"…the two victims of the incident at the neighboring city's 'underworld' died this morning. The first victim, whose name and age are unknown, stabbed Roxas Juusan, aged sixteen, in the chest before succumbing to the poison he consumed earlier that day. During the autopsy it was confirmed that both men had a similar chemical in their bloodstreams but it was stationary until exposed to the air. It was possible that…"

Sora and Riku are watching the news at the Juusan household. The brunet has been quiet since the incident and his companion doesn't know how to console him. Mrs. Juusan is turning the other cheek, as always, despite the fact that the bodies are at her hospital.

"…the mystery man was using Roxas as a source of nourishment before his untimely demise. His doctor offered to save him or at least stall the poison's effects but the man said, quote, 'I'd rather die than become whole again', end quote. According to Xenmas Ichi, the CEO of the Renovation Corporation, the unknown man's twin needed him for medical reasons. Unfortunately, his brother was turned down as well. Had the man no heart?"

Ventus is watching at the Trelos Mental Institution. He's there to inform the woman at the front desk that he may have to admit a new patient. He believes that he can help his friend, prevent him from snapping, since he caught the abnormalities early. The mentioning of Roxas on the news catches his attention. Although he's only known the boy for a brief time his heart sinks. The boy was still a part of him…

"Hello Roxy," an unfamiliar voice calls him while he waits for the worker to search for openings. He whirls around to see a pretty girl with unkempt black hair and bandages on her eye. He recognizes her as the girl who was carried out of the Corp on a stretcher. Based on her clothing, she lives here.

"I'm Ventus," he corrects her again. "Roxas…is gone…"

"…I see," she looks down. "Well, I hope the prophecy came true."

"…What prophecy?"

"It's pretty well-known among Reaper worshipers. Basically it said Roxas was going to make an organization grow stronger. Not sure how, but as long as it happened… Say, are you okay? You look kinda sick..."