainbow Dash steps in his way.

I'm a bitch huh? she said in a pissed off voice.

Hotsauce can't move as he is frightened at the fact that Rainbow Dash is standing in front of him.

Hot Sauce runs in the other direction but Rainbow Dashes speed beats him without even trying as she knocks him over.

Hot Sauce lands to the ground trying to catch his breath.

He sees a hoof closing in on him as Rainbow Dash beats him to a bloody pulp.

Rarity joins in the fun as they almost killed him.

After they are finished with their beating to the pedophile, Sweetie Belle starts to cry as she asks her big sister to stop because she wants to go home. Rarity puts a hoof on his chest cutting his air.

If I catch you writing another fanfic featuring you having sex with my little sister, I will make sure you will never write another fanfic ever again. Rainbow Dash kicks him in the head as they both went back back home in another vortex.

Hotsauce scarps every Fanfic that he was working on and goes to the mental hospital.

The End

I hope you enjoyed my first fanfic, if you want to see more MLP fanfics I am always availible for requests,

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