The saiyan's hair blew easily in the breeze, and he stared across the backdrop of West City, his heavy denim garments fluttering softly as he stood motionless for many minutes, reflecting on his choice to leave.

This had been his home for years. But it had served as a prison for him as of late, his wife, home, and integrity stolen by his longtime rival.

Turning on his heel, he put his back to the city, a duffle bag slung over one shoulder, and sighed. The Prince of Saiyans knew that he had to move on—to go see the world and start a new life somewhere else.

Striding slowly on a long, lonely road, Vegeta was flanked by tall grass and shining meadows up ahead. He walked on, deciding to simply forget about Bulma, and to forget about Kakarrot. They were fools.

That was the truth of it.

Vegeta walked, and kept on walking, until the light of the sky was transitioning to a soft orange-pink hue.

As the prince made his way down the road, he spied another figure, walking on the road ahead of him. He picked up his pace to meet the man ahead. Once he did, he called out to him.

Dark Vegeta regarded him curiously.

The saiyan prince looked Dark Vegeta in the face, no amount of hostility coming to him in that moment.

Yes, things would be different this time around.

"Well met," was all Vegeta offered, and he looked ahead. Apparently that was confirmation enough for the seemingly downtrodden Dark Vegeta, and they knew that they were now traveling companions.

On they walked, facing the sunset.

Toward a new existence.

Indeed, toward a new life.

"ACK!" coughed a customer, suddenly clutching his throat, dropping his prize—a chip with a generous amount of dip on it—and flailing his arms about, trying to catch a handhold on his fellow consumers. "Poison…" he muttered, and he collapsed.

A general panic arose in within the ranks of the customers, and screams and shouts erupted from the folks who had been mingling and eating the delicious—and poisonous—chips and dip.

"Poison!?" cried Tarble in similar panic, turning on Piccolo. "What the fuck1?"

"I have no idea," agreed Piccolo. "But I think it'd be best to get our asses out of here as quickly as possible." he explained.

Amidst the ruckus, the Saiyan and the Namekian picked up their tent and other assets, then vanished, leaving the poisoned customers to their own devices.

And Piccolo and Tarble never mentioned it again.

A year had passed by without much excitement, and Krillin had been rehabilitated by Goku again.

"I hope you're proud of yourself as we are, Krillin!" Goku congratulated his second-time graduated friend. "You certainly have earned it,"

"Thanks for everything, you guys." replied Krillin, indicating his friend Goku and the rest of the crew of Capsule Corp. "I just hate to leave the city like this! I mean, it just seems so sudden,"

"Don't worry about it, Krillin." said Bulma, who stood at Goku's side. They'd just been married a few months ago, and one could clearly see that a baby was on the way. "I'm sure you have a lot to do back at Kame House,"

"Thanks, Bulma; you're absolutely right." said Krillin. "And Goku, I can't tell you how much I appreciate everything… You changed my life!"

Goku seized Krillin's hand in a firm handshake.

"Hey, don't thank me," Goku insisted. "I got just as much out of it as you did."

"Really? That's—

A horrendous tearing sound erupted through crust of the planet with such suddenness, it took a full second before anyone had the presence of mind to cover their ears. The ground cracked with a terrifically impossible rumble, and the crust of the Earth was suddenly divided into very small parts.

"GOKU!" screamed Krillin before a stream of lava burst up from the ground and consumed him in a fraction of an instant.

Son Goku, panicked and horrified, tried to call out to Bulma, tried to take her hand and teleport away, but it was already too late.

Then the Earth exploded.

A bright light in space, and then…nothing.

Brutally, simply, instantly.

Such is the power of the Black Star Dragonballs.