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By WonderlandIsAnIllusion

Harley Keiner woke up with his arms around Joey Epstein and he was still inside of the smaller teen. His head was throbbing, he had too much beer last night, and looks like he fucked his petite lackey last night. Harley pulled himself slowly out of Joey's hole and decided to wake up his lackey by shoving him off of the bed.

"Huh? What did I do wrong, Harley?"

"Cork it."

"My ass hurts a bit for some reas-"

"I said cork it, Joey."

"Alright, I'll be corki-"

Harley grabbed Joey's wrists, pulled him up onto the bed, Joey's back was flat on the bed, and he looked down at his confused lackey.

"Wanna know why your ass is hurting?"

"Is it because you shoved me off the bed?"

"What can ya recall from last night."

"Nothin, Harley. I got a headache had too much beer."

"I'll give you a little reminder." Harley said calmly as he opened up his lackey's legs and slowly slipped his manhood inside of Joey's hole. "If ya tell anyone about me fucking you-"

"I don't got anybody to tell, Harley. It feels kinda good-"

Harley started moving inside, his hands toying with Joey's nipples, and he heard the smaller teen moaning loudly.

"Ngh, Harley-"

"Cork it."

"I'm trying, but it feels so good and-"

Harley kissed Joey on the lips, muffling the moans, and thoroughly exploring his lackey's mouth. He came inside of Joey and kept on going. Muffling Joey's moans, toying with those nipples, and fucking him all at the same time. He considers himself to be good at multitasking and decided to move his right down to grope Joey's right butt cheek.

Harley moved his lips onto Joey's neck, making hickey's, and drawing a little blood. He listened to his lackey's lewd moaning and decided to suckle Joey's sensitive nipples which caused Joey to moan louder, legs opening up to give even more access, and Harley went deeper inside of his lackey. After a while the taller teen pulled out and looked at his lackey.

"Is this gonna be a one or second or several time thing, Harley?" Joey asked curiously, but then he was against the wall and Harley's two finger slipped inside of him.

"It's gonna last as long as I say it's gonna last. Got that Joey?"

"I got it, Harley."

"Good because if ya didn't then I would have to hurt you. I have heard sex helps cure hangovers and I'll be having ya until my head stops throbbing."

"I'm torn between wanting ya headache being cured and not wanting ya headache to be cured."

"Cork it and put your mouth to use on my cock. Got it, Joey?" Harley stated firmly and Joey nodded before going between the taller teen's legs.

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