I have decided that there had to be one more ZombieDick story before I leave. It would be a shame not to have it!

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Robin whistled as he stepped out of the bathroom, fresh out of the shower from his morning training. It was only six o'clock in the morning – considering he liked to finish up early, before the rest awoke – and decided to go back to bed to see if Starfire was up for some morning sex.

As he began to walk in the direction of their room, he noticed an odd shadow. He followed it until he came to another corner, seeing that…a small trap door that was slightly astray was creating it. He wondered how he had never seen it before, but was more curious as to where it led. He opened it up a little farther and heard howling, as well as seductive music. What the hell?

"Mmm, oh X'hal…"

Okay, now he was worried. Was Starfire keeping some sort of secret room for a steamy love affair? The thought made his blood boil. He had to keep stealthy, though. He opened the door just enough for him to fit through, and then closed it all the way behind him as quietly as possible. He was met with a series of stairs, of which he began to climb down cautiously. As he went down one flight, he could see a flickering light – the room was being lit by candles. Much too romantic for anything but an affair. He growled in his head as he continued down, getting closer and closer to his destination.

He slowed a bit when he was able to see movement below, though not enough to see who it was, or what it was doing. He pressed his back firmly against the wall and leaned over slightly to see what he noticed. His eyes widened and he nearly fell.

It was him.

Not just any him, though. It was a naked him. On a pole. Dancing.

He watched, in shock, as the makeshift him spun around the pole to the beat of the music, flashing sexy looks in the direction below, behind him. He desperately wanted to see who he was flashing that smile at.

More howling when he saw himself flex his ass muscles, out of anything. He crept down a little farther, not able to tear his eyes from, well, himself. He had to admit, he was damn fine. He wondered idly if his ass had a fan club, after all of the small articles in teen magazines that talked of it. He shuddered.

"Mmm, faster!"

He stilled at the voice of his girlfriend, and then watched the, well, Dick on the pole twirl faster while giving hip thrusts. He had enough.

He stomped down the rest of the stairs and jumped out, pointing a finger at the ZombieDick as he narrowed his eyes at his girlfriend. "What the hell is this, Starfire?"

She bit her lip and laughed sheepishly. "Um…"

He shook his head, and noticed a slightly opened door where the music was coming from. He looked at her suspiciously and moved toward the door.

Starfire eyes widened as she shook her head. "No, no, no, no –"


Starfire deflated. "Ohh…"

As you can see NO ONE can resist the ZombieDick. No one.

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